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21 June, 2024 | Bangalore

Generative AI Day

Venue : Sterlings Mac Hotel Bengaluru
21 June, 2024 | Bangalore

Generative AI Day

Venue : Sterlings Mac Hotel Bengaluru
21 June, 2024 | Bangalore

Generative AI Day

Venue : Sterlings Mac Hotel Bengaluru
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Briefly Know About This Event

ChatGPT’s viral adoption is just the latest reminder we live in an ‘Exponential Age’. There are extraordinary opportunities ahead of us in drug discovery, education, and clean energy, but challenges such as AI safety are raising legitimate public concerns around the world.

That’s why there has never been a more pressing time to convene global leaders, the tech industry and the public in person to address the question: “How do we get the next 10 years right?”.

We can’t wait to help give people a chance to participate in the discussion at this critical time in humanity’s evolution. We look forward to welcoming everyone from CEOs to AI Engineers solving real life problems alike.

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Conference Schedule (21 June, 2024)

X Speaker Profile

Subarna, a PhD in Applications of Econometrics and Game Theory. Currently she holds the position of Group-manager in the data-science division of IBM leading solutioning and delivery in areas of machine-learning( using spark-scala) and deep-learning. As a senior managing consultant in IBM she is instrumental in winning deals in advanced analytics space. She has over 14 years of experience in leading the design and execution of analytical solutions in various domains, e.g. Banking, retail, CPG, utility, manufacturing, etc. She has previously worked in companies like TCS, HSBC and ANZ

X Speaker Profile

With over 18 years of dedicated IT expertise, I bring a wealth of experience coupled with strong analytical and technical leadership skills to the table.

As a strategic thinker, my focus is always on the long-term goals, and I thrive in collaborative environments, working closely with diverse stakeholders, including CXOs, technology leaders, and executive teams.

My professional journey has been characterized by hands-on, in-depth involvement in cutting-edge fields such as DevOps, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. This comprehensive knowledge allows me to adapt and innovate in an ever-evolving tech landscape.

X Speaker Profile

Generative AI: LLM, Framework development, Llama2, Llama3, T5, PALM, Encoder, Decoder, Model serving, LLMOps, Training and Inference.

Area: Autonomous Driving, Smart IoT , Edge Computing, Cloud.

Key Skills: Computer Vision. Edge inferencing, Cloud, OpenCV, Numpy, Python, TensorFlow, Onnx, SKLearn, Keras.

X Speaker Profile

Neeraj Gudipati is a Senior Data Scientist at Conduent Labs (formerly Xerox Research Centre). He is a multifaceted professional deeply invested in advancing urban planning and transportation solutions through innovative research and technology integration. Within Conduent Labs, he focuses on research in urban representations, multi-modal mobility planning, and urban space management to foster sustainable cities. His work as an individual contributor intersects with advancing sustainable, healthy, and equitable cities through collaborative knowledge co-production and advanced modelling techniques in urban infrastructure, transit, transportation, and policy. Noteworthy projects in this domain include the development of a patent-pending system leveraging augmented reality and multi-source sensor integration for constructing digital twins of curb spaces. He has led the creation of a patented system enabling immersive navigation for enforcement routing using geo-spatial augmented reality and cartographic systems, aimed at capturing violations and intuitively visualizing curb regulations in augmented reality. Neeraj’s contributions at Conduent Labs have resulted in the publication of 3 patents and the filing of 6 patents, underscoring his commitment to innovation and impactful research outcomes.

He received his Bachelor's degree from the Indian Institute of Information Technology and was previously a pre-doctoral researcher at Harvard and MIT Media Labs. During his time at MIT, he founded a think tank named MITTI, an MIT TATA Centre Initiative to help smallholder farmers with sustainable agriculture using low-cost sensors and Soil-AI. His work revolves around three core areas: Information Architecture & Data Reliability, Deployable Machine Learning, and Decision Systems and Contextual Dynamics. Neeraj's efforts are dedicated to addressing challenges such as data biases, resource constraints, and local context understanding, with a focus on delivering equitable and impactful solutions.

X Speaker Profile

Karthik has overall 12+ years of experience in the Data Science domain where he started his career as a Data Scientist at Mu Sigma in 2012. Thereafter he helped setup the Analytics CoE at Infogain. He worked with Amazon for over 5 years as a Pricing Analytics SME to build various Pricing strategies and pricing models with the help of ML to help deliver the best prices to customers across the globe. Later he went on to head the Alexa AI (Knowledge) for ANZ region to help Alexa get smarter and engage better through various NLP techniques.

He has solved diverse set of business problems for various Fortune 100 clients leveraging his experience in Machine Learning (ML), Text Analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning and Generative AI.

Currently he heads the Data Science vertical at Imarticus Learning. Handles Training & delivery for over 3K active learners at any given point of time & built the AI consulting vertical to solve real world business problems using Generative AI. Has trained over 10K learners (both B2B and B2C).

X Speaker Profile

Shrikant Hebbar: 25+ years of rich and diverse professional experience in Delivery Leadership, Practice Leadership, Delivery Management, Consulting, Program Management, Account Management, Portfolio Management, Program Management of Large Transformation programs and Project Management in the area of Big Data, Data lake, Business Intelligence, Datawarehousing, Reporting and Visualization, Master Data Management(MDM), Data Quality, Tool / Report Rationalization. Web application development and product development

Keshav Karanam: 14+ years of expertise in leading OLTP, OLAP Data Warehousing and BI projects using tools across multiple technology stacks. Visualization expertise on designing & developing data models , sematic layers , enterprise class dashboards/reports across tools & worked for multiple clients spanning across different business areas (Banking , Insurance , Energy)

X Speaker Profile

Dr.S.Chandrasekhar is currently Sr Professor Analytics at JAGSOM B School previously IFIM Business school B"Lore . From 1 June 2023 he also holds additional position of Advisor & Professor School of Science and technology at VijayBhoomi University Karjat Near Navi Mumbai. The university is started by the same education group that runs IFIM Group of Institutions . Prior to joining IFIM he was Professor & also Officiated as Director( during April 2009-Jan 2010) at FORE School of Management, New Delhi. He joined FORE SCHOOL in July 1998 as Senior Professor and later on became chair professor Director-IT and subsequently Director(Officiating). He also headed the software development at Fore School of Management which developed proto type of products in the area of Business Analytics , AI / Machine learning ,Risk Management,Customer Relations Management.He has a total of about 45 years of experience in R&D,Academic & Industry in the area of IT and Quantitative Methods.

X Speaker Profile

I am an AI Engineering Manager/Architect at IBM, with a PhD in AI and Data Analytics and over 17 years of diverse experience in the field. I collaborate with architecture and infrastructure teams to establish compliant build and deploy pipelines for AI and analytic workloads, ensuring adherence to AI-regulatory frameworks and data ethics.

schedule 09:30AM - 10:00AM Registration / Conference Overview
Atul Srivastava, Consultant, 1.21GWS
10:00AM - 10:35AM Foundation models in time series - Click Here for More Info
Dr. Subarna Roy, Associate Partner | Chief Data Scientist | Quantum Ambassador, IBM
schedule 10:35AM - 10:50AM Tea Break
speaker 10:50AM - 11:25AM Revolutionising Customer Service Efficiency with Amazon Q for Business: A Case Study of Bluewave Holidays (Live Demo) - Click Here for More Info
Ayyanar Jeyakrishnan (AJ), Executive Director & Principal Engineer
11:25AM - 12:00PM A case study around Generative AI and Transformers - Click Here for More Info
Ashish Tiwari, Director | Chief Architect, Capgemini Engineering
12:00PM - 12:35PM Adapting to Change: Is Generative AI the New Paradigm in Computer Vision - Click Here for More Info
Neeraj Gudipati, Senior Data Scientist, Conduent Labs
speaker 12:35PM - 01:10PM GenAI in EdTech: The Future of Personalized Learning - Click Here for More Info
Karthik C, Vice President, Head of Data Science, Imarticus Learning
schedule 01:10PM - 02:10PM Lunch Break
02:10PM - 02:45PM Gen BI - Game changer for BI Consumption - Click Here for More Info
Shrikant Hebbar, Senior Director, Insights and Data, Capgemini
Keshav Karanam, Program Manager, Capgemini
speaker 02:45PM - 03:20PM APPLICATION OF LARGE LANGUAGE MODELS TO LEGAL DOMAIN - Few Use case with Indian Data Co Founder of Startup - IntellectAILabs.com - Click Here for More Info
Chandrasekhar Subramanyam, Sr Professor Business Analytics, IFIM Business School
schedule 03:20PM - 03:50PM Tea Break
speaker 03:50PM - 04:25PM Generative AI & Technology Strategy:Best Industry Practices - Click Here for More Info
Dr. Savitha C, Sr.AI Engineering Manager, IBM

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Rs 8000 + GST

Till 21 June, 2024

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Rs 9000 + GST

Till 21 May, 2024

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Rs 10000 + GST

Till 21 June, 2024

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You should seriously consider attending the Generative AI Day, if you are in one or more of these areas: Innovators, Gen AI startups, scaleups, and investors, entrepreneurs, digital executives and professionals, web & mobile strategists, designers and web project managers, business leaders, business developers, agency executives and their teams and anyone else who operates in the digital community will attend to learn and leverage digital, mobile, and social media marketing etc.
• Connect with Gen AI leaders and decision-makers
• Discover the latest Gen AI trends and innovations
• Engage with Gen AI startups, scaleups, and investors
• Learn which use cases will drive the most competitive advantage
• Understand how to choose the appropriate models and tools for each use case
• Develop a framework for managing the associated risks and legal requirement
• Review your existing tech stack and assess how it will need to evolve
Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by Marketing technologies. Using Digital Marketing as a tool for innovation across your organisation
Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.