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23 - 24 September, 2020
Blockchain Olympiad : 23 September, 2020

World Blockchain Conclave Online

Blockchain Projects in India and what the future beholds
Global Online Live Conference
(Time Zone - IST)
23 - 24 September, 2020
Blockchain Olympiad : 23 September, 2020

World Blockchain Conclave Online

Blockchain Projects in India and what the future beholds
Global Online Live Conference
(Time Zone - IST)
23 - 24 September, 2020
Blockchain Olympiad : 23 September, 2020

World Blockchain Conclave Online

Blockchain Projects in India and what the future beholds
Global Online Live Conference
(Time Zone - IST)

Briefly Know About This Event

Blockchain technology is starting to encourage a direct value exchange over the internet. It is slowly moving towards mainstream adoption, and removing the friction in the exchange of value over the internet. It is fast approaching an inflection point where enterprise and greater mainstream adoption will ensue. As a result of the considerable structural advantages blockchain technology is expected to have significant impact on industries including payments, finance, insurance, energy, IoT, exchanges, music and many more. This track analyses just these impacts looking at various industries and the challenges and opportunities that blockchain will present to them.

The conference sessions and the leading experts from the blockchain space will put a spotlight on what needs to be understood and how you can make profits in future.

World Blockchain Conclave will explore the industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology. It connects global blockchain gurus and technology players in this space including emerging startups with regional businesses, governments, and IT leaders from across key industry verticals. Come learn from the best in the space at World Blockchain Conclave!


Day 1: 23 September Wednesday, 2020
Theme : Blockchain Advanced Development/Use Cases
Theme : Blockchain Impact & Strategy

Day 2: 24 September Thursday, 2020
Theme : Blockchain Technology, Law and Ethics
Theme : Blockchain in India


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Day 1: Conference Schedule (23rd September, 2020)

Blockchain Advanced Development/Use Cases and Blockchain Impact & Strategy

X Topic Abstract

Government and how it is adopting Blockchain, with some key defining use cases

Speaker profile

Background Key Experience Saurabh specializes in architecting of technical solutions. He has been working on Blockchain use cases for Governments and has developed key architectural considerations and policy imperatives for use and promotion of Blockchain by Governments. In his career spanning 18 years, he has designed production grade Blockchain systems to enterprise level Financial Management Systems for Governments. He converges domain understanding with his technical expertise to deliver effective solutions for clients. Saurabh has significant international exposures, having worked with World Bank and other similar multi-lateral agencies in their projects across various developing countries. Saurabh has worked internationally in the African region, Caribbean countries in Latin America, South-East Asia, Bhutan / Bangladesh in South Asia and Middle East in various techno-consulting roles spanning from Policy Formulation to System Design.

• Designing the national Land Records strategy on Blockchain for a major African Economy.
• Design and architecture of Blockchain based online document attestation system for a key client.
• Worked with two state Governments in India on drafting their Blockchain strategy.
• Designing of Blockchain Centre for Excellence (CoE) and underlying policy incentives, for public & private sector enterprises, for a state Government in India.
• Designing a citizen service delivery system integrating heterogeneous systems, including payment gateways and banks with the citizen interface channels.
• Cutting edge work in defining remittances and payments processes for Governments by integrating them with Banking systems.
• Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) of existing processes and architecting of commensurate Solution Architecture for a multilateral development agency (MDA).
• Designing of national digital Payments Architecture for a South Asian Government covering their array of G2P and P2G Payments

X Topic Abstract

Blockchain provides an innovative strategy to greatly optimise business processes and manage assets in an open and trusted ecosystem. While security and encryption of data is core to its transaction execution, there are several other design nuances that can help make the Public or Private highly secured and scalable in a globally distributed enterprise. Through this talk we will focus on such strategies using the IBM Hyperledger and Ethereum based blockchains as references.

Speaker Profile

Sathvik Vishwanath, an MBA graduate from Melbourne Business School, is now a successful entrepreneur and has always put his heart into innovative and disruptive technology! His business journey started with VentureNext in 2008, which was involved with custom scripting for the businesses in the virtual world called SecondLife. After being acquainted with bitcoin in 2013, his next venture CoinMonk Ventures aimed at bringing Bitcoin awareness to the public and organized the Global Bitcoin Conference in Dec 2013 - the first ever Bitcoin conference in India. At the conference, he launched a bitcoin buy/sell service called Unocoin.com which specializes in providing Bitcoin services that include bitcoin storage, buying, selling, merchant gateway and PoS app that is offering the benefits of no volatility risk, 0% transaction fee and no chargebacks. With the mission of Bringing Bitcoin to Billions, Unocoin is evolving rapidly with more than 1,200,000 users and is bringing the advantages of blockchain technology to the critical masses following the self-regulated standards which have now become the model for the bitcoin industry in India. Now the company also operates a multi crypto assets exchange supporting the alternate crypto assets like bitcoin cash, ether, litecoin, ripple etc. The company was recently funded by Barry Silbert's Digital Currency Group, Draper’s Boost VC, Blume Ventures, Funders Club, Future Perfect Ventures and Mumbai Angels that is helping the company to move towards its vision of Making Money Simple at an accelerated pace.

X Speaker Profile

Topp has dedicated the majority of his career in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industry. He co-founded coins.co.th, Thailand's largest bitcoin exchange. Before Blockchain emerged, Topp worked as an investment banker, financial consultant, and central banker. He is a speaker and one of Thailand's leading bitcoin and open blockchain experts. He holds an MPhil in Economics from Oxford University, UK. Now he is the founder and group CEO at Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd. (BCGH), a company that holds the title as the startup with the largest seed investment in Thai history. He is also a board of Director at the Thai Fintech Association.

X Speaker Profile

Founder @WazirX, India's most trusted Crypto Exchange. COO, specialises in Product. He has 11years of experience in entrepreneurship and building consumer social and fin-tech at scale.

X Topic Abstract

The distributed ledger technology (DLT) is touted to be the new ‘internet’ – eliminates redundancy in data keeping, reduces cost of storing records, enhances data security that was never seen before and the new kid in the disruptions block of the world, not just the IT industry but across industries – from real estate to financial services to health care to retail industry.

Speaker profile

Ramasubramanian (Ram) heads the business analysis group in Fiserv India and is based out of Bengaluru office of Fiserv. His large team consists of SMEs and domain and product consultants drawn from the IT and Banking industry.

Ram has over 4 decades of professional and industry experience. While holding senior/executive level positions in FIs his contribution ranged from policy formulation for the Basel guidelines to large value credit assessments and managing trade finance exposures. His industry knowledge ranges from retail to corporate, lending to payments/ancillary services. In one of his previous engagements, he headed the European operations out of London for a large IT services company. For another banking product company, he worked as a consultant and banking expert out of Singapore and covered the entire ASPAC region. He helped architect products for banking industry and implemented solutions for large banks and financial services companies across multiple geographies.

X Topic Abstract

I would be speaking on ideas for engineering creativity of integrating Design Thinking with Customer Experience for Blockchain Use cases.

Being an expert in consulting Blockchain solutions, the delegates would have a hands-on using Design Thinking and Customer experience tools for understanding basic advantages of decentralization, immutability, security, and transparency.

Speaker Profile

Sreenath is the Founder & CEO at i4DigitalValue which offers Customized and Specialized Advisory, Strategy and Consulting Services using Design Thinking & Customer Experience for Digital Business Transformation, Robotics Process & Intelligent Automation, Blockchain, Agile Innovations and SAP Enterprise.

Sreenath has 26+ years of experience, including 18+ years in the IT industry, across Digital Business Transformation, Robotics Process Automation, Customer Experience Management, Blockchain consulting, Application Development, Application Consulting/Advisory, Sales, Business Development, Application Management, Application Testing & Quality assurance, Application Transformations, SAP Consulting, SAP Application Management, Solutioning, ITSM/CMMI Consulting, Project Management, Program Management, Delivery Management and SAP Practice Management with strong experience in various Industry verticals like Banking, Financial Services/Insurance, Manufacturing ,Automotive , Telecom ,Healthcare and Travel/Transportation.

Sreenath has acquired exceptional skills on Design Thinking and Customer experience with MIT Sloan School of Management on Innovation of Products and Services: MIT’s Approach to Design Thinking and Problem Framing with Design Sprint and Design Thinking Bootcamp from QGLUE

X Topic Abstract

1 Blockchain Euphoria..............................................................................................................................2
2 Common Man Problems.......................................................................................................................2
2.1 Hunger...........................................................................................................................................2
2.2 Corruption.....................................................................................................................................3
2.3 Identity Theft/ Multiple Identities................................................................................................3
2.4 Fake Alternatives...........................................................................................................................3
3 Envisaged Solutions ..............................................................................................................................3
3.1 Blockchain Solution for Hunger ....................................................................................................3
3.2 Blockchain Solution for Corruption...............................................................................................4
3.3 Blockchain Solution for Identity Theft & Multiple Identities........................................................4
3.4 Blockchain Solution for Fake Alternatives ....................................................................................4
4 References: ................................................................

Speaker Profile

Siddharth is a technology enthusiast with a strong track record of delivering Digital Transformation Programs/ Solutions/ Products across emerging technologies working in close collaboration with different cross functional teams, partner ecosystems and customers. He has an extensive work experience of 12+ years and has efficiently led and delivered multi-million dollar projects, initiatives and consulting assignments using different levers of technology. He is an alumni of IIT Roorkee and has been associated with global IT services Infosys and consulting companies including EY & PwC in the past.

X Topic Abstract

Enterprise Blockchains has seen multiple proofs-of-concept solutions in the last few years. However, only a handful of them has crossed the chasm over to production-grade implementation. Although many consultancy and advisory firms survey and deliberate the reluctance of businesses adopting Blockchain, there has not been much discussion of the technical barriers to enterprise blockchain adoption. This talk captures some of the highlights of the innovative work we are doing at BOSCH. We take a practitioner's perspective to explore some of the top production challenges in building an Enterprise Blockchain Solutions and discuss some of them. This talk also discusses the role of Economics, Game Theory, and Distributed Systems as the key concepts in building Blockchain Consortiums and driving Blockchain Adoption.

Speaker Profile

Arnab Chatterjee is a Blockchain Technical Lead at the Innovation Team at Robert Bosch India and a committee member of ISO/TC 307 - Standards for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. He leads the product development and technical strategy for solutions with Blockchain, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence.

X Topic Abstract

Overview on different Distributed ledger technologies aimed at building permissioned blockchain networks, the intricacies of each DLT and factors to evaluate before making the choice of DLT.,

Speaker Profile

Sunil is a Senior Product Manager Blockchain with Microsoft. He has been a intrapreneur, specializing in incubating new products and taking them to Market. He has been in the industry for 13+ years, starting in networking domain with likes of Lucent, Juniper and Cisco but moving on to incubating new products across mobile, e-commerce, AdTech and Cloud with Flipkart (e-commerce), Vizury (Ad-tech) and Microsoft (Hardware, cloud). He is an alumnus of UVCE and IIM Lucknow.

X Topic Abstract

Agility is a must in anything we do, blockchain tech adoption is more important to sustain or become the market leader

Speaker profile

Yuvaraj is a passionate co-creator of digital products that can deliver 10x business value and high social impact. He is an entrepreneur, design thinker, strategist, and product leader. He mentors start-ups on business modeling, product strategy, product lifecycle management, and Go-To-Market. He is an Internet and Blockchain technology enthusiast, evangelist, practitioner, and consultant.
He currently spearheads the growth of KrypC Technologies business, client engagement, partnerships, and operations.
Prior to founding "Get Wise Systems", In his IT career journey he performed varied roles as a program manager, business analyst, process automation specialist, test engineer, developer etc. As a people leader, he has guided global cross-functional & distributed teams to achieve performance objectives and quality excellence standards. He specializes in Fintech applications, blockchain solutions, digital Innovation and transformation program management.
He had nurtured organizations including the design and implementation of the quality management system, process re-engineering, testing maturity model, continuous improvement, test automation frameworks, Agile, Six-sigma, lean, service design adoption.
Specialties - Internet & Blockchain platform/product management, Fintech software quality assurance and test engineering, Program management, Project management, People management, and general management.

X Topic Abstract

We will first look at the fundamental constructs where these technologies overlap.

Then, with real world applications in Supply Chains, we will show how we, at Koinearth, are integrating these technologies in our solution.

Each of the three technologies has a unique value proposition but their aggregate impact is greater than the sum of the parts – the objective of the talk is to demonstrate this.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Praphul Chandra is the Founder of KoineArth ( koinearth.com/) which works at the intersection of Mechanism Design, Blockchains and Machine Learning. He is also a professor of data science and machine learning at the International School of Engineering (Insofe). Prior to this, he was Principal Data Scientist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise where his focus was on the application of machine learning techniques to solve real world problems across multiple domains like the Internet of Things, Taxation Fraud, Telecom and Social Network Analytics. His other industry experience includes positions at HP Labs and Texas Instruments. He has an undergraduate degree in Electronics engineering from IIT BHU, a post graduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, NY, a post graduate diploma in public policy from University of London and a PhD in Game Theory & Mechanism Design from the Indian Institute of Science

X Topic Abstract

Do you know that Blockchain has potential to boost CyberSecurity?
Do you know that there are companies across the globe that are leveraging Blockchain to improve Cyber Security?
Do you also know that this is one of the reasons that is driving Blockchain adoption?
Let us understand more?

Speaker profile

Vijay Kumar has 11 US patents and he is the Founder of DigitalFort Technologies , a Cyber Security Consulting venture.
Vijay is a certified Security and Blockchain Expert and is a speaker, moderator and panellist across India, UAE and Europe.

speaker 08:30AM - 10:20AM Blockchain Olympiad 2020 - Semi Finals
schedule 10:20AM - 10:30AM Break
schedule 10:30AM - 11:00AM Keynote address sponsored
11:00AM - 11:30AM Blockchain Use Cases in Finance, Government, Retail and similar industries - Click Here for More Info
Saurabh Bhattacharya, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd

schedule 11:30AM - 11:40AM Break
11:40AM - 12:20PM Panel Discussion - India Wants Crypto Regulation

Underlining the need for digital assets like cryptocurrencies, the Industry needs to persuade Indian authorities to take a more balanced approach towards crypto.

Sidharth Sogani, CEO, CREBACO Global Inc - Moderator

Sathvik Vishwanath, CEO, Unocoin - Click Here for More Info

Jirayut Srupsrisopa, Founder and Group CEO, Bitkub Capital Group Holdings Co., Ltd - Click Here for More Info

Siddharth Menon, COO and Co-Founder, WazirX - Click Here for More Info

12:20PM - 12:50PM Crypto Session
12:50PM - 01:20PM Application of Blockchain techniques - Click Here for More Info
Ramasubramanian, Head-business analysis, Fiserv

schedule 01:20PM - 02:20PM Break
02:20PM - 02:50PM Engineering creativity of integrating DesignThinking with CustomerExperience for Blockchain Use cases - Click Here for More Info
Sreenath C Lakshmanan, FOUNDER & CEO i4DigitalValue

02:40PM - 03:00PM Realistic Blockchain Use cases for India - Click Here for More Info
Siddharth Jain, Head, Blockchain Practice, Digital Process Operations, HCL Technologies Ltd

03:00PM - 03:20PM Enterprise Blockchain, Beyond Proof of Concepts - Click Here for More Info
Arnab Chatterjee, Technical Lead, Innovation, Blockchain, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, Pvt. Ltd

03:20PM - 03:40PM Permissioned Blockchains - which DLT do I use? - Click Here for More Info
Sunil kumar R, Senior Product Manager- Blockchain, Microsoft

03:40PM - 04:00PM How To Accelerate Your Enterprise Blockchain Project - An implementation story - Click Here for More Info
Yuvaraj Thanikachalam, Chief Blockchain Consultant, Get Wise Systems

04:00PM - 04:20PM Case Study-- Convergence of Blockchain with IoT & AI with Supply Chain Operations & Supply Chain finance - Click Here for More Info
Praphul Chandra, EX HP and Founder & CEO, Koinearth

04:20PM - 04:40PM Two To Tango: Cyber Security & Blockchain - Click Here for More Info
Vijay Kumar, Founder of DigitalFort Technologies

schedule 04:40PM - 05:00PM Break
schedule 05:00PM - 06:00PM Blockchain Olympiad 2020 - Finals

Day 2: Conference Schedule (24th September, 2020)

Blockchain Technology, Law and Ethics and Blockchain in India

X Topic Abstract

Social networks are now so well established and 3.2 billion active social media users are using social media channels every day. The data production from popular social media platforms skyrocketed, and the instance of data breaches increased. A new social network, namely Blockchain Social Networksis emerging and rapidly expanding to provide better security. Blockchain social media, with their decentralized and distributed networks, offers a plausible solution fordata and privacy issues. Most of the traditional social media platforms are centralized, the emerging decentralized social media platforms promise a different way of data production and control. Most importantly, it enables users to have greater control over their data. Mr. Vamsi Mohan is going to speak on the "Blockchain in social networking". He talks about the security of blockchain social networks and decentralization benefits, top blockchain social networks and their implementation challenges.

Speaker Profile

Mr. Vamsi Mohan is a Principal Architect in Tech Mahindra, catering digital transformation solutions to the Fortune 100 telecom clients. He is an IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus and a Scholar in Cyber Security. A Technology acumen across a range of digital technologies, including Block chain, RPA, AI/ML, and cognitive engineering. He has rich experience in creating proposals and implementing Blockchain applications.

Prior to his current role at TechM, Vamsi served in various senior leadership roles managing Technology CoEs, Digital Innovation Centers for EMEA and APAC regions. His experience spans various architecture, technology solutions focusing on future-proofing business through digital transformations and delivering customer fit solutions. He is a conference speaker, published author, guide and reviewer for several technical papers, magazines for national and international journals.

X Topic Abstract

I will be sharing 2 different case studies -

1) Procure to Pay - This is generally applicable across industries. How Block chain can be used to drive efficiency and effectiveness across the Procure to Pay Value chain? Also the implementation requirements and challenges encountered during the journey.
2) Supply chain - Tracking of Shipment/Compliance of parameters using Block chain - Again, I will touch upon the implementation requirements and challenges during this project implementation
I will be preparing around 7-8 slides to explain the Implementation requirements/Challenges.
I will showing the live demo so that the audience can relate to the slides shared.

Speaker profile

Result-oriented Business Leader with over 25 Years of professional experience in IT, BPO and Manufacturing industry helping companies’ structure and implement global transformational strategies, grow revenues and actualize business value across multiple industry domains in IT and BPO outsourcing service. Lead large Business Transformation programs across multiple geographies enabling expansion of Global IT and BPO Outsourcing services for 3 Global organizations in last 15 years.

X Topic Abstract

As the internet evolves, the convergence of the current IoT infrastructure with blockchain and artificial intelligence will have an immense impact. Together Blockchain, AI and IoT can tackle difficult use cases that are inhibiting growth, help us discover new use cases and deliver powerful solutions. The seamless amalgamation of these technologies will power further growth. This talk will focus on real life use cases of these technologies working together to deliver recurring business impact in varied areas like manufacturing, supply chain, agriculture and governance.

X Topic Abstract

A high energy introduction to the fast expanding world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that includes virtual real estate, crypto art markets, new e-sports models, and more. All pulled together with the power of DeFi.

Speaker Profile

Jesse has been innovating and building with NFTs since their inception, cofounding Ethereum's very first NFT creation platform, Mintable. He then developed Bullionix, which enables users to stake gold stable coins directly into 3D digital collectibles. This was the first ever instance of ERC20 tokens being staked directly into ERC721 NFTs and has launched a new paradigm of "Value Staked NFTs" that is now taking over the DeFi + NFTs space with projects like Jesse's more recent venture Aavegotchi.

X Speaker Profile

Opinder is working in blockchain and cryptocurrencies space continuously since more than 4 years including ETHLend(Aave Protocol), ZTips, guest faculty of various govt and private institutes like ICAI, NPTI etc where he taught blockchain to 150+ CAs, 100+ Researchers, financial auditors, 50+ lawyers and 1000+ engineering students. Prior to that he was working with MuSigma, the world's largest data analytics company. At present he is working as a Cofounder of Koinfox which is an innovative trading terminal allowing users to place advanced orders on multiple exchanges from one window.

X Speaker Profile

Jason's experience in cryptocurrencies and blockchain began with Celebrus Advisory, a recognised Top 10 blockchain consulting company in Asia Pacific. Known for his advocacy of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Jason has delivered over 100 talks helping beginners understand cryptocurrencies, differentiating the real from fake and reject get rich quick scams.

Originally from the renewable energy sector, Jason is also the founder of EMPOWER - a blockchain startup developing a product that aims to provide decentralised financing for people to install solar panels on their rooftops.

X Speaker Profile

Born and raised in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur, Blocklime CEO Harpreet Maan comes from humble beginning. Armed with his natural inquisitiveness, a software development graduate and a blockchain developer by the age of 22.

Harpreet envisions a future where blockchain not only solves real life issues but truly established the trust between the technology and people. With this vision, he founded Blocklime, a Malaysian company cater to distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain development. He has also started on thought leadership focusing on DLT and blockchain technology and its potential applications in fintech, insurtech, and regtech.

On his blockchain journey, he realizes that the blockchain ecosystem has a lack of blockchain talent especially in SEA region as well as many are still unaware of the blockchain technology. With that, he strongly believes that it is crucial to build talents and increase Ablockchain awareness by building blockchain communities and organising blockchain training by Blocklime.

He envisions that the potential and impact of DLT technologies will be great for the betterment of society and acts as an enabler to pave access to the adoption of both blockchain and DLT technologies.

Along his journey in Blockchain he gained a position in the ISO Committee as a National committee member on ISO standards for " Blockchain & Electronic Distributed Ledger Technologies". He is an Ambassador for Hedera Hashgraph and Hyperledger. He is also a member of MDEC Digital Expert Panel to assist on Blockchain adoption in education & industry.

X Topic Abstract

In the food sector, consumers today are more informed than ever. As more and more companies claim to be sustainable and organic, it becomes imperative to have a provenance platform to prove the same. Additionally, the boundaries for quality seize to exist only with product manufacturing, they go on to the final state the consumer receives the product in, thus food companies must have complete visibility for the product as it travels across the supply chain. Robert Bosch is trying to solve these problems for food companies in a big way by leveraging Economy of Things (a confluence of IoT, AI and Blockchain) and we will explain how

Speaker Profile

Chandan brings in extensive experience in business consulting and sales for Blockchain and other emerging technologies. In the past, he has worked with companies like PwC, TCS and Brillio Technologies in sales and consulting domain.

Chandan completed his MBA in Operations Management and is a certified Design Thinking practitioner, he also holds Six Sigma Greenbelt certification and has helped multiple clients with process improvement and reengineering initiatives in the past. He has conducted multiple design thinking workshops with the clients and helped them conceptualize use cases and solutions in Blockchain and other emerging tech domain. He has helped multiple clients to assess their existing digital maturity and leverage Blockchain as their growth engine.

Chandan has published a whitepaper in collaboration with NASSCOM titled- IoT-Beyond the Obvious- the whitepaper talks about leveraging a confluence of new-age and emerging technologies to create undeniable value-differentiation among all stakeholders.

Links to the whitepaper-

X Topic Abstract

Started by building a lite cryptocurrency exchange, CoinDCX which solved one of the most important challenges in the crypto industry - lack of liquidity. CoinDCX then solved the problem by bringing liquidity from top global exchanges - Binance, Huobi, HitBTC. With the help of liquidity, Neeraj and his tech team started building various products - trading, margin, lend, etc. to achieve the vision of a one-stop crypto ecosystem solution.

In addition to this, Neeraj would cover the technical aspects behind the liquidity engine of CoinDCX and DCXinsta (Innovative peer to peer product from buying/selling crypto , from INR).

Speaker Profile

Neeraj Khandelwal is co-founder at CoinDCX. Neeraj is a highly skilled engineer who leads the technical development of all the CoinDCX products. Although he is coding since the age of 11, he had a strong fondness for hardware and processors since he was 8. A born engineer who graduated from the prestigious IIT Bombay in Electrical Engineering in 2012, he witnessed the evolution internet and computer systems were undergoing globally. He witnessed the speedy growth of software systems compared to hardware. His tech-vogue made him avid towards building his own software products using emerging technologies like Blockchain and AI. He ventured into his family business to understand the nuances and challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Post this success he joined hands with many start-ups like Holachef and Doormint, where he refined his business acumen and learned market strategies across different geographies. According to him, Blockchain and AI can change the way humanity functions similarly like internet and cellular telecommunication did. The benefits of decentralized governance, automation, and intelligent applications offered by blockchain, smart contracts, and AI respectively opened to him a plethora of possibilities through which he could see revamping the conventional technical infrastructures. He believes every problem can be solved with a line of code’.

He wanted to create an ecosystem which brings blockchain companies and their store of value, the cryptocurrencies, closer to humanity. Through his consistent efforts, CoinDCX has empowered its traders with a bouquet of industry-first products to trade better using global liquidity from the world’s leading exchanges like Binance, HitBTC, and Huobi Global. Under his technical leadership, CoinDCX is exponentially growing across the globe with a variety of crypto instruments available to trade for users. It is because of him CoinDCX is the most secure and versatile cryptocurrency exchange in India.

X Topic Abstract

The increase in the trend of "sharing economy" business models are going to be largely empowered by trustless peer-to-peer networks and autonomous intelligent machines/devices. Trust, autonomy and real-time decision making would be of utmost importance when various "things" try to collaborate and compete with each other. While blockchain makes distributed consensus and peer-peer economic transactions possible the AI enabled Autonomous Economic agents brings incentivization, monetization, and real-time intelligence to the network. At Bosch, we are working on various use cases across domains such as mobility, automotive, food, supply chain to make use of blockchain and autonomous agents to empower the machine economy. This talk showcases real world use cases of blockchain together with Autonomous Economic agents, its strategic importance and how enterprises can prepare themselves to take this journey successfully. This talk also captures the importance of crypto- economics and governance models enabling fair incentivization for large scale blockchain networks. Truly decentralized blockchain networks strengthen the cooperative behavior among the business and customers and form the basis of the programmable machine economy of the future.

Speaker Profile

Krishnan Mohan, is a senior architect, an open source contributor and a sectional voting member of ISO/TC 307 blockchain Reference Architecture working group. At Robert Bosch Innovations group, he leads the technology strategy for Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and IoT and has experience in architecture, design for various real world use cases and solutions. His interests are in distributed consensus methods and crypto-economic models.

X Topic Abstract

How can Blockchain change the entire landscape of International Trade

The talk will focus on different ways in which Blockchain is changing the day to day operations in International Trade and how data collected in the process can be used to improve / predict /forecast the future of trade.

International trade today is becoming more digital than we could have thought a decade back. Digital Trade enables GVC’s (Global Value Chains) through data flow and smart manufacturing through usage of digital technology like IoT (internet of Things) , Blockchains , 3D printing , Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics. Use of these digital technologies is enabling the creation of “SMART PORTS” that helps in efficient , transparent and smooth flow of goods and services internationally. The Smart Port also analyzes the data collected through various IoT installations in ports , ships and other locations on the way and thus enhances the overall value of the supply chain.

Blockchains Transactions are time stamped and trace the goods all through. Blockchains are helping to ensure across the board transparency and cannot be easily tampered with . Any changes to a Blockchain can only be made through the permission of multiple entities who form te Blockchain. They are also ensuring that trades become paperless .

The talk will also discuss how areas like Insurance can be automated through smart contracts, and how Fraud can be also prevented using Blockchain.Finally , a 5-8 min snapshot of a real project in international trade using BC.

Speaker Profile

Kavita is an analytics leader with 12 + years of core hands on experience having a track record on Presales, Partner Management, Analytics delivery and Team management across domains and in world Class Organizations. She has worked in Fair Isaac , Experian , Accenture, Infosys , Vodafone and currently heading the data Science practise for ISM.She has had excellent record in leading and driving performance driven teams with actual impact on Business thus proving that Data Science is just not limited to research papers and innovative and complex models do help us solve real problems.

An Engineer by education , followed by Masters in Economics from IGIDR , Mumbai has given her the perfect foundation for a career that has grown from strength to strength. For her getting up and learning everyday , is the only way you can excel in Data Science roles. She enjoys working on new problems across domains and finding analytical solutions, speaking and networking in conferences and believes that this profession never has a dull day.. The world is changing and in next decade it will be all about AI and deep learning improving our quality of life too.

X Topic Abstract

Talk on how AI, Blockchain & IoT can bring the real value to the industry which is currently plagued with silo approach be it business model change or technology adoption

Speaker Profile

Sanjay Pathak is Head of Blockchain @ 3i Infotech. He also heads the Healthcare & Insurance global practice.

In his role he responsible for Solutions, Consulting GTM Strategy, domain competency and support key deliveries and client relationships from a domain perspective.

Sanjay is an MTech from IIT Delhi. He has spent more than 18 years across IT industry. In his previous stint with ITC InfoTech, he was working as Head of Insurance and Healthcare Solutions practice and was responsible for several strategic capability build, expansion of existing accounts and addition of new logos. Prior to that he has also worked in US for over 11 years in the Healthcare space

X Topic Abstract

One of major factor behind any business decision making is the cost. Running a blockchain node comes at a cost and not every business can afford to run one to join a blockchain network. This limits the use of enterprise blockchain to a few large organizations, and thus also limits the number of use cases. Corda Accounts comes to the rescue and removes the barrier of entry to the Corda network thus opening up a large set of use cases which were unexplored. Accounts allows the Node operator to split the nodes vault (data store) into multiple logical sub-vaults each linked to a particular account, each having their own key-pair.

Corda Accounts can be used for multiple purpose, example a bank node having customer accounts, hospital node having patient accounts, company node having employee accounts and many more.

This talk will take about why we developed Account and dive into the account feature in Corda as well as explain some of the use case that its suitable for.

Speaker Profile

Ashutosh Meher is a Blockchain Enthusiast, Programmer, Blogger and works as a Developer Evangelist at R3. As part of Developer Relations Team at R3, he works towards driving wider adoption of Corda by the developer community.

With an experience of over 9 years in the industry, he has worked with companies like TCS and Sapient prior joining R3. He is a Java expert and has a background of implementing highly scalable enterprise applications for various clients. He has experience in working with multiple blockchain platforms like Corda, Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum etc.

X Topic Abstract

Removing the complexities of blockchain is key in implementing it seamlessly across industry verticals.
Fast & Cost effective in a developing Blockchain use cases and moving to production with customised or predefined smart contract
Mix & Match from the best available blockchain technologies and protocols on the single platform
Share solutions through a worldwide distributed platform
Provision with one click deploy
Integrate with API and get all blockchain features

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Solution to develop a permissioned Ethereum blockchain network to be maintained by regulators (e.g. MHRA, FDA), pharma and contract research organisations (CRO), which could be used in parallel with traditional clinical data management systems, framing the process as a transactional inter-organisational record keeping model between untrusted participants, thereby empowering global medical eco-system.

Features: Just in Time Service: Availability of pharma companies medicine records across different stakeholder through secure blockchain network.

• Record Management: Quality documentation reduces the issues regarding testing procedures and standardization.

• Research: Enabling healthcare community by empowering pharma companies & the medical eco-system to do medicine trial testing securely, transparently.

• Data Security: Efficiently sharing of data (including personal data), privacy concerns and patient enrollment strategies.

• Transparency: Improving Data Transparency in Drug Testing Using

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We believe that decentralized computing will mark a transition away from cloud computing and is the next major wave of computing. Crypto Singularity using Blockstack is the new decentralized internet.

With Blockstack, users control their data and apps run on their devices. There are no middlemen, no passwords, no massive data silos to breach, and no services tracking us around the internet.

Data storage is simple and reliable and uses existing cloud infrastructure. Users can connect with their existing AWS S3, or similar cloud storage and the data will then be synced from their local device up to their cloud.

Decentralized apps are a new type of software program designed to exist on the Internet in a way that is not controlled by any single entity. Where bitcoin is a decentralized value exchange, a decentralized application aims to achieve functionality beyond transactions that exchange value.Decentralized apps potentially represent the next generation of computing. In a completely decentralized world all things occur using peer-to-peer networks and the idea of centralized entities are non-existent. This distributed future is still being designed and built but the early stages of development are looking promising. This is a session on Decentralized application that was developed on blockstack, keeping decentralized social networking as a real world use case.

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Shankar has close to 12 years of experience in the software industry. In his current role as Staff Engineer at Infoblox, he has ownership of Network Control product (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) for various public & private clouds and Micro service architecture solutions. He is also playing key role in the Decentralization technology movement by contributing towards Blockstack, Blockchain start-ups like Afari.io (Decentralized Social Network), Saving Organ Mines & dApps Presence. His expertise is; not as developing intelligent systems (artificial intelligence) or building systems that can learn (machine learning), but as creating network of systems that can learn to be intelligent.

schedule 09:00AM - 9:10AM Registration/Conference Overview
schedule 09:10AM - 09:40AM Keynote session
09:40AM - 10:10AM Blockchain in social networking - Click Here for More Info
Vamsi Mohan Vandrangi, Principal Solution Architect, Tech Mahindra Ltd

10:10AM – 10:40AM My experiences during Blockchain Implementation - Click Here for More Info
Rangaraj Sriramulu, Sr.Vice President, Alorica

10:40AM – 11:10AM Blockchain with AI and IoT: the Power of Technological Convergence - Click Here for More Info
Mukesh Hegde,Vice President - Digital Strategy, iNurture

schedule 11:10AM – 11:30AM Break
11:30AM - 12:00PM Panel Discussion - "Digital Ownership and the Power of DeFi + NFTs"

Growth for an innovation-led by technological advancements, followed by capital and regulatory growth.

Jason Chew, Managing Partner, BitcoinMalaysia.com - Moderator - Click Here for More Info

Jesse Johnson, Co-Founder of Aavegotchi and creator of Bullionix, Aavegotchi - Click Here for More Info

Opinder Preet Singh, Co-Founder, Koinfox - Click Here for More Info

Harpreet Singh Maan, CEO, Blocklime Technologies Sdn. Bhd. - Click Here for More Info

12:00PM - 12:30PM Crypto Session
12:30PM - 01:00PM Impact of Blockchain in Food sector - Click Here for More Info
Chandan Trehan,Lead - Business consulting team for new age technology, Bosch

schedule 01:00PM – 01:30PM Break
01:30PM - 02:00PM How CoinDCX became one of the most innovative crypto exchanges in the world. - Click Here for More Info
Neeraj Khandelwal, Co-founder, CoinDCX

schedule 02:00PM – 02:30PM Machine Economy with Blockchain and Autonomous Economic Agents - Click Here for More Info
Krishnan Mohan, senior architect, Robert Bosch Innovations group

02:30PM – 03:00PM How can BlockChain change the entire landscape of International Trade - Click Here for More Info
Kavita Dwivedi, Head, Data Science, Infinite Sum Modeling

03:00PM - 03:30PM AI, Blockchain, and IOT Together To Bring the Real Value - Click Here for More Info
Sanjay Pathak, Head Blockchain, Healthcare and Insurance, 3i Infotech

schedule 03:00PM – 03:50PM Break
03:50PM – 04:20PM The next big leap in Enterprise Blockchain : Corda Accounts - Click Here for More Info
Ashutosh Meher, Developer Evangelist, R3

04:20PM – 04:50PM Enterprise adoptions - Click Here for More Info
Rajan Kotadi, Founder, Stezy.io

04:40PM - 05:00PM Blockchain in Pharma Industry - Click Here for More Info
Kiran Kumar, Senior Software Developer(Blockchain), Electronicsmaker

05:00PM – 05:20PM Crypto Singularity - Click Here for More Info
Shankar Ganesh PJ, Staff Engineer, Infoblox

TECHNICAL WORKSHOP (22 September, 2020)

Azure Blockhain Acceleration

(Learn to write Smart contracts)

schedule 08:45AM – 09:00AM Registration
schedule 09:00AM - 05:00PM Azure Blockhain Acceleration
(Learn to write Smart contracts)


Overview of Azure Blockchain Service

Overview of different Ledger technologies in Azure Blockchain Service

Hello World Blockchain Sample Smart Contract

Security considerations with Blockchain contracts

Integration with back end systems

Asset transfer using a smart contract

Rest API and message integration

Building advanced smart contracts

TRAINER : Thavash Govender, Microsoft- South Africa

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