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Overview of the event

We recently wrapped up first half of 2019 as the year of digital quality. We talked about how digital transformation is going to bring even more drastic shifts in how we do software delivery. And how your organization needs to brace up to bring agile models to work in order to release higher quality software faster through automated testing.

A key trend that will sweep over to bring economies of scale, speed and intelligence will be automated testing followed by AI. We've seen a massive movement from manual to automation in the last couple of years, as manual could not handle this scale of change. Manual testing matrices are too big to approximate manually, take a long time, and are very complex to handle for applications like Uber, Snapchat, and Twitter that are scaling at the speed of light.

Manual testing might not be able to meet the demand of a plethora of web browsers, devices, operating systems, screen resolutions, and responsive designs. And to deliver quality at the speed of digital, there will be a need to bring in the right automated testing initiatives. But automation is vast and there are several nuances to it. Which nuances will be more pronounced in 2019?

Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit will help you get industry best practices in Test Automation and the latest tools and techniques to achieve it.

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Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit, Toronto

X Topic Abstract

It is not the shortage of data but, the ability to comprehend the various inputs to arrive at a feasible solution in real-time which differentiates between “good” and “great” With advancements in Computing Tools and availability of powerful Machine Learning methods, the ability to consume and interpret vast amounts of data in an economic way to help make decisions is much simplified. Through better recording, analysis and interpretation of large volumes of Testing related data (Release, Requirements, Test phases, Test Cases, Defects etc.), there is the potential for Enterprises to make faster advances in several aspects and improving its efficiency and in turn influence Organization profitability. We made use of Machine Learning making use of features from past data, classified them into discrete categories (labelled data) to create a Training set. This was then used to predict the outcome for future iterations of unlabelled data with similar features.. The process involves several series of activities including Due Diligence, Loading of Data, Training and Evaluation of Model, Implementation of Model as well as Continuous Improvement. We would like every QA practitioner, to appreciate the power of data available in their repository, identify the use cases for ML and unleash the power of Predictive Analytics within their sphere of influence thereby delivering significant benefits to their client

Speaker profile

Anjali is a technology leader with 20 years of testing & QA leadership experience in Information Technology Services industry, with specialization in optimizing Software Development Lifecycle ( SDLC) and Quality Assurance Services. She has worked with large enterprise customers ranging from Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunication, Technology to various verticals. She has proven track record on DevQAOps Transformation initiatives, Consulting for DevOps and Agile Transformation initiatives, Automated Delivery Pipeline (CI/CD/CT) framework design and set-up for large enterprises, QA Community of Practice (COP) set-up, DevQAOps Program Management and Governance. In her role, she has worked with diverse IT teams globally to optimize SDLC with usage of Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and RPA. She comes with in-depth understanding of Integrated SDLC Automation experience along with framework design / tool selection and ROI analysis.

X Topic Abstract

Traditional testing approaches can’t predict all failure modes and hence Chaos Engineering is a discipline to simulate these failures and build better applications. It’s a way to fire controlled disruptions into a distributed system and then analyzing the behavior, identifying the weak areas & improving resiliency with automation. To add chaos using DevOps and build anti fragile apps is the need.

Speaker profile

Over 15 years of professional experience in the field of Agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP) software development & DevOps Consulting (CI-CD Pipeline and Release Management)

Guided Agile development projects from inception to release. (Concept to Cash)
Defined, piloted and implemented key Agile & DevOps capabilities & practices for Delivery excellence

X Topic Abstract

Automation in Agile is a key enabler, however it is a time consuming process to get started. The session is about accelerating automation in Testing, Deployment, and Integration. How can we apply automation testing from Unit, Integration and Regression testing. Effective use of Opensource testing tools such as Selenium, Cucumber, Protractor and Karate. Examples of modern testing techniques such as Micro Services Testing, Mocking Web Services and API’s. The session will also include metrics collection and reporting. Exploring Agile Automation pipeline using Jenkins and Sonar. Enabling DevOps to accelerate Development and Testing.

Speaker profile

Zack Dawood is a Seasoned IT Technologist, specialized in Agile, BigData, DataScience and DevOps. He have 14 + years in IT, Currently holding 35+ technology & process certifications.
Key certifications include Certified Scrum Master & Professional, SAFe agilest, Certified Agile Leadership,
TOGAF 9.1 Certified, Microsoft Certified Professional and ITIL V3 Certified.
Zack have Travelled to 13 Countries. Worked in Europe, North America and Asia
Worked for Top Fintech, Retail, Market Research Companies. Zack led Agile transformation for major banks and insurance companies across globe. Have trained more than 300 people and helped to get certified. He is Technologist, Trainer, Speaker, Mentor and Coach. Zack have won 2015 Microsoft Big Data Hackathon in Data Modeling category. Zack is currently working as Director of Consulting Services at CGI Canada. Zack is also currently authoring book titled “DevOps for DataScience” for PackT publication.

X Topic Abstract

Regression testing has been primary focus area when it comes to test automation. With the help of advancements in the test automation tools and frameworks, testing organizations have made significant progress in automating the regression suite but at the same time new methodologies and approaches have fundamentally changed the way software is developed and tested. This has demanded the testing organizations to look beyond regression automation, leveraging the power of open source solutions, virtualization and integration with DevOps pipeline. The focus of the testing automation has not only moved to continuous delivery but also to automate other phases of testing lifecycle like test design.

Now with further evolution of AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in recent times, there is increasing demand for testing organizations look beyond the conventional ways of test automation and leverage the power of AI, ML and RPA. In our session we will discuss about specific use cases that QA organizations could focus to reap the benefits of AI, ML and RPA

Speaker profile

Pavankumar YG has over 19 years of experience in quality assurance of web, windows, SAP, cloud and mobile applications. Pavan is currently working with Capgemini as automation architect. (LinkedIn:
Email id:

Co-presenter Rajamohan Maddineni has over 10 years of experience in test automation. He is the inventor of a test design optimization approach and tool. He is currently working as automation architect with Capgemini. He has several certifications; most recent is UIPath – RPA tool (
Email ID:

X Topic Abstract

Go beyond behaviour-driven development practices in this interactive session. Push the boundaries and explore how BDD mindset can be used to radically involve customers throughout the entire user story lifecycle… from strategy, through UX & story definition, to user testing, and full circle to discover new product opportunities. More importantly, discover how these methods can increase revenue, provide team clarity, and deliver better products.

Speaker profile

Adam Kruszynski is a co-founder and Business Transformation Lead at Value Transformed. He is a passionate, insightful, and thought provoking change agent. He believes the best way to evolve organizations is by evolving their people. He has 22+ years experience in digital marketing, technology, and data-driven strategy with 14+ of these years leading various digital and Agile transformations. He has a wide and long list of clients including Pepsi, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Nissan, Ford, Sun Life Financial, BMO, RBC, CIBC, Cineplex, Telelatino TV, London Drugs, New Balance, and more. He is an entertaining speaker, an award-winning digital pioneer, a digital strategist, a Lean - Agile servant leader, and a life-time serial charity volunteer.

X Topic Abstract

As a QA automation engineer/tester, it is fairly important to understand the git flow and git branching.
Establishing the right git branching strategy is the key, to successfully establish DevOps process which includes CI/CD process.
In modern world, almost all companies have started adopting DevOps process to ship their code faster to production, therefore, it is fairly important for QA engineer to understand the git flow/git branching.
This will allow them to build the testing strategy and ship the code without scarifying software quality.
In this session, will cover how to establish the git and QA strategy for a typical 2 weeks sprint.

Speaker profile

Sen is an IT Director with expertise in all phases of software development life cycle. Specializing in DevOps Process, QA Principles and Practices. Recognized for the ability to identify software problems and to ensure they are appropriately addressed. Ability to analyze the current process and see what can be improved to ensure that high-quality software products are produced.

X Topic Abstract

Agile project management has recently been picking up steam in the management world. It has, to a large extent, convinced non-believers of the benefits of agile practices - the singular most significant being the reduced time to market. In an ever changing world, how else are we to survive unless we are centered on the balancing stone of agility?

However there are still a few skeptics out there who are as yet unconvinced that all types of projects can adhere to this methodology. Test automation falls into one such bucket where the traditional agile principles cannot be fitted in as-is. My aim is to put to rest isuess about being able to practice agile in a test automation product delivery/project execution.

I will start off by touching upon the delivery goals behind a test automation project and then move on to dig deeper within to expose the hidden challenges that lie await. I will subsequently address the challenges with simple strategic solutions that are viable in most environments, all the while aiming to re-instill faith in the ‘Agile’ way.

Speaker profile

My name is Abiodun Osoba, everyone calls me Abby. I am an Agile Coach and Trainer. I believe that being Agile is about a state of heart beyond being about a mere state of mind. It is this heart that makes Transformation happen and evolve until it becomes an organic interwoven part of a companies culture and employee default behavior. When I was first exposed to Scrum, I would never have thought I would hold this premise today. I have spent the last 18 years of my life as a Management Consultant, crossing industries such as banking, insurance, entertainment, non-profit, utilities, education, legal, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and of course IT. My sweet spot is Organizational Transformation, not just because of my experience in adapting Agile best practices to an organizations ideal state. Put simply, there is nothing greater than starting to see all the “arhah” moments happening with teams, executives and middle management. It tends to be like a domino effect that had once seemed impossible. When every training class and Agile presentation and side conversation you have had comes to life and makes sense to customer. Nothing like it beats ice-cream! Today I run a company called The Agile Advisor, we offer services that are geared towards individuals, teams, managers, executives and organizations at large who are ready to embark on their Agile journey. We partner with other groups and colleagues to help deliver value whenever we can. So here I am today with Scrum being a passion. I am blessed to go to work everyday pursuing one of my passions. I am blessed to be able to be share it with others through training, coaching, writing and mentoring. I love to learn from others and share ideas. I look forward to the collaboration I will experience here within the alliance and out there with many of you on the field.

Abiodun is a graduate of the University of Abuja, Nigeria, Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto, MIT Sloan School of Management, Harvard Business School, an executive training program for business executives and professionals. She served as an Executive Board and External Relations division with Behan Pharmaceuticals where she worked on issues dealing with various medical health. She received her bachelor's degree in Economics from University of Abuja. Abiodun’s continuous research focuses on ethical leadership and youth development has influenced her academic background, profession and purpose.

Abidoun has extensive training in communication strategies and public speaking. She has mastered seven categories of public speaking. Her extensive experience includes leadership consulting, community organizing, research analysis, public speaking, social and human rights advocacy. Abiodun has worked on creating various conferences, lectures and symposiums on women empowerment and leadership development and training. Her practical approach to effective leadership development inspires action and achieves results by developing leadership competencies for executives, young professionals, budding entrepreneurs and students (high school to graduate level and beyond).

Her passion for excellence and results has made her a sought after motivational speaker and leadership consultant, whose tips & tools can be applied immediately to bring meaningful change to one's business, personal life or organization. She has been interviewed and featured on numerous media outlets and has been invited to speak at various government functions, award ceremonies, conferences, seminars and more.

Abiodun's passion to foster a spirit of service and civic engagement and to encourage more people and believes that it is her responsibility to encourage, inspire and motivate others to be the best that they can be. Her mission is to pay it forward.

X Topic Abstract

All along, services and product, companies has been reaching out to QA teams to sell BDD methodology and tool. The success has been at best limited. Why?
QA is tasked with bringing about change in the organization to make BDD successful. This include Business and BA to adopt new ways of writing requirements/functions, put more onus on business to give scenarios make it more clear Convincing dev to work of the new function models while QA automated and find boundary conditions and negative testing.
In scenarios where QA comes at the end of the cycle (agile not fully adopted) it’s not that easy to move the culture of organization.
In agile world where product owner is really coming from business adoption of BDD is easier because business is closer. Business has to buy methodology and QA has to get right tool and automation for business to really gain full benefit of BDD.

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Gurtej Pal Singh

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Zack Dawood

Director, Consulting Services

Global Wealth and Capital Markets | CGI Canada

Adam Kruszynski

Business Transformation Lead

Value Transformed

Sen Ananthan

Director of Enterprise Devops & Quality Engineering


Pavankumar YG

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Who can attend Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit in Toronto?

Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit 2019 in Toronto is open to anyone who has an interest in Agile, Automation Testing, Automation Frameworks or any related field.

Why to attend Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit in Toronto?

Following are the three key questions you and your testing organization or testing department and testing center of excellence should be solving for now: How do we as testers and testing company evolve and thrive in SMAC & IoT world?
From tooling to skilling and from strategies to fundamental values what needs to change and how? What are solutions and services available in market which I can leverage? Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit 2019 is an attempt to seek and share answers to these basic questions.

What will you learn about?

Learn latest techniques and skills required to test disruptive technologies from industry stalwarts themselves Latest trends, concepts, processes and tools for testing in SMAC & IoT Recognize, understand and acknowledge challenges in testing emerging technologies. Meet and network with fellow testing experts from leading companies.Learn how to adapt and adopt these changes quickly and swiftly within a team and also across the enterprise.

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