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We recently wrapped up 2017 as the year of digital quality. We talked about how digital transformation is going to bring even more drastic shifts in how we do software delivery. And how your organization needs to brace up to bring agile models to work in order to release higher quality software faster through automated testing.

A key trend that will sweep over to bring economies of scale, speed and intelligence will be automated testing followed by AI. We've seen a massive movement from manual to automation in the last couple of years, as manual could not handle this scale of change. Manual testing matrices are too big to approximate manually, take a long time, and are very complex to handle for applications like Uber, Snapchat, and Twitter that are scaling at the speed of light.

Manual testing might not be able to meet the demand of a plethora of web browsers, devices, operating systems, screen resolutions, and responsive designs. And to deliver quality at the speed of digital, there will be a need to bring in the right automated testing initiatives. But automation is vast and there are several nuances to it. Which nuances will be more pronounced in 2018?

121 Test Automation Day will help you get industry best practices in Test Automation and the latest tools and techniques to achieve it.

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121 Test Automation Day, Melbourne

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Automation is now critical for businesses to stay competitive but it is a big commitment which can carry a lot of risk. Initiatives can be so large and complex that they fail to see the light of day or, if they do get delivered, can be so daunting that no-one can use or maintain them. This talk will discuss how to introduce automation best practices and technologies like CI/CD and automation test solutions in a granular and iterative manner that demonstrates ROI early and facilitates buy in from the rest of the team. We will discuss how we successfully tailored and introduced automation solutions in large and small companies and give you some strategies and tools to help you on your journey in your organisation.

Speaker Profile

Guy is a Technical Leader with diverse experience in assembling and driving high performing teams, utilizing cutting edge technologies and methodologies, to efficiently and effectively achieve positive business outcomes.

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DevOps and Test Automation have been seen as transformations in the past with large implementation efforts associated with it. In this talk I will show a different approach that provides a much better chance of success. Going back to the core principles of DevOps and taking my experience from many dozens of engagements I will show where and why efforts fail and what you can do about it.

Speaker Profile

Mirco is a Managing Director at Accenture and leads the Agile & DevOps practice in Asia Pacific with focus on Agile transformations, DevOps and Test Automation. He has for over a dozen years worked on accelerating software delivery through innovative approaches (what would now be called DevOps) and 10 years ago started experimenting with Agile methods. He started using Agile as a last resort when one of his projects was faced with ever changing requirements resulting in frequent updates to the project plan. Adopting an Agile methodology turned the project around and he has been promoting Agile principles ever since. He supports major public and private sector companies in Australia and overseas in their search for efficient IT delivery. He shares his experiences on and while speaking at international conferences. He is the author of "DevOps for the Modern Enterprise", a book helping companies adopt Agile & DevOps and push through the transformation barriers caused by legacy technology and legacy thinking.

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Sample Public Speaking History:

I have been speaking at conferences globally, some of them internal Accenture conferences, some of them Industry events. My topics are mainly experience reports about my Agile and DevOps adoption and case studies, but lately I have been speaking more about the cultural aspects and what I have learned along the way to share this with others and learn from each other. I am also blogging under

Some recent conference speaking experience:

• IBM Innovate 2013
• CTO Summit 2014
• IBM Innovate 2014
• Agile Australia 2015
• DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015
• DevOps Days Australia 2015
• 1st Conference 2016
• Agile Australia 2016
• Lean Agile Systems Thinking conference 2016
• Scrum Gathering Bangalore 2016
• Lean Agile Systems Thinking conference 2017
• DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017
• CIO Edge 2017

X Topic Abstract

Attendees will understand how Agile and testing are integral parts of the whole. We reflect on why we need specialist testers in Agile and the role of the tester. We consider the role every team member has in testing. We remember developers are your friends. and consider the role of Automation within Agile development.

Speaker Profile

Julie is an agile coach who specialises in agility in non agile environments. Julie has extensive ERP experience in the Oracle/PeopleSoft Payroll/Time Management arena. She is a CPA (IT Specialist Designation) and is certified in Agile Initiation, Agile Delivery, SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise) Leadership, SAFe Agilist and as a Certified Scrum Product Owner. In addition, Julie holds international accreditation as an IC Agile Coach.

Julie is on the speaker review panel for Agile Australia and is an active participant in the YOW Software Development Conferences in Australia. During 2016 she was a member of the Technical Tours sub committee for the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress. Julie has worked in many areas including the banking, manufacturing, utilities, public transport and education sectors. In her spare time Julie is training for her black belt in Shotokan Karate.

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Do you remember your last wonderful customer experience? Or a not so good one? What do you think was the role of testing in delivering those experiences? I believe it would have been very critical. The boundaries of testing have been redefined as the customers' expectations for quality of service increase and the service ecosystems around us get bigger and more complex. In order for teams and organisations to design experiences of the future, they must think beyond the conventional and test multiple components of the entire solution. In my presentation, I will: - share some real examples from PwC and Melbourne Smart City Office to highlight how testing has evolved over time - discuss the importance of thinking differently in the testing world - illustrate different interlocking components to be tested for a sustainable solution. A short Bio: For over twelve years and across four continents (Asia, North America, Europe and Australia), Shan has worked with fledgling and established companies and the public sector to think differently, reimagine their products and services, and build an innovative culture within organisations. Shan has been involved in setting up innovation labs for leading organisations such as PwC and City of Melbourne to enable them to be future focussed, inventive and foster an entrepreneurial culture. An exciting blend of computer engineering and an MBA from Australian Graduate School of Management and London Business School (entrepreneurship focused) gives him a structured yet free flowing, analytical yet human centered approach to discovering, building and scaling businesses of the future. Shan has a keen interest in business innovation and is currently running a business consultancy assisting organisations in their transformation by creating strategies, building services/products and designing innovation labs in response to the fast changing era of technology, environment and social behaviour.

X Topic Abstract

Reuben explores the quality challenge in delivering technology, to help answer whether test automation will solve it.

Speaker Profile

Reuben has a long history as a passionate quality advocate and software testing and assurance leader. He has worked across government, consulting, financial services, risk management, education, utilities, retail, manufacturing and logistics. Reuben currently heads one of AccessHQ’s national testing practices.

X Topic Abstract

Microservices are increasingly becoming the architectural norm for Software Applications and the "Internet of Things". How does this architecture affect testing? What tools and techniques can be leveraged to assure the quality of systems built upon this type of platform?

Tim discusses these questions and how Microservice Architecture is of benefit to Testing and where it sits in the Testing Pyramid. Shorter and faster Integration testing, more frequent releases and multi-pace development across numerous teams, where a monolith is expensive and impractical.

Tim also discusses potential pitfalls with some of the techniques and strategies to avoid these issues.

Speaker Profile

Tim Barker has been working in Software Quality Assurance and Test Automation for 20 years. As well as being an SME on BDD with Cucumber and Selenium Tim has been involved in the emergence of Microservices Testing.

X Topic Abstract

The new wave of digital disruption forces customers to exploit IT in order to create new sources of customer value as well as increase their operational agility. As a result, agile methodologies and DevOps need to be adopted to help reduce delivery cycle times significantly. How is software testing affected? What will the test organization of tomorrow look like? What is the impact on service providers, test approaches and test frameworks? Join this session and learn how the presenter shares this perspective on an IT world where continuous testing dictates the future.

Speaker Profile

Thomas Hadorn is the Managing Director for Tricentis Asia Pacific and a frequent speaker at industry events. He is also passionate about software quality and testing, and has over 17 years of experience in software testing, focussing specifically on both Agile and DevOps, in both large corporate and start-up environments. He holds an MBA from Macquarie University - Graduate School of Business in Australia, Executive Master of Business Engineering from University of Applied Sciences Bern and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from University of Applied Sciences HSR in Switzerland. Thomas has a proven track record in successfully developing new markets, leading to significant gains in market share, revenue and profits. Prior to joining Tricentis, Thomas Hadorn held a variety of regional management roles at HP/Mercury as well as QA consultant roles at IBM/Rational in Europe and Australia. Tricentis recently received $US165m in venture capital, after being named Leader by both Gartner and Forrester in their 2016 Service Virtualisation and testing automation segments.

X Topic Abstract

The ability to automate manual tasks for improved process and cost efficiencies is driving Intelligent Process Automation(IPA) to gain prominence across industries. IPA emulates the work of human agent/ repetitive manual business process/ back- and front-office tasks. An intelligent RPA ecosystem involves diverse set of tools and enablers that extract the best by leveraging the winning features of each. The focus of this talk explores a different area of testing that goes beyond traditional realms of Testing. It is aimed at how test utility can be repurposed to be used for process automation to enable Operations, exploiting the very strength of its core ability to simulate to run for thousands of users concurrently. The solution talks about how automation of business processes can be carried out with enhanced stability and can be applied on a number of technology platforms by introducing open API. And it goes on explaining how the solution can be extended and integrated with the rest of the ecosystem to make a near-zero touch Automation experience for teams and individuals. Intelligent process Automation is one step closer to bring the Intelligence and Robotics together with an objective to improve efficiency, optimise cost and reduce manual dependencies. It makes it even more worthwhile when the same testing tool-belt can be repurposed to bring that intelligence to Production operations, saving organisations millions of dollars of revenue leakage.

Speakers Profile

Abhijit Khan : Abhijit Khan leads the Non Functional Testing and Engineering practice at Cognizant Australia. Abhijit is in the industry for more than 14 years and have worked previously at Kloud Solution, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and TCS across a myriad of technologies. He has established the performance testing practice across many of these organisation and developed them to a matured delivery model. He is a great supporter of adopting newer technologies across Automation, Performance engineering and Security testing space and excited about the digital technologies that has evolved over last decade . He believes digitisation of information has affected us in a very positive way and quality engineering requires a lot of innovation to provide even greater assurance in this dynamic time.

He holds a bachelor degree in Computer science and engineering and can be reached at

Abhijit likes to blog, travel and read in his spare time. He lives in Melbourne with his wife and daughter.

Avishek Pal : Avishek Pal is associated with Cognizant’s Quality Engineering and Assurance business unit. He has close to 7 years of rich experience in non-functional testing and Automation. Currently, he is playing a role in the leading and driving solution in the Robotic Process Automation area for Australian telecommunications and media company. Being enthusiastic and Innovative, Avishek loves to explore new technology trends. He holds a bachelor degree in Computer science and Engineering. Avishek is based in Melbourne and can be reached at

X Topic Abstract

Visual Testing - Looking beyond lines of code! Automated visual testing is a major emerging trend in the dev/test community. In this talk you will learn what visual testing is and why it should be automated along with the key benefits. We will focus on the impact of not automating visual testing to the end user experience. We will take a deep dive into some of the technological challenges involved with visual test automation and show how modern tools address them.

Speakers Profile

Kanika manages the Asia Pacific business for Applitools, a leader in application visual management. Working with over 400 enterprise customers, Applitools provides AI powered testing and monitoring for a visually perfect digital experience at the speed of continuous deployment.

Kanika has worked within product development, consulting and business development functions at some of the largest technology companies in the world including Google, Infosys and Cognizant. She believes in growing a sustainable business by solving customer problems and partnering with customers to create big digital wins. She is passionate about digital and takes pride in some unique programs she has led and delivered for customers in Asia Pacific.

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Abhijit Khan

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Who can attend 121 Test Automation Day in Melbourne?

121 Test Automation Day 2018 in Melbourne is open to anyone who has an interest in Agile, Automation Testing, Automation Frameworks or any related field.

Why to attend 121 Test Automation Day in Melbourne?

Following are the three key questions you and your testing organization or testing department and testing center of excellence should be solving for now: How do we as testers and testing company evolve and thrive in SMAC & IoT world?
From tooling to skilling and from strategies to fundamental values what needs to change and how? What are solutions and services available in market which I can leverage? 121 Test Automation Day 2018 is an attempt to seek and share answers to these basic questions.

What will you learn about?

Learn latest techniques and skills required to test disruptive technologies from industry stalwarts themselves Latest trends, concepts, processes and tools for testing in SMAC & IoT Recognize, understand and acknowledge challenges in testing emerging technologies. Meet and network with fellow testing experts from leading companies.Learn how to adapt and adopt these changes quickly and swiftly within a team and also across the enterprise.

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Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.

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