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Workshops Schedule

  • Workshops in Bangalore : 20 - 21 March, 2018

  • Workshops in Mumbai : 19 & 22 March, 2018

Workshop : Blockchain Essentials (20th March, 2018)

Presenter : Tim Lea, Chief Executive Officer, Veredictum.io

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Session 1 : 9:00am to 11:00am

Introduction to the Blockchain– 30 mins

The popular headlines
The Venture Capital market and ICOs for Blockchain – reinforcing the popular view of the blockchain industry.
What is the Blockchain - In Plain English?
Its history – Bitcoin
Its structure – the concepts of miners and consensus
The Power of the Blockchain – the 10 core pillars of strength
The Disadvantages of the Blockchain – the 10 core weaknesses, dangers and risks

The early adopters of the Blockchain – 30 mins

Argentina in a time of economic crisis, Venezuela currently and in China and other countries that have capital flow restrictions
The Silk Road – the first successful (albeit illegal) commercial use case for the Blockchain.This shows the dis-intermediation of trust in the toughest marketplace
The implication for governments and banks – where trust is replaced by code
The power of bitcoin
Anonymity and pseudo-anonymity - including privacy-based coins Zcash, Monero, Dash including implications for retail and commercial
The complete Auditability of bitcoin and the blockchain

Practical Segment: Dealing with crytpocurrencies – 20 mins

Private keys versus public keys
Setting up a bitcoin wallet on delegates' smart phones,
Sending and receiving a small value of bitcoin

Pre- coffee Segment– 10 mins

Get delegates into groups (separating work colleagues) to develop an initial idea for pitching at the end of the masterclass

Morning Coffee

Session 2 : 11am - 1pm

Fintech and the blockchain– 30 mins:

Why are the banks both excited and nervous?
Banking in 2025 - Death by a thousand cuts –- the profitable segments will disappear first

Global use cases in Fintech:
International Remittances – the first commercial use case currently being seen in action
ASX/Digital Asset Holdings – reducing equity transfer from 2 days to same day
First Trade Finance transaction – CBA and Wells Fargo

The use of the Blockchain outside the Fintech space – 20 mins:

Supply Chain
Provenance - diamonds, artworks, video
Government – use case of Estonia, Dubai

Smart Contracts–30 mins

Introduction to smart contracts – the killer app or just hype?
How do they work and why they are the potential killer app for the Blockchain.
Practical example of a smart contract – to show the power and weakness of smart contracts
inside the Veredictum ICO smart contract
Why smart contracts aren’t that smart… yet?
The early trend for "Oracles"

Practical Implementation of Blockchains – 30 mins

The challenges of selling internally - the Hype Cycle
Innovation and company culture
Adoption of blockchain technology – the challenges – Zooko's triangle

Pre- lunch Segment – 15 mins

Delegates to develop their idea further– naturally runs into lunchtime

Lunch : 1pm – 2pm

Session 3 : 2pm –3.30 pm

The future of the Blockchain- 30 mins –convergence with other technologies
IOT – Smart Cities
Developing Nations (including India) – the importance of mobile technology

Cryptocurrency marketsand the importance of ICOs - 30 minutes

Introduction to the cryptocurrency markets
The rise of ICOs
Venture Capital 3.0?

Regulation and identity – 20 minutes

The balance between innovation and control
Regulation arbitrage

Pre-afternoon tea segment – 15 mins

Formalise your idea and pitch (naturally runs into the tea break)

Session 4 : 4pm –5.30 pm

General discussion on pitches and Q & A – 20 mins

Individual Group Discussions of the ideas and pitches – 20 mins

The 2 minute Pitch Session - 30 minutes

Conclusions and take-aways– 20 mins

schedule 08:00AM - 09:00AM Check-in
schedule 09:00AM - 05:00PM Blockchain Essentials - Click Here for More Info
Tim Lea, Chief Executive Officer, Veredictum.io
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Workshop : Ethereum for Developers (21st March, 2018)

Presenters : Chris Zhong, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft
Chris Hamilton, Founder and philanthropist, Fyber Labs

X Workshop Abstract


Morning Session: Get Started with Blockchain

Before Lunch Session: Introduction to Smart Contracts

After Lunch Session: Key architectural consideration and patterns

Late Afternoon Session: Real world cases and applications

schedule 08:00AM - 09:00AM Check-in
09:00AM - 05:00PM Ethereum for Developers - Click Here for More Info
Chris Zhong, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft
Chris Hamilton, Founder and philanthropist, Fyber Labs
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