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“Blockchain Day” 2022 aims to connect global blockchain gurus and technology players in this space including emerging startups – with regional business and IT leaders from across key industry verticals and will explore how the industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology. Join the conference for the technical exchange of the latest research and innovation, regulation, policies, standards, and applications in the exciting and emerging area of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


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Conference Schedule (September 16, 2022)

Theme : Blockchain Advanced Development/Use Cases/ Blockchain Technology- Impact & Strategy/ Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets/ Blockchain in India

X Topic Abstract

Among all the modern technologies, blockchain creates a disruptive difference, and organisations can leverage this to deliver better user experiences and outcomes as compared to the traditional platforms. Tokenization is rapidly becoming the gold standard to recognize ownership of digital assets and with smart contracts provide an immutable records of Asset Issuance, Ownership, Transfers, Data Attribution and Verification. Join this session to learn how NFTs with Smart Contracts can help to deliver better outcomes across business domains such as Education and Work Credentials, Social Engagements, Financial Services, Real Estate and Supply Chain.

Speaker Profile

Saurav Raaj is Founder at Wize – Tokenization as a Service solution for business applications. He is an alumnus of IIT Delhi. He has completed MDP from IIM Lucknow and also also 1st rank holder in the Financial Technology Program from SP Jain Global.

He is active in Web3, DeFi and NFTs with experience on building on Ethereum chains, Polygon, Metis, Celo, Ripple and Stellar and has won several awards at various local and international events. He also conducts regular sessions on blockchain technology related topics, to help knowledge sharing and adoption by business and enterprise users and creators.

X Topic Abstract

I will first explain drawbacks of traditional centralised applications. And then I will draw the contrast with advantages that blockchain applications bring. The talk will be more from a technical perspective. We can discuss more on the content in advance if required.

Speaker Profile

I have a total work experience of 17+ years in the IT industry and that includes 6 years in blockchain. Blessed with opportunities to architect blockchain solutions for some of the best projects on Security Token Offering, KYC, Trade Finance, Decentralized Identity, Real Estate and Central Bank Digital Currency for Thailand. Well versed with the new age technology stack and still hands-on with coding.
Delivered 14+ blockchain projects over a duration of 6 years
Exclusive experience of architecting Central Bank Digital Currency for Thailand in project Inthanon Phase 1. Indirectly reported to the Governor of Bank of Thailand (Central Bank). Acknowledged by name by Bank of Thailand in public report of Inthanon Phase 1 at https://www.bot.or.th/English/FinancialMarkets/ProjectInthanon/Documents/Inthanon_Phase1_Report.pdf
Invited as a panel speaker in R3’s CBDC Working Group held in September – November 2020 - https://www.r3events.com/CBDC/agenda/session/308898
Exclusive experience on Corda platform, CBDC and Security Tokens
Experience in architecting and designing multiple enterprise blockchain solutions
Hands-on with coding
Solely responsible for end-to-end delivery of solutions from a technical perspective
Delivered multiple trainings on blockchain
Having a strong background of Microsoft .Net, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Project Management
Worked with Sales and Pre-Sales teams on technical aspects of project proposals, including on-site presentations

X Topic Abstract

The talk will cover some real world example of how blockchain can support circular economy initiatives, the key challenges in building circular economy and how blockchain can help resolve the same through member incentivization, end-to-end tracking etc.

Speaker Profile

Chandan brings in more than 11 years of experience in the field of consulting and product development. He has been featured on top magazines and journals like NASSCOM, Data quest, Efficient Manufacturing, Toolbox.com etc. Chandan has also been recognized as a top 50 global though leader by Thinkers360. As a Six Sigma Greenbelt certified professional he has helped multiple clients with process improvement and reengineering initiatives in the past. He has conducted multiple design thinking workshops with the clients and helped them conceptualize use cases and solutions in Blockchain and other emerging tech domain. He has helped multiple clients to assess their existing digital maturity and leverage Blockchain as their growth engine..

X Speaker Profile

Sankalp Sharma is the Co-founder & VP of Engineering at Zeeve, an enterprise-grade no- code Blockchain Infrastructure Automation platform that enables easy deployment, monitoring, and management of blockchain nodes and networks.

Sankalp, an engineer from Indraprastha Engineering College in Ghaziabad, began his professional career as a software engineer at Sofocle Technologies. Owing to his passion for programming, Sankalp began working on solo projects during his early years of college itself. Sankalp has a vast experience of working in various domains like Fintech (P2P Invoice Discounting, P2P Escrows and Lending), Insurance Segment (Co-insurance and Re- insurance), Supplychain & Logistics (Tracing & SLA Management), Banking (ATM Access Management with Blockchains), and other domains such as Intellectual Property Rights on Blockchains, Digital Record Management, Decentralised Gaming Apps, etc.

At Sofocle Technologies, he worked diligently and devotedly for three years before being promoted to Technical Architect, wherein he spearheaded the company’s blockchain- related projects.

Early 2020 marked the beginning of Sankalp's journey with Zeeve as the Vice President of Engineering, as he co-founded the Startup with other two Co-founders, Dr Ravi Chamria and Ghan Vashishtha. He has been at the forefront of developing engineering solutions and strategies for next-generation technology at Zeeve, and currently is in charge of automating blockchain deployment and management for heterogeneous & multi-protocol networks.

Sankalp also has experience as a speaker and technology trainer in areas related to Web3 and Permissioned and Public Blockchain Protocols. An entrepreneur, innovator, and a leader, he has diverse backgrounds in a range of different fields, including Fintech, Supply-chain, Insurance, Healthcare, and others.

About Zeeve:-
Zeeve is an enterprise-grade no-code Blockchain Infrastructure Automation platform that enables Enterprises, Blockchain Startups, Blockchain Consulting Companies and Web3 Developers to deploy Blockchain nodes and Decentralised Apps within minutes, and manage them with advanced analytics and real-time alerts. In June 2022, the Startup raised $2.65 Million in a Seed Round from Leo Capital and Blu Ventures. It plans to deploy the funds towards product development, augmenting the technology team and enhancing its reach among DApp developers and global corporations.

X Topic Abstract

Without native Fabric token support, developing an application with fungible and non-fungible tokens involves high complexity and requires specialized expertise to build the complete token life cycle with Hyperledger Fabric chaincodes. Using the low-code Blockchain App Builder tool created by Oracle for its blockchain platform helps developers, consultants, and business users to rapidly create production-ready fungible and non-fungible token chaincodes with built-in security. The presentation also includes a demo on how the low code approach for token chaincodes simplifies development & maintenance and expedites the adoption of tokenization due to low development cost and faster time-to-market for any application release..

Speaker Profile

Gourav is a seasoned Product Management Leader working in Oracle for Blockchain Platform product management. His distinguished career spans over 17 years with a proven track record of driving innovations through different Software as a Service and Platform as a Service products. Gourav is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and also holds an engineering degree. He has worked extensively in the areas of Blockchain, Data Analytics, Data-warehousing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence. Gourav comes up with experience working with multi-billion-dollar organizations like British Telecom, Bosch, and Oracle. He is also a committee member of ISO TC/307 Blockchain Standards and represents India from the Bureau of Indian Standards – National Standards for Blockchain LITD-29. Gourav is a prolific freelance writer in newspapers and a speaker at various conferences.

X Topic Abstract

Transparency of information flow between parties, Reduction of IT costs, Elimination of manual efforts, Reduction of losses incurred due to counterfeit products are some of the key advantages of Blockchain technology over a traditional technology.Transparency of information flow between parties, Reduction of IT costs, Elimination of manual efforts, Reduction of losses incurred due to counterfeit products are some of the key advantages of Blockchain technology over a traditional technology.

Speaker Profile

Siva is a Lead Consultant with over 8+ years experience in Supply Chain Management,Project and Product Management. He is currently working in CoffeeBeans Consulting.Siva has worked in multiple dynamic start-ups. He has taken a techno-functional roles throughout his experience. He has managed building in house products from scratch like Enterprise Resource Planning platformsRecently he has done lots of study in Blockchain Technology and how Blockchain can be applied in the domain of Supply Chain Management

X Topic Abstract

Concept for Blockchain based app to track growing and processing of organic food items.

Speaker Profile

Vishvas has 22+ years of experience with blue chip organisations across products, services and consulting. He also has the experience of running 2 Startups - one I to market research and the second into software development.

schedule 09:00AM - 09:30AM Registration / Conference Overview
Atul Srivastava, Consultant, 1.21GWS
schedule 09:30AM - 10:00AM Keynote
Hemalatha Bhaskar, Blockchain Business Development Lead for Public Sector India, Amazon Web Services(AWS)
10:00AM - 10:30AM Blockchain Case studies in Automotive, Retail and Finance - Click Here for More Info
Rangaraj Sriramulu , Senior Vice President - Digital Transformation, Alorica
schedule 10:30AM - 11:00AM Tea Break
11:00AM - 11:30AM How Tokenization can help to build trust in a decentralized world - Click Here for More Info
Saurav Raaj, Director, Wize
11:30AM - 12:00PM Applications With Blockchain Technique - Click Here for More Info
Ashish Sinha, Associate Director - Blockchain, S&P Global Ratings
speaker 12:00PM - 12:30PM Blockchain & Digital supply chain - Click Here for More Info
Chandan Trehan, Lead-Digital Supply chain and BlockchainBosch Global Software Technology
12:30PM - 01:00PM Importance of Web3 Automation for All Business Applications - Click Here for More Info
Sankalp Sharma, Co-founder & VP of Engineering, Zeeve
schedule 01:00PM - 02:00PM Lunch Break
02:00PM - 02:30PM Tokenization Application Development on Hyperledger Fabric Using Low-Code Development Tooling - Click Here for More Info
Gourav Sarkar,Senior Manager, Blockchain Platform Product Management, Oracle
speaker 02:30PM - 03:00PM Blockchain in Green Energy Market - Evolve of decentralized P2P network- Way sharing Economy
Ravi Chandrasekaran, Practice Partner - - Blockchain & Emerging Technologies, Wipro Technologies
schedule 03:00PM - 03:30PM Tea Break
speaker 03:30PM - 04:00PM Building the Next Gen Supply Chain with Blockchain Technology - Click Here for More Info
Siva Seetharaman, Lead Consultant, CoffeeBeans Consulting
speaker 04:00PM - 04:30PM Blockchain for Organic Farming - Click Here for More Info
Vishvas BS Rao, Vice President, QualityKiosk Technologies

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Till 16 September, 2022

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