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Overview of the Workshop

Mastering Design thinking - Designer's Mind Workshop (26 July, 2018)

Product Conceptualisation is quickly becoming a dark art. Being comfortable in an ambiguous, undefined space requires a certain fearlessness with creative confidence. To bring the lost art of Product Conceptualisation, we present Mastering Design Thinking - Designer’s mind.
Having a design driven product is not just good for users. It’s great for business as well. Products that are conceptualized and crafted using design thinking have 300% more ROI than their non-design driven peers.
After this workshop, you will have embraced the dark art of Product Conceptualization with more creative confidence while staying true to the fundamentals of design thinking.

Who Should Attend

Mastering Design thinking - Designer’s mind workshop, has been exclusively crafted for the creators or co-creators of the product. They could be Product CEOs, Creative Leaders, Product Leaders, Design Leaders, and Product Managers & Designers.

Facts & Figures About The Event

1 Speaker
1 Day Workshop
30 Tickets

Workshop Schedule (26 July, 2018)

Mastering Design thinking – Designer’s Mind Workshop, Bangalore


Part 1:

Mastering Empathy: Getting deeper into the user’s cognitive bias, mental models, conceptual thinking models, influences that the surroundings or the environment plays with the user, rejoicing how the user’s mental map and psychology changes with the people that they interact. Empathy can’t just be a job, it’s a passionate commitment that one makes to understand and perceive behaviours, emotions, choices and keen interest towards what makes us human. To get empathy, it is important to understand our brain & it’s workings better. Insights, perspectives and stories based on the research on neuroscience, neurogenesis and neuroplasticity would ignite the art of leveraging choice. As you have a better grasp of yourself, your capacities and your possibilities. You are all set and ready to embrace deep empathy, behaviour models and choice constructs. Activity 1, A 10 minutes of catharsis would introduce the participants on getting comfortable with chaos and using chaos towards creativity.

Child's Play: The experimental mind-set of shameless sketching, along with the idea mash up of synthesizing different experiences to craft a new one for the target audience. This module helps to form the connecting bond towards product teams and facilitates to shed inhibitions through shameless sketching. Through this module we look to foster team spirit. An interactive activity of shameless sketching on an idea or a product sets the stage for the next module. Activity 2, Shameless sketching on an idea or product.

Part 2:
Director's cut: Have you perceived vulnerability as a strength? Have you ever seen vulnerability as a creative leadership trait? Did you know vulnerability promotes neurogenesis and neuroplasticity?

Great products require great questions; a questioning mind-set dispels the conclusionary myths of what a product should be.

Questions help to create a persona, a brand, a product or a service around the users.

1. Do you have a conclusionary mindset or a questioning mindset?
2. Are your comfortable with emotions?
3. Can you craft a product that could evoke a specific emotion?
4. How could we adopt a prototyping mindset to foster creativity?

Embracing emotional design requires the director’s cut, like creating a movie yet delivering value through the product or service.

Activity 3: Role play as a curtain closure

The benefits of the Mastering Design thinking - designer’s mind workshop

• At the end of the Mastering Design thinking - designer’s mind workshop, participants would be ready to apply Design Thinking in their Products, Services or in their current teams.

• They would be able to synthesise their creative capacities resulting in a highly engaged product creation or service creation mindset.

• They would embrace the growth mindset and embrace experimentation with real users.

• High team-synergies in a creative environment of trust and vulnerability would continue to build.

• Products or services created by such teams would be rich in eXperiences while striking the right emotional chord with their target audience.

Raaj Sivaram, Product CEO | maeZstro

X Workshop Abstract

Great design is not just about putting pixels (pX) on the screen, it’s about putting great people’s eXperiences (pX). Nurturing the designer's mind is essential to building eXperience driven products. A designer's mind rooted in deep empathy is a delight to watch, as it takes on to create a world of eXperiences. Creating products is quickly becoming a team sport, for large enterprises. What we bring as the creator or as one of the co-creators of the product is extremely critical to the success of the product. Products created out of the designer’s mind have a high success rate of 10x compared to a ‘non-design thinking’ team..

Trainer Details

Raaj Sivaram

Product CEO



Our Pricing


Rs 9000

Till July 26

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Who can attend Mastering Design thinking – Designer's Mind in Bangalore?

Mastering Design thinking - Designer's mind workshop, has been exclusively crafted for the creators or co-creators of the product. They could be Product CEOs, Creative Leaders, Product Leaders, Design Leaders, and Product Managers & Designers.

Whats is the pre-requisite of this training?

This is an Mastering Design thinking – Designer's Mind which needs the trainees to be well equipped with the coding, testing and deployment practices within their companies. This is not advisable for a non technical person.

No prior knowledge of tools or devops techniques is needed. One should be aware of Software Development Life Cycle and basics of coding, testing and software deployment.

Do you organise onsite trainings at corporate's premises?

We run customised onsite trainings to meet corporate / startup's requirements. We also run this program in Universities and colleges around the world. However we cap the batch size to 20 to ensure the best results and use our own software and create a lab environment at your training premise.

Do you offer Discounts?

We offer 50% discounts to students (should have a valid students ID card" and Startups employees (should have a valid certificate of incorporation of the startup they represent).

We offer group discounts of upto 20% to corporates if they do group bookings of 5 and above.

Do I need to bring my laptop to this training?

For this workshop, all trainees have to bring their laptops, charging cables and pen drive to copy the notes that we provide. Users may also have an active AWS account (not mandatory).

I have more queries. Whom should i contact?

Please write to us at contact@1point21gws.com with your queries. Our counselor shall revert to you within two wroking days.

My companies doesn't do online payments. Can we do the payment via any other means?

We accept Bank transfers only. To avail this facility, you have to write to us and subsequently send us Purchase Order before the event. We require Bank transfer to be done before the training date. However we can also accept purchase order from companies with good credit history.

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