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24 November, 2023 | Bangalore

7th World DevOps & Developers Summit

Venue : Sterlings Mac Hotel Bengaluru
24 November, 2023 | Bangalore

7th World DevOps & Developers Summit

Venue : Sterlings Mac Hotel Bengaluru
24 November, 2023 | Bangalore

7th World DevOps & Developers Summit

Venue : Sterlings Mac Hotel Bengaluru
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Briefly Know About This Event

“The 7th World DevOps & Developers Summit, 2023, India” is a Program being curated based on guidelines from industry experts, with a target of about 100+ delegates. Our goal is to bring together bright minds to give insightful talks pertaining to API, DevOps & Architecture, RPA, Cognitive and AI and Testing practice that are solution-focused, and foster learning and inspiration

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Conference Schedule (24 November, 2023)

X Speaker Profile

Naresh is involved in setting the direction for identification and deployment of software tools, reuse, digital platforms for productivity across the organization to enhance client value and improve operational efficiency as part of the Shared Digital Infrastructure.

Naresh leads the effort on Engineering Excellence, Building and Deploying Enterprise Platforms for Developer Productivity & Quality across Agile & DevSecOps, Open Source, Cloud, AI, Quality Assurance, Driving collaboration with Infosys’ key technology partners and leading several Innovation, Change programs as part of the Infosys Live Enterprise.

X Topic Abstract

Over the years of doing Consulting and Coaching organizations in building a SRE Capability, we have found that the shift to observability makes a leap change to enhance SRE practices and deliver business value. In this presentation, we would focus on a pragmatic approach to shift from Monitoring to Observability, leverage Open Telemetry in order to enable auto instrumentation and also address cultural shifts in ensuring sustainable business value.

Speaker Profile

Suresh GP, M-Tech is currently the Founder & Managing Director of TaUB Solutions. He has more than 22+ Years of IT experience and specialised in IT Service Management, IT Governance, Agile, DevOps and SRE. He is also the Co-Author of SRE Practitioner and as a Principal Consultant does Consulting, Training, Simulations and Implementation services for DevOps and SRE to Fortune 2000 organisations.

He was also awarded Top 25 thought leaders in service management for 2021, 2022 by HDI

Suresh is also the Global Ambassador of DevOps Institute . He is a regular blogger and speaker in International Forums like itSMF, DevOps Institute, PMI, ISACA. He was awarded itSMF Contributor Award by itSMF Singapore in 2013

X Speaker Profile

A highly organised and dedicated product leader with an extensive background in software development of mobile technologies,digital and airline software. Driving digital transformation in financial services with strong focus on lean practices. Ability to understand business processes by constantly engaging with operations analysts, UX designers, development teams and other stakeholders. Leadership excellence,technology and delivery focussed,proactive, meticulous attention to detail, achieving demanding deadlines using data driven metrics for making informed decisions, combines a professional and confident approach with excellent interpersonal skills to communicate professionally and concisely at all levels.

X Speaker Profile

Dr. Vamsi Mohan, an accomplished Engineering Leader and Distinguished Architect, drives innovation, business transformation, and outstanding results. With a proven track record of leveraging technology for strategic advantages, he combines technical expertise, business acumen, and leadership skills to propel organizations to new heights.

As a forward-thinking Engineering Leader, Vamsi aligns technology strategies with organizational objectives, delivering innovative solutions and operational efficiencies. With a deep understanding of market trends and emerging opportunities, he fosters sustainable growth and success.

X Topic Abstract

Splitting Ci/CD pipelines
1) CI: Using Gitleaks, Hadolint (Docker linter), npm test runs, SCA and SAST tools, image/module CVE detection, SBOM creation, and image signing to ensure integrity.
2) CD: Image Promotion, Helm deployments (and automated rollbacks), DAST tools, stress-testing clusters
3) Tools for logging, monitoring, using vaults on the cluster for secrets, and distributed tracing on the cluster (With Istio) will be mentioned, as well as how microservices services communicate with each other, how internal firewalls work and how filters add/remove headers from the response body to ensure security about attackers not knowing about the stack used.
4) Talking about CVEs that waste dev time to production: eg, log4shell vulnerability has a CVE score of 9.8, but is useless as long as you restrict OS access to the attacker to make changes (as well as input validation checks in the codebase), and how guardrails should be implemented.

Real-life examples: I have been the platform manager for a major Bank's digital restructuring, amidst many other things.

Speaker Profile

Kanishka has 6+ years of industry experience and has worked as a Lead on a variety of services: ranging from writing highly optimized backend code and test cases to implementing a custom CLI (sfdx-based) Salesforce ALM solution with more features than COPADO, and has automated web flows as well. He has also been working with strategy, architecture, and implementation by deploying highly available microservices (or monolithic) based pods on K8s, as well as setting up infrastructure, service meshes, and security additions (SCA/SAST/DAST) that are considered industry standards. Plus, who doesn't love compliance, SBOMs and SOC3?

X Speaker Profile

As a Vice President - Engineering at Publicis Sapient, I lead the engineering delivery and transformation for various clients across industries, leveraging my 20+ years of experience in software development and testing. I am a Certified SAFe Agilist and an expert in automation, DevOps, and cloud platforms.

My mission is to enable digital business transformation and omni-channel implementations for clients, using cutting-edge technologies and best practices. I have designed, developed, and rolled out multiple IP automation solutions over a decade, and published papers on mobile application testing and my IT journey. I am also passionate about setting up centers of excellence, driving innovations, and mentoring talent.

X Topic Abstract

Creating the required component for the image using ansible modules.
Scan existing container images for vulnerabilities using Amazon Inspector.
Create new container images from existing images that have been remediated for vulnerabilities.
Automate the process of scanning and remediating container images for vulnerabilities.

schedule 09:30AM - 10:00AM Registration / Conference Overview
Atul Srivastava, Consultant, 1.21GWS
speaker 10:00AM - 10:30AM Driving sustainability with platform engineering - Click Here for More Info
Naresh Chaudhary, Vice President, Infosys
10:30AM - 11:00AM Shifting Gears to Observability to enhance SRE practices - Click Here for More Info
Suresh GP, Managing Director, TaUB Solutions
schedule 11:00AM - 11:30AM Tea Break
speaker 11:30AM - 12:15PM Beyond Code: Unleashing the Power of Developers as Product Thinkers - Click Here for More Info
Shubhang Vishwamitra, Sr Director - Product & Engineering at Code and Theory
schedule 12:15PM - 01:45PM Lunch Break
01:45PM - 02:15PM Programming Languages - Click Here for More Info
Dr. Vamsi Mohan, Chief Technology Officer, Huber
speaker 02:15PM - 02:45PM Use of Data Science in Cybersecurity
Nayan Naidu, Head of DevOps and Agile Practice, Altimetrik
speaker 02:45PM - 03:15PM DevSecOps: How to implement Secure practices in CI/CD Pipelines, as well as cluster-monitoring tools and CVEs/SBOMS - Click Here for More Info
Kanishka Nambiar, DevSecOps lead/AM (DCM), Deloitte Digital (Former)
speaker 03:15PM - 03:45PM GenAI in QE - Trick or Treat? - Click Here for More Info
Kiran Rayachoti, Vice President - Engineering, Publicis Sapient
schedule 03:45PM - 04:00PM Tea Break
speaker 04:00PM - 04:30PM Docker Image Management: Secure and Automate with AWS EC2 Image Builder and AWS Inspector - Click Here for More Info
Ranjini Ganeshan, Software Development Engineer, McAfee

Conference Ticket Price & Plan

Group of three or more

Rs 8000 + GST

Till 24 November, 2023

Individual(Early Bird)

Rs 9000 + GST

Till 24 October, 2023

Individual (Standard)

Rs 10000 + GST

Till 24 November, 2023

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