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22 - 23 June, 2023 | Bangalore

7th World Test Engineering Summit

Venue : Sterlings Mac Hotel Bengaluru
22 - 23 June, 2023 | Bangalore

7th World Test Engineering Summit

Venue : Sterlings Mac Hotel Bengaluru
22 - 23 June, 2023 | Bangalore

7th World Test Engineering Summit

Venue : Sterlings Mac Hotel Bengaluru
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Briefly Know About This Event

The event will deliver in-depth content targeted at architects, developers, testers, integrators and managers by offering lectures and technical session to expand your knowledge and expertise on the latest technologies, trends, tips and techniques. It is a great opportunity to present, learn, and challenge modern testing technologies and strategies.


Day 1 : 22 June, 2023
Theme : Quality Assurance & Microservices,Containers and Serverless

Day 2 : 23 June, 2023
Theme : Agile Testing and Test Automation & Technology

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Conference Schedule (22 June, 2023)

Theme : Quality Assurance & Microservices,Containers and Serverless

X Topic Abstract

We may be locked in our own smart homes by a criminal for a huge ransom. Our own images might be used for creating a sex scandal video using AI based deepfake. A train/flight/car can be hijacked without even entering into these vehicles. Suicide Drones and Bioweapons can be used for mass killing. The session shall be a bone-chilling infotainment session on Future Crimes and Cyber Security in the era of global nextgen cyber and cyber-led future crimes and how we need to be prepared for defending, protecting and securing our home, people, state and nation. The key objective of seminar/workshop/conference is to provide an awareness, a high level overview, the trends of next generation crimes, best practices, building proactive defense approach in the era of SMART Cities/Nations, Future Systems and Artificial Intelligence powered Connected Digital world.

Speaker Profile

Philip is an industry recognized Analytics & Artificial Intelligence veteran, Cyber Security & Risk Leader, Digital Transformation Executive, with around 20 years of domestic and international experience. Currently he serves as the Global Head – Applied Intelligence, Platforms and Engineering, for DXC Security at DXC Technology (Formerly HP Enterprise Services).

He has led various business management and strategic roles at Accenture, IBM, Larsen &Toubro, Datum Informatics etc. Philip is also part of various Industry bodies and academic institutions, including 15+ Universities & Colleges, at the capacity of Governing Board Member, Board of Studies & Academic Counsel Member, Mentor & Thought Leader, Strategic Advisor.

He is an invited Key-Note Speaker in more than 500 National & International Conferences and Leading Academia. Philip is a Post Graduate in Mathematics, Master of Philosophy in Mathematics and Diploma in Computer Applications. Philip is also a Certified Design Thinking Practitioner (from Luma Institute USA).

X Topic Abstract

Whether you are a QA Analyst, Automation Engineer, QA Manager or a Test Lead, Agile or Exploratory Tester, there are different recipes of testing we follow. There is no definition of a perfect software tester. However our focus is to deliver the best dish to our client. How do we approach testing, what paths do we take, what ingredients do we add to perfect the final outcome, let's look at some successful mantras in this cookbook session of our elite experiences that can help for your successful QA Career.

Speaker Profile

Subject Matter Expert in Agile Software Testing, designated as Consulting Staff Practice Manager, heading Testing practice at Oracle. Confident in accepting diversified challenges of shorter time-to-market, increasing complexity and agility while keeping quality goals high. Experience in Cloud Migrations and defining and applying innovative test strategies, test technologies, and novel test automation approaches in DevOps Model.

Profile Highlights:

* SPOC for Revenue optimization by implementing DevOps, AQT, AI/ML Practices across UK Projects
* Driven Testing Center of Excellence for renowned client
* Has been part of Due Diligence and Pre-sales for Testing Engagements with seasoned Transitioning and Transforming
* Have been the Face of the customer to showcase Automation/ End-to-End Testing/ Technical Fitment
* Handled Projects delivery in various technologies
* Written white papers on Testing Maturity & Transformation and DevOps and Continuous Delivery
* Have done Deep Dive Analysis and Test Maturity Assessment for various Test Engagements
* Have been Coach for several Testing engagements
* Have setup various Testing Processes, Best Practices as part of Test CoE

Excellent Collaboration and Co-ordination with Stakeholders and Functional Teams

X Topic Abstract

In the current rapidly changing environment, enterprises are looking at quality and delivery speed as critical parameters when it comes to implementing their IT goals. Traditional Quality Assurance is slow and runs a risk of losing out on customer expectations. There is a need to move to more robust and agile Quality Engineering way of delivery which not only improves the speed of delivery but also enhances the quality of the applications in scope. In this presentation, I would like to talk about the need to transform from QA to QE and some of the approaches, best practices in trying to do so.

X Topic Abstract

The Rise of ChatGPT
Evolving Testing Landscape
Leveraging ChatGPT in Testing
Addressing Challenges
Future Implications
Ethical Considerations

X Topic Abstract

SCRUM team capacity enhancement required with volume of testing tasks goes up with product evolving and customer acquisition also growing as follows:

• User story new taken into scope for sprint need test design and test execution
• User story changed from last version need update and retesting
• Regression – testing impacted areas due to code change need execution of selected tests
• Unique combination setting in configuration grows with more customers using

X Topic Abstract

Culture @ work should be aligned with Core Values and must be a driver for delivering better business outcome. “Wall of wow” or “Appreciation day” can boost cultural quotient at workplace. Winning Team’s framework’ and Agile Value delivery model are designed to focus on outcome rather than output

Most change management focuses on the business context, process and role changes, and transitioning employees through training and new measurements. This approach may be fine for addressing the organizational ‘machine,’ but it does not adequately address the human aspects of the Organization. How to feel the culture at workplace? If Core Values of an Organization are aligned with Organization’s Strategy, then the Organization growth will be sustainable. Let us discuss a simple case study. A team delivers with in Scope, Budget, and Schedule over the last three quarters and bags the ‘Best Team Award’. Is the Best Team a Happy Team? Do they really have a culture of giving open feedback to each other or do they love what they do? At the executive level, does Velocity of a team mean anything? If not Velocity, what is the alternative? How do we influence the executives to shift the focus from output to outcome? Welcome to my talk where I discuss my ‘Winning Team’s framework’ that focusses on unearthing cultural elements @ team level. The Agile Value delivery model focuses on the Value delivered sprint on sprint over the productivity thus influencing Executives to adopt this model. How can you realize culture elements at work that is aligned with Core Values and that are driver for delivering better business outcome? You can start with “Wall of wow” to extend recognition to your peers or launch “Appreciation day” to appreciate your employees. Culture club driven by WOW boards and Appreciation day are building block for creating collaborative culture @ workplace. Through appreciation & recognition, people feel valued and this build a great relationship among the team members.

As the curtain closes, I would also recommend a new and interesting way to explain culture of an organization in simple terms.

Come and Join me in World Test Engineering Summit 2023 to get swamped in Cultural Rain !!!

schedule 09:00AM - 09:30AM Registration / Conference Overview
Atul Srivastava, Consultant, 1.21GWS
speaker 09:30AM - 10:10AM Keynote : Redefining Testing: Embracing Innovation for Success
Mahesh Venkataraman, Managing Director, Cloud First, Accenture
schedule 10:10AM - 10:40AM Networking Break
10:40AM - 11:20AM CODE BLUE - Unmasking the Future Crimes & Destructive Hacking - Click Here for More Info
Philip Varughese, Global Head - Platforms, Engineering and Applied Intelligence, DXC Technology
11:20AM - 12:00PM Testing Cookbook - Click Here for More Info
Gauri (Bhave) Gupta, Head of testing, Oracle
12:00PM - 12:40PM Enhancing the Quality Journey- Transform from QA to QE - Click Here for More Info
Vishal Bhandari, AVP and Delivery Director Quality Engineering, Genpact
schedule 12:40PM - 01:40PM Lunch Break
01:40PM - 02:20PM Testing Now & Future: In the Era of ChatGPT - Click Here for More Info
Bharathi Athinarayanan, Enterprise AI Leader
02:20PM - 03:00PM Enhancing the capabilities of testing team: Preparing for agile - Click Here for More Info
Nagaraj M C, CQO, Simplify3X
schedule 03:00PM - 03:30PM Tea Break
speaker 03:30PM - 04:10PM Best Software Test & Quality Assurance Practices in the project Life-cycle
Pradyuman Mudaliar, Director – IT Testing, Conduent
04:10PM - 04:40PM Culture and You - Click Here for More Info
HariHara Ganesh D, Director, Technical Program Management, Visa

Conference Schedule (23 June, 2023)

Theme : Agile Testing and Test Automation & Technology

X Topic Abstract

Producing high-quality software demands a significant effort in testing, which is probably one of the most expensive and intensive parts of the software development process. There have been many approaches for improving testing reliability and effectiveness, from the simplest functional black-box tests to heavyweight methods involving theorem provers and formal requirement specifications.

The goal of testing is failure detection: observable differences between the behaviours of implementation and what is expected on the basis of the specification.

Today we discuss about MBT, Model Based Testing, Model-based testing is a variant of testing that relies on explicit behaviour models that encode the intended behaviour of a system and possibly the behaviour of its environment.

We aim to throw some light on the collection of practical rules of understanding when to consider MBT as a quality assurance methodology for a specific problem. Idea is to not pick MBT blinding in every testing scenario, many a times, another technique like traditional testing might be the best choice.

Please join us, myself Suchitra (VP, JMPC) and my friend Sudeshna (Senior Delivery Manager, Evora IT) in the session of "Anatomy of Model Based Testing" where we want to bring in more concepts of MBT and its rules for application.

X Topic Abstract

Test automation is always one of the key portions for an effective Quality Engineering model. In the recent times, indulgence of AI and ML in design and development of automation solutions has picked up the tread. Application-level automation of ERP platforms has always been a challenge due to its very core of heterogeneous technology stacks involved. With the evolution of generative AI based advisory platforms like ChatGPT, there is a huge potential in saving some of the efforts in Test Design, Execution and Maintenance. However, could that completely take out the need for technical acumen?

Speaker Profile

Abhi is a Digital Transformation Leader with 17+ years of experience in managing large portfolios, key Customers across US, EUR, APAC, risk management and technical implementations including Selenium, Opkey, AI/ML, RPA, DevOps, Python, Cloud, API and Risk based Testing.

At KPMG, Abhi is leading the no-code/low-code automation platforms and oversees the outcome across all stages of the Software Testing Lifecycle. Abhi is also responsible for partnering with the various member firm

X Topic Abstract

Continuous testing is the way toward continuous delivery. Software teams must strive for continuous improvement of their continuous testing strategy. The key there is to embrace the continuity.The constant pressure of ‘speed to market’ needs testing to evolve and adapt. The factors that can help to keep the wheel of continuous testing in motion are both external and internal. Testers look outwards for priorities, collaboration and transparency; while they look inwards to reimagine processes, templatise lightweight documentation and recreate their own way of life in the testing world! Let us discuss ways we can plan, strategise and conduct software testing that befits continuous software delivery.

X Topic Abstract

You need to ensure that your apps work with screen readers, speech recognition software, screen magnification, and more.

Most accessibility tests are done manually or not at all. Many teams outsource accessibility testing to third party services. When it is done, it’s usually not part of the cycle. Accessibility testing is not executed as frequently as it needs to be. This leaves risk for expensive fees and escaped defects.

In this session, we will take a deep dive into shift left Accessibility testing with existing test automation cycles for both web and mobile application.

The participant will get:
What is Accessibility and Why shift left needed
Efficient way to achieve Shift Left Accessibility with Selenium functional test suite and Perfecto.
Perfecto smart AI Reports
Live Demo

X Topic Abstract

I will talk about challenges and advantages to using Browser Stack

X Speaker Profile

Shripad has over 22 years of diverse experience in IT across Software Development, DevOps and Test Management. Currently Shripad is working as Director – DevOps and QA Automation with Infoblox, Bangalore, a company pioneered in optimizing network automation and security for DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management.

Prior to Infoblox, Shripad was associated with Ericsson/MediaKind, Bangalore as Director - Test Engineering, where he was heading the Product Quality of Cloud hosted Media Solution Platform and provide transformational Test strategy to global testing team. Other work experiences include working with Intuit, Bangalore as Group Development Manager (Quality and DevOps), Adobe Systems, Bangalore as Senior Quality Manager (Subscription, Billing and Payment) and Oracle India as Principal Engineer (PeopleSoft CRM)

X Topic Abstract

In this fast-changing World of IT, expectations on QA are getting higher every day --- in terms of Quality and Quantity. More importantly, QA is expected to provide accurate feedback within a short span of time. To tackle these challenges, traditional testing methods may not suffice. We need to acquire something beyond them --- something beyond just test methods. For an instance, Ability to Think Big and Critically is inevitable for a tester to derive out important cases and thereby, finding critical bugs faster. This will also help the tester to envision the whole picture and find issues that are otherwise difficult to find. Another example is, Analytical Thinking which is indeed needed to create Decision Table – with which, we can significantly increase the Test Coverage for any Project. I would like to bring such important gems to the table with practical examples. I strongly believe in the quote – “If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first four hours SHARPENING THE AXE”. As it says, if we keep sharpening our testing skills, then we will be able to Test any project and bring Quality in less time.

Speaker Profile

Prabhakaran Ramasamy is having 10+ years of experience in Software Testing and all of them include HealthCare. He is well versed in Manual Testing, Reviewing the Code written by Dev and finding issues that will take more time to find via UI Testing, Strong Query Writer in SQL, Web and API Automation and minimum viable knowledge on Performance Testing using JMeter. Also, handful experience on Regression Suite Development with strategical thinking. He is very passionate towards bringing the quality through applying different kinds of testing techniques and empowering testers with best practices. Testing in Healthcare Industry has shaped his testing skills a lot since it is very complex and often bringing new challenges.

X Topic Abstract

The two buzz words we often hear are -- Shift Left and Seamless Experience. These buzz words are not confined just to mobile apps only; it can be observed everywhere in Software Engineering today.

In this talk, we will focus on how the Shift Left can be initiated with respect to performance quality criteria of Android mobile apps. As we move into the talk, we will understand how to get started and what to watch for in simple ways. This should give an idea of how the performance of the Android app is with respect to memory and views. We will touch upon how to look at the power and network data consumption.

This is an interactive session one must attend, if one has to understand the performance perspective of an Android app.

Speaker Profile

Ravisuirya, is a student of Testing, and a practicing Software Test Engineer from Bengaluru. He has been testing and automating for 16 years now from the days of monolith to serverless deployments.

Do you have the challenges and problems in Software Test Engineering? Ask him; he gets along to understand it and will share the effective approaches to solving it.

In his career span, he has worked majorly with startups and in fast pace environments. He understands the dimensions of engineering, test engineering and the execution of the same. At present, he is consulting his client in the role of Test Architect solving the challenges that are taking him a rollercoaster ride and experience, which he is happy to share with you.

Catch him up with your Test Engineering questions and he does not want to miss this opportunity!

schedule 09:00AM - 09:25AM Registration / Conference Overview
Atul Srivastava, Consultant, 1.21GWS
09:25AM - 10:00AM Anatomy of Model Based Testing - Click Here for More Info
Suchitra Narayan, Vice President Senior Cloud Strategist, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Sudeshna Roy, Senior Delivery Manager, Evora IT Solutions
schedule 10:00AM - 10:15AM Networking Break
speaker 10:15AM - 10:50AM Adoption of ChatGPT in performing effective ERP automation - Click Here for More Info
Abhimanyu Chatterjee, Associate Director - Consulting & Quality Engineering, KPMG Global Services
10:50AM - 11:25AM Keep the Wheel of Continuous testing in motion - Click Here for More Info
Nishi Grover Garg, Technical Learning and Enablement Manager, Alteryx
speaker 11:25AM - 12:00PM Shift Left Accessibility Testing With Perfecto - Click Here for More Info
Guruswamy B M, Technical Enablement Manager, Perfecto
speaker 12:00PM - 12:35PM Devops Testing strategy Adapting to Browser stack - Click Here for More Info
Narendra Babu, Devops Engineer, Thomson Reuters
schedule 12:35PM - 01:35PM Lunch Break
speaker 01:35PM - 02:10PM Accelerating Data Science DevOps - Click Here for More Info
Shripad Hebbar, Director - DevOps, QA and Release Management, Infoblox
speaker 02:10PM - 02:45PM Test Automation in Digital World – Leveraging Intelligent Testing
Vadeesh Budramane, Entrepreneur | Digital & Technology, AlgoShack
schedule 02:45PM - 03:15PM Tea Break
speaker 03:15PM - 03:50PM Best Software Test & Quality Assurance Practices - Click Here for More Info
Prabhakaran Ramasamy, Principal staff SDET-II, IntegraConnect
speaker 03:50PM - 04:25PM Shift [You] to the Android App Performance Testing - 101 - Click Here for More Info
Ravisuriya Eswara, Software Test Engineer, Testing Garage

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Rs 18000 + GST

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7th World Test Engineering Summit in Bangalore is open to anyone who has an interest in Agile, Automation Testing, Automation Frameworks or any related field.
• Skill enhancement
• Technical session
• Networking breaks
• Understanding your business and its future impacts
• Capitalize on Lean/Agile focus
Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by Test Engineering technologies. Using Test Engineering as a tool for innovation across your organisation
Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.