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Overview of the event

We're living in a time when design and user experience have never mattered more. The past decade of change shows us that design must constantly adapt as a discipline in order to meet user needs. While it's impossible to see the future, we can still make some educated guesses about it.

At Modern Customer Experience you'll master new skills to boost your career and achieve legendary results for your organization. It's an opportunity to unite with thousands of other Marketing, Service, and Commerce professionals, sharing your challenges and victories while learning from your peers.

In this conference, we will discuss some of the trends that will shape UX CX design in 2018 and, you will gain inspiration and fresh ideas from our speakers and product experts, and leave with new friends and renewed enthusiasm to drive unforgettable customer experiences.

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12 Speakers
12 Topics
100 Tickets

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UX CX Design, Delhi
X Topic Abstract

I am going to discuss various customer needs. While many people assume that the focus of a customer interaction is a desire to fulfill a functional need or solve a technical problem, we explore the notion that customers often have peripheral needs that supersede their core functional condition.

Adopting an empathetic approach to any industry allows practitioners and administrators to identify such “peripheral” needs that may be of utmost importance to customers. Highlight the importance of a deep understanding of customer needs, many of which are not intuitively apparent.

Speaker Profile

B.Tech, MBA, Ph.D.
International Fertility Centre - CEO & Cofounder having locations at India - New Delhi, Gurgaon, Sonipat, Jaipur, Nawashehar, Jalandhar, Dwarka, Amritsar, Udaipur

Nepal - Kathmandu, Butwal, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj
International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training - Founder & CEO
Upkaar Women Welfare Trust - Founder and Managing Trustee
HealthPod Incubator & Accelerator - Founding Director
Earth Scientific – Strategic Advisor & Board Member
Brainpan Innovations – Strategic Advisor & Board Member
ThoseInNeed – Strategic Advisor & Board Member
AiMagnifi – Strategic Advisor & Board Member
SoulFit Kitchen - Strategic Advisor & Board Member
Voice of Healthcare President - (Innovation, Technology, Fertility) Verticals
CRM Academy of Asia - Board of Directors
Foundation of Healthcare & Wellness & Promotion – Trustee & Board of Directors
CII Young Indians - Core Executive Committee Member
Program Leader – Startup Leadership Program

X Topic Abstract

The talk will focus on how design research and design thinking tools help to analyse and understand user behaviour which is an essential element in the development of user experience for any given product-eco-system.

Speaker Profile

With the immense passion for my core area of expertise, which lies in User research, Design research, Design strategy and planning, Empathizing and understanding the needs of stakeholders thereby developing innovative products and services. In all these projects designing for the user was paramount, an approach further solidified during my time at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University where we utilized integrative design thinking management.

With a multi-disciplinary approach, I am able to apply my skills in more than one field. My vision of design focuses less on the product and more on the process, identifying needs and building unique human-centered experiences. I apply Design Thinking and methods to uncover desires for clients and brands in the context they are in. With over ten years of professional development, my work spans different areas that include: customer experience, service design, innovation, design research, branding and entrepreneurship. I have a great capacity to elaborate abstract ideas and understand different currents of thought, guiding interdisciplinary teams to combine talents towards the creation of holistic proposals. I wish to utilize my insights and implement all my learning into one of the most competitive and emotion-driven industries in the world.

Expertise: Design Thinking, Customer Experience (CX), Service Design, Innovation, Design Research, Concept Creation, Customer Service, Sales, Branding & Entrepreneurship

Soft Skills: Innate Curiosity, Adaptable, Resilient, Motivational Leader, Effective Communication, Team Management, Highly Empathetic, Service-oriented, Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

X Topic Abstract

What exactly does the word "time-saving" means for a customer and a designer? We can talk about micro-interactions, micro-copy, qualitative and quantitative research methods.

X Topic abstract

1. Discuss on CX & UX for Above topics and related technology to drive and support above concluded topics.
2. Personalization and Smarter personalization to reach maximum customers.
3. How content changes your product growth and CX.
4. How UX supports CX to be more affordable in your operations.
5. Feedback , Suggestions and reality of CX & UX Justification.
6. Drive growth by reaching customer expectations.

Speaker Profile

“Change the way, let’s innovate”
I love Travel Technologies be it GDS(Global Distribution Systems), Airline booking, Hotel bookings, Car Bookings, Ancillary Sales, Logistics, Airport handing .... lot more into my list so far. But not restricted to implement other real life challenges.
My Current assignment Include :
1. Put advancement in Education system by creating various ERPs.
2. Improve daily health routines with the help of tech.
3. Advancement of travel technologies to meet future requirements with content driven technology.
If I summarize all of above , I love creating applications which impact business at larger extent and helps building huge revenue.
Frankly speaking customer satisfaction is the key , be it your delivery system or an end user doing any transaction on your product, Everything needs to be FAST and 100% successful( In other case you should at least know what went wrong)
Sometimes I don't work, I go and play NFS or any other racing game.
I really love building great team and connecting people, I see everyone with equal potential if there is any miss I fill that Gap. That helps in keeping everyone focused on real job.

X Topic abstract


- How did the UX design field emerge.
- Mention of some of the UX failures that caused major accidents or mishap
- The importance of breaking the rules

Generic Design process

- Research
- Design
- Prototype
- Test
- Iterate

What to be aware of

- Gestalt Psychology
- Key contributors
- Monocular and binocular cues of depth perception
- behavioural considerations
- Ethnographical vs lab studies

Case study - Broken rules to establish better UX

Speaker Profile

Amit has more than 12 years of experience into defining digital strategies for UX and CX having worked with some of the top notch software product companies across the globe.

X Topic abstract

Creative professionals increasingly rely on quantitative data sources like Google Analytics to perform design research, plan user experience and measure success. Data driven actionable insights help analyse user behaviour and journey at granular level, understand whats working and whats not, and strategise accordingly.

In this segment, we'll be focusing on:
Key analytics reports that highlight UX issues impacting website performance and impacting on-site conversions with help of Google Analytics, and learn best practices to overcome these challenges. We'll identify on page UI elements and scripts not loading properly and CSS that adversely impacting page load speed.

We’ll be auditing web copy and design to minimise user confusion and distractions. Further, we'll also identify the user experiences, content assets, and web copy users engage, interact and resonate with.

Analyse on-site user behaviour to identify low performing pages with potential problem areas like non-functional buttons and hyperlinks, navigation issues, abandoned forms and sign-up. Determine if specific links/buttons are not being clicked.

Study how users move from one page of your website to other. paths people take across pages, where they branch off into different directions, and where they leave the site. Find out the most common paths that people take to help you achieve their business goals and objectives.

Speaker Profile

Adobe Certified Expert - Photoshop | InDesign | Digital Publishing Suite CEO | Irine Digital Factory Pvt. Ltd

National Adjunct Faculty | Visual Communication & Digital Marketing | NIIT Ltd. & (Retainer, implemented over 3000 hours of virtual training on graphic designing, visual communication, digital marketing, customer relationship management to working professionals pan India)

Content Developer | NIIT Ltd. (Authored 6 books on digital marketing, 1 on Customer Relationship Management)

Art Director | India Today (Headed Art Direction and digital production of 17 magazines)

User Group Manager | Adobe InDesign | Illustrator User Groups - Delhi (Community driven program for over 2500 creative professionals pan Delhi NCR)

Senior Executive - Siemens Communication, Media & Technology (technical head of the digital publishing, developing highly engaging and intuitive apps for magazines)

Corporate Trainer & Workflow Consultant on Branding, Visual Communication, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing & Digital Publishing

Professional Certified Marketer | Digital Marketing – American Marketing Association

Social Marketing Certified – HootSuite
Google Analytics Certified
Google AdWords Fundamentals Certified
Google AdWords Search Certified
Google AdWords Display Certified
Google AdWords Mobile Certified
Google AdWords Video Certified
Google AdWords Shopping Certified
Google Mobile Sites Certified
Google Digital Sales Certified
Content Marketing Certified – HubSpot
Email Marketing Certified – HubSpot
Inbound Sales Certified – HubSpot
Content Marketing Certified – HubSpot
Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning, & Analytics – Columbia Business School
Bing Ads Accredited Professional – Microsoft
Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing (Pursuing) – Digital Marketing institute

X Topic abstract

• Ensuring impact of every key UX refresh is measured and communicated
• Different types of key metrics to track and measure
• Highlighting the role of UX in achieving business objectives

Speaker Profile

Around 14 years of diverse, hands-on experience, in defining UX strategies and conceiving experiences for leading products and online brands (accessed by millions of users every month), worked across consumer & enterprise product verticals.

Passionate about design thinking, distilling complex ideas into elegant and intuitive experiences, which significantly impact business outcomes.

X Topic Abstract


What is UCD and why it's importent for an organization, citing some examples.

-UCD process is beneficial for any type of organizations (Small, medium & Large)
-ROI for Investing in UX process is really high
-UI is not UX

How Does UCD Fit Into the Software/Product Development Lifecycle?
A Model for Implementing a UX Team
Expect Changes to Processes
UX Myths
What to expect after implementing UCD process

X Topic abstract

UX is what makes the user standing in line for hours to buy the new iPhone. In the last decades, businesses have understood the value of UX, and it has become the heart of their business.

Great UX is behind how users feel when they use products, and it's happening to live in a way that we have never seen before. Your mobile, computer, car and even TV are smart to keep track of context like the time of day, location, what are you watching, when you wake up or even your meal plans, but what if they could also cross-reference that context with your daily routine and habits to personalize your experience? The options for personalized experiences will be endless.

We all understand in growing user demand whatever choice we give user will always be insufficient. Ther future of UX is going to follow user's those demand, take quick action, and create personalized solutions for the customer.

Roadmap defined by designers could likely understand signs and recognize opportunities to present choices that align with a user's demands. This will allow interfaces to adjust to people's lifestyles and habits and become changeable and conversational. The foundation has already been set with voice assistants like Apple Siri, Amazone Alexa, Google Assistant.

Speaker Profile

Haider has 14+ years experience creating usable and engaging online experiences. He has a unique skill set of design strategy, user research, information architecture and content strategy, user interface design, and usability testing. Haider leads clients and project teams from ambiguity to clarity by setting the direction that combines user, business, and development goals.

He is working as a business strategist and UX consultant with the client all across the globe.

Haider also is HFI trained, HCI Certification from Georgia Institute of Technology, experience in brand and product management, bringing to life digital strategy and marketing programs for Fortune 500 CPG companies. He uses data analysis and team leadership skills to make informed decisions and direction and create a path and vision for teams to execute.

X Topic abstract

This topic will cover very interesting and latest in media streaming, with the rise in development of TV based apps like Netflix. Its an altogether different world with connected devices. In TV devices too, User Experience is of paramount importance, and there are different ways to achieve it. It revolves around basic User Interface, to voice enabled options and serving curated content using Machine Learning for giving a great TV experience to the users.

Speaker Profile

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder - Tecvolo Labs, Full Stack Developer, IPTV Consultant for Future Today Inc

I'm a techie at heart and entrepreneur by profession, I love to create great user experiences through websites / apps. Proud owner of a successful services startup, Tecvolo Labs, and always keen to experiment on and learn new technologies. I've been consulting Future Today Inc in development of IPTV apps. I am also a travel enthusiast and love to take on new challenges.

X Topic Abstract

If companies are seeking to install a culture of customer-centricity it is crucial to start with their own organization. Each employee can be seen as a „customer“ to each manager. Managers thus become „collaboration experience designers“. It is their duty to create an experience for their employees in which collaboration, innovation and creativity thrive. This talk will give examples of innovative and collaborative work environments and give hints on how to achieve them.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Moritz Gekeler is a strategic consultant, coach and facilitator for collaboration experience design, strategic foresight and design thinking.

Over the last 12 years he has gained professional experience in various institutions such as the foresight department of Daimler AG, the HPI School of Design Thinking and the SAP Design and Co-Innovation Center. In 2015 he founded dolaborate GmbH as an agency for collaboration experience design.

Moritz guides organizations of all sizes in the process of participatory strategy making especially with regard to design and innovation. He also enables them by teaching creative methods and facilitating innovation in any shape.

Besides working in the business and public sector, Moritz regularly teaches at universities in Germany, Switzerland and India. He is a member of the expert team of the German design research network design:transfer and an associated member of tt30 – the young organization of the Club of Rome, Germany.

X Topic Abstract

LEAN UX: A recipe for speed and innovation. Get rid of all the waste in your work processes. Focus on Outcomes.

Change the way you approach work. Create a Minimum Viable Product. The fastest way to test your idea.

Speaker Profile

I am an entrepreneur. I have coached 50+ startups from Idea Validation to the successful execution of the product Designed and developed 55 products, delivered 3 Lean Innovation programs, 3 Agile Transformation and implemented 3 Splunk setups for some of the large enterprises ( BMG, Adidas, Srilanka Telecom, Allianz, BMW). This all has been achieved with 40 Developers, 5 Designers, 3 Scrum Masters, 2 Product Owners, 4 Data Analytics, 6 DevOps. Launched @infiniaretail in India for Retail and F&B (Single to Multi-Restaurant Chains). Successfully acquired 50+ customers in last 3 months.

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Anish Kumar A.S



Yogesh Kumar Sharma



Nikhil Verma


NCube Designs

Amit Sharma

Digital strategist & User Experience SME


Tanvir Alam

Head of UX CoE

Times Internet

Haider Ali

UX Consultant

Business Strategy and Consulting

Anand Dawson

Head - User Experience (UX) & Design

Ankita Mathur


Tecvolo Labs

Moritz Gekeler

Founder and CEO

Dolaborate GmbH

Apurv Chaturvedi


Irine Digital Factory

Gaurav Soni

Co-Founder and Director

The Lean Apps

Saarthak Bakshi

CEO & Cofounder

International Fertility Centre

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Who can attend UX CX Design in Delhi?

If you are in a role where your recommendations or decisions ultimately affect the way a person experiences your product, this conference is for you. Those in various stages of Customer Experience maturity, across a wide range of industries should attend. So come join us if you want to learn more about CX, are new to a CX role or are more experienced in CX -- there is something for you! Those who learn in small group sessions by hearing directly from those with successful CX experiences will love the Insight Exchange. This is peer to peer learning at it's best, unlike any other CX conference! Exhibition designer

Event welcomes all interested students, start-ups and professions. They could be involved in Information, Usability, Interaction, User Experience, Program Management and Engineering. We welcome all design enthusiasts. Leading ux practitioners, Management gurus, Front - end engineers, Entrepreneurs, Established businesses and enterprises, Program Managers, Students from design, business and technology. Those who learn in small group sessions by hearing directly from those with successful CX experiences will love the Insight Exchange. This is peer to peer learning at it's best, unlike any other CX conference!

Why to attend UX CX Design Day in Delhi?

Understand the state of development of UX CX Design technology by exchanges, clearing houses, central counter parties and payment systems, and what it means for you.

What will you learn about?

Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by UX CX Design technologies. Using UX CX Design as a tool for innovation across your organisation

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Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.