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22 - 23 September, 2022 | Online

4th Business Analyst Innovation Summit

Timezone : All time mentioned in India Timezone
22 - 23 September, 2022 | Online

4th Business Analyst Innovation Summit

Timezone : All time mentioned in India Timezone
22 - 23 September, 2022 | Online

4th Business Analyst Innovation Summit

Timezone : All time mentioned in India Timezone
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Briefly Know About This Event

Our hearts and thoughts remain with those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide. In the past months,1point21GWS has been organizing conferences on Virtual platform.

Some of the BA trends we will look out for in the Business Analyst Innovation Summit, to cover are Data Quality Management,Data Discovery/Visualization,Artificial Intelligence,Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Tools,Collaborative Business Intelligence,Data-driven Culture,Embedded Analytics etc. The experts will take us through a deep dive into using a comprehensive approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of strategy helping an Organisation to effectively achieve its current and future objectives.


Day 1: 22 September, 2022
Theme 1 : Business Intelligence Concepts, creativity and Applications
Theme 2 : Business Process Improvement

Day 2: 23 September, 2022
Theme 1 : Data Science & Business Analytics
Theme 2 : Mastering Innovation

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X We have taken a number of risk management steps:
- Our venues have antibacterial soap in the bathrooms.
- All glassware, plates, cutlery goes through a steriliser when being washed.
- The tables and surfaces are disinfected every day.
- Constant Cleaning by the Hotel Staff (Elevator Buttons, Railings, Door Handles)
- Our venue cleaner in Online have switched to new cleaning products with stronger antibacterial agents in it.

The official WHO Guidelines for preventing the spread of the coronavirus continue to be standard hygiene practices:
- Cover your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze, either with a tissue or flexed elbow
- Avoid close contact with those who are unwell
- Wash your hands regularly with soap and water
- Avoid touching nose, eyes and mouth

Conference Schedule (22 September, 2022)

Theme 1 : Business Intelligence Concepts, creativity and Applications
Theme 2 : Business Process Improvement

X Speaker Profile

Hardik is having 12 years of product management, solution designing experience. Worked with Infosys and CGI. Associated with CGI from last 5.5 years where have worked on products such as Advisor Experience, Portfolio Management solution, Digital Advisor, created IP Co-browsing through innovation initiative and lead innovation initiative.

X Topic Abstract

The talk provides a high level overview of what is Graph Representation and Graph Mining and why has it become a key component in Data Science and Analytics. The later section talks about the popular concepts in Graph Analytics and presents some key Use Cases in the area of E-Commerce ranging from Recommender Systems, Customer Journey, Product Similarity, Search, Logistics and Delivery, Catalog and Site Optimization. This also lists some of the popular frameworks for representations and addresses some of the key challenges in scaling them to production systems.

Speaker Profile

Pramod is a Senior Manager, Data Science at Falabella, consultant, blogger and an avid speaker. He comes with a wide range of AI/ML expertise ranging from Recommendations systems, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement learning, deep neural networks, big data processing technologies, massive parallel computing, web development, etc. using a variety of open source technologies. He holds a patent on Reinforcement Learning (grant pending), has presented a couple of papers in international conferences [1], [2], authored a couple of tech blogs [3], [4], given talks at various meetups [5], [6], featured in some international journals/blogs [7], [8], has participated in various hackathons and also provided consultancy to various startups. He brings in 16+ years of rich experience in building high end AI solutions in large organizations like Target and Fidelity with proven track record transforming data science work streams by adapting agile and devops framework and helping to deploy AI products, faster to the market.

X Topic Abstract

How product page in an ecommerce site can be redesigned using state of the art data science techniques which will drive higher attention span and lead better conversion. In this presentation will show how empirical browsing data will be analysed and how state of the art ML techniques can be applied to redesign the webpage.

Speaker Profile

I have 8+ years of experience in data science and machine learning field and holds master’s degree in data science and engineering. I have Worked across automotive, finance and ecommerce domain. Started my carrier from Bosch where I was part of advanced engineering team focused on L4 and L5 self-driving. After that I have spent 2.5 years in finance domain where I conceptualized and created estimated potential revenue of 15MN USD product. Currently working with Rakuten from last 2.5 years where I am helping Rakuten Mobile on customer acquisition, preventing churn and retaining existing customers.

X Topic Abstract

Information Technology transformation is closely linked with technology disruption.  It occurs when a technological innovation destabilizes a business environment and erodes the status quo. The smartphone is one such new technology that has made many other technologies obsolete.   Technology's transformation has a subtle and gradual impact on society. However, disruptive technologies affect, positively to all industry segments. This requires a shift in mentality so that human capital can adapt to these new possibilities.   Dr. Vamsi Mohan is going to speak more on " Technological Disruption and Transformation". He will share his digital transformation experiences and business case studies during his session. Speaker Profile

Dr. Vamsi Mohan is a Chief Technology Officer at Huber, a digital employee experience platform.  He ranks among the top 50 global thought leaders and influencers in RPA, Datacenter Technologies, and Cyber Security.  He has acquired numerous awards and honours in the IT industry.  Most recently, Dr. Vamsi Mohan was named in the Global Top-50 Technologists for the Year 2022 for his contribution towards Digital Innovation. He was awarded the Best Scientist of the Year for ‘2021 for notable contributions to research, and engineering. Dr. Vamsi’s stellar academic accomplishments have enabled him to review, guide, and research in well-known academic publications. His technical papers and articles have been published in national and international journals and he has successfully driven several industry-academic initiatives with various tier-I, and tier-II technology institutions in Europe and Asia-Pacific. He is an eminent industry speaker at multiple national and international conferences.

X Topic Abstract

The post pandemic era is going to be called as "Digital Age". Every industry and enterprise are going through a paradigm shift of operating and running their business. The need for modernisation of application and data is a mandate to sustain and deliver outcomes. While customer experience is becoming one part of the game , employee experience is another area every organisation must consider. JP will be presenting a perspective of "how business analysts can make a difference in application and data modernisation".

Speaker Profile

JP is Senior Director in Collabera technologies. Seasoned Enterprise architect and thought leader who helped large organisations on their digital transformation and application modernisation. JP leads the platform practice and innovation for collabera technologies on a global scale. Considered more influential on technology consulting among the C level in the ASEAN region. He is one of the leading open innovation contributor in the platform engineering space also own the partnership & alliances for collabera. JP worked for DXC, IBM and Turbo in his past while he also holds 2 patents on data collection patterns in historians..

X Topic Abstract

Digital banking fraud is a major international industry in which sophisticated criminal groups employ increasingly sophisticated tools. ML/AI is changing the landscape of how banks fight fraudsters. This is the space where cutting edge technology can be used in Banking Domain without the interference of regulators.Fraud Modelling creates the ML/AI used cases for the whole consumer banking setup.

Speaker Profile

10 years of experience in Statistical & ML Models for HSBC, JP Morgan & Chase, Wells Fargo across Marketing, Risk & Fraud Domain

schedule 09:30AM - 10:00AM Registration / Conference Overview
Atul Srivastava, Consultant, 1.21GWS
10:00AM - 10:40AM "Innovation - Thoughts and Implementation" - Click Here for More Info
Hardik Ashra,Director Consulting Expert, CGI Inc
schedule 10:40AM - 11:00AM Break
speaker 11:00AM - 11:40AM Graph Mining Applications in E-Commerce
Pramod R,Senior Manager, Data Science, Falabella
speaker 11:40AM - 12:20PM Redesigning a product webpage using data science” under the Theme “Web Analytics - Click Here for More Info
Manoj Desai ,Lead Data Scientist, Rakuten India
schedule 12:20PM - 02:00PM Break
speaker 02:00PM - 02:40PM Technological Disruption and Transformation
Vamsi Mohan Vandrangi ,Chief Technology Officer, Huber
02:40PM - 03:20PM Being a Business Analyst in Digital transformation journey - Application modernisation vs Digital Native Applications - Click Here for More Info
JayaPrakash (JP),Senior Director, Collabera Technologies
schedule 03:20PM - 03:45PM Break
03:45PM - 04:15PM ML/AI in Digital Banking Fraud Landscape - Click Here for More Info
Sandipan Das Mahapatra, Risk Manager, Wells Fargo

Conference Schedule (23 September, 2022)

Theme 1 : Data Science & Business Analytics
Theme 2 : Mastering Innovation

X Topic Abstract

With the growing popularity of online shopping, an efficient search engine, an integral part of any E-Commerce website, is becoming a key differentiator from competitors. An optimized search algorithm ensures that the customers are getting the right product they are looking for which increases the likelihood of the products being clicked and purchased, in turn increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Learning to rank (LTR) is an advanced supervised learning technique that solves the ranking problems in search relevancy. In this presentation, we will explore how LTR solves the search ranking problem, various types of algorithms under it, how it solves various types of biases in search ranking, and a few real-life use cases.

Speaker Profile

Kushal has close to 12 years of experience in Analytics, Predictive Modelling, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. After completing his M.Sc. in Statistics from Calcutta University, he worked for Tesco, Fidelity Investment, TCS, JP Morgan & Chase, and Landmark Group primarily focusing on retail and the BFSI domain. Currently, he is working as Senior Staff Data Scientist with Rakuten at their Online office. He has built numerous algorithms along with automation, product development, and product optimization. In his current role, he is primarily responsible for building predictive algorithms for different businesses in Rakuten. He has built several algorithms including recommendation engines, customer acquisition/re-activation, customer LTV, customer purchase path, channel attribution, search ranking optimization, etc. Before joining Rakuten, Kushal worked for Landmark Group where he led a team responsible to develop and implement new solutions for the business. He and his team built solutions on Assortment Optimization, Product Lifecycle Management, Workforce Management, and competitive intelligence. Kushal is a winner of the “40 under 40 data scientists” and “Top 20 Most Influential Data Champions” awards of 2022

X Topic Abstract

We will discuss on what is enterprise artificial intelligence architecture in hight level as well challnges in adoption of them. The points that could be consider in order analyse and plan the AI project.

Speaker Profile

Rahul has about 20+ years of experience and been with SAP for more than 17 years.

Rahul has held various leadership positions over the course of his distinguished career at SAP in developing innovative products and leading organizations that deliver high-quality customer-focused solutions across a global landscape. Currently Responsible for Artificial intelligence platform for realizing / scaling AI and ML use cases for industries and line of business and also co-leads the Leadtogether inititive, one of the largest community @ SAP Labs India.

In these 20 years, he has played different roles, faced multiple challenges, plenty of re-orgs but always re-invented himself to convert these adversities to opportunities.

He is Thought Leader speaker in external forums for artificial intelligence. He played a key role in multiple initiative driven with technology during Covid19 crise with various industry bodies like NASSCOM , Indo-German chamber of commerce etc. He is also involved in Govt policy review for artificial Intelligence and part of INTI Aayog and Atal tinkering Lab initiate to publish book on AI base and advance module for students.

He has been at the forefront of multiple awards and recognitions in recent was awarded as the Star Leader at SAP labs.

X Topic Abstract

Artificial Intelligence will not replace doctors, but doctors who use A.I. will replace those who don't due to the crucial role A.I. has started to play in Medicine. The US spends almost 18% of their GDP on healthcare, while India spends almost 3% as of 2021. The application of AI is having a tremendous impact on the Healthcare sector. We will discuss various medical fields that will be impacted by the application of AI. We will begin by understanding how and what kind of data is generated during the patient care journey at the patient care facilities and then what techniques can be applied to extract different kinds of values from it. We will try to understand what a diagnosis is and how difficult it is for current AI to make an accurate diagnosis, and why we can't replace doctors with AI. As Benjamin Bell said “…. AI will not replace doctors but instead will augment them, enabling physicians to practice better medicine with greater accuracy and increased efficiency”.

Speaker Profile

Head of Data Science Research @ SyTrue Inc MS by Research from IIT Kharagpur,Researcher,Journal Reviewer AI-ML Community Organizer: Organizer at AI & ML Meetup, Online

schedule 09:30AM - 10:00AM Registration / Conference Overview
Atul Srivastava, Consultant, 1.21GWS
speaker 10:00AM - 10:40AM Keynote
Pranav Kumar,Director Digital and Data Driven CX, Capgemini
schedule 10:40AM - 11:00AM Tea Break
speaker 11:-00AM - 11:40AM Inventory Management & Optimization
Bodhisatwa Guha ,Senior Manager, Business Analytics, Rakuten India
speaker 11:40AM - 12:20PM Customer journey mapping and intrinsic process improvement to increase customer satisfaction and value.
Vrinda Pai,Director, Information Systems, [24]7.ai
schedule 12:20PM - 01:20PM Lunch Break
speaker 01:20PM - 02:00PM Search ranking optimization in E-Commerce” under the Theme “Web Analytics
Kushal Mukherjee,Senior Staff Data Scientist, Rakuten India
speaker 02:00PM - 02:40PM How to bring continuous improvement and a lean culture into operations - Click Here for More Info
Sai Prakash,Director Consulting, CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants
schedule 02:40PM - 03:00PM Tea Break
speaker 03:00PM - 03:40PM Trends in AI and Enterprise architecture for AI adoption - Click Here for More Info
Rahul Lodhe, Senior Director, SAP Labs
speaker 03:40PM - 04:20PM Sailing Into Healthcare AI/NLP Landscape - Click Here for More Info
Vinay Kumar,Head of Data Science Research, SyTrue Inc.

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Till 23 September, 2022

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Rs 7000 + GST

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Rs 12000 + GST

Till 22 August, 2022

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Rs 14000 + GST

Till 22 September, 2022

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