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We recently wrapped up 2018 as the year of digital quality. We talked about how digital transformation is going to bring even more drastic shifts in how we do software delivery. And how your organization needs to brace up to bring agile models to work in order to release higher quality software faster through automated testing.

A key trend that will sweep over to bring economies of scale, speed and intelligence will be automated testing followed by AI. We've seen a massive movement from manual to automation in the last couple of years, as manual could not handle this scale of change. Manual testing matrices are too big to approximate manually, take a long time, and are very complex to handle for applications like Uber, Snapchat, and Twitter that are scaling at the speed of light.

Manual testing might not be able to meet the demand of a plethora of web browsers, devices, operating systems, screen resolutions, and responsive designs. And to deliver quality at the speed of digital, there will be a need to bring in the right automated testing initiatives. But automation is vast and there are several nuances to it. Which nuances will be more pronounced in 2019?

Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit will help you get industry best practices in Test Automation and the latest tools and techniques to achieve it.

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Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit, Boston
X Topic Abstract

Selenium/Appium? BDD? Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? API or front end testing? What a sea of acronyms, mixed approaches to application quality. Whether you're new to owning a testing responsibility or you've been doing so for years, this mix does nothing to help you craft your test strategy to ensure the application is successful in the hands of end users. In this talk, Amir Rozenberg, Director of product at Sauce Labs, will cover some of the leading approaches to modern testing. We will proceed to prescribe a balanced approach that fits the test practice into your sprint and squad so that developers can focus on innovation at velocity, while coverage and quality is automated to the degree possible. Finally, we will touch on transforming testers' skills so they can join the squad and describe how non-functional testing can "shift left" into the sprint through the described methodologies.

Speaker Profile

Amir Rozenberg is the director of product management at Sauce Labs. Prior to Sauce Labs, Amir led product strategy at Perfecto Mobile. Earlier he led the mobile monitoring practice at Gomez/Compuware, led the founding of Adva Mobile, a direct-to-fan mobile marketing startup, as well as various leadership positions at Groove Mobile, Nextcode Corp. etc. Find Amir on Twitter (@Amir_Rozenberg), and LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/in/amirrozenberg). Amir commonly writes for DZone, CIO Magazine and other publications.

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For the past 2 years, I have transformed my company from waterfall to agile/DevOps so I will be speaking from experience.

Speaker Profile

Over 30 years of Engineering leadership in Software & Systems Development, Infrastructure, Quality Engineering, Agile Transformations, Process Improvement, DevOps, & Project Management.

Steve Halzel joined Sungard Availability Services as Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering in 2016. He has led transformations of the engineering organizations and companies that include delivering new product to market, streamlining development operations, driving enterprise class quality while achieving consistency, scalability and sustainable profitability.

Steve has a unique blend of Fortune 500 and early stage companies, primarily in the data storage and systems infrastructure space. He is an accomplished senior technology executive with a proven track record of successfully delivering enterprise class products to market on time with predictability, generating revenue growth from inception to $250 million in products & services. Steve’s strength is execution and delivery while implementing the appropriate amount of process to build world class organizations for repetitive success.

Steve is responsible for driving the modernizing and transformation of the legacy infrastructure to a Software Defined Data Center by building consistent, scalable and reusable architectures for SGAS services in both the private and public clouds. He is also driving the delivery of the highest levels of hardware agnostic automation to drive lifecycle, quality, operational efficiency and rapid time-to-delivery, while implementing an end to end agile DevOps practice.

Steve has built and led global teams of over 300 people while fostering teamwork, collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. He has a passion for excellence, continuous learning and customer satisfaction for today & tomorrow's needs. While Steve can roll up his sleeves when he has to, he enjoys technically leading and inspiring talented people to do great things!

Steve is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts in Amherst where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. He holds 1 patent in "Instantiating Virtual Appliances" and 1 patent pending in "Unified Test Automation System". Steve is also a graduate of Boston Latin School.

X Topic Abstract

During my professional career as a QA Consultant, I have had a lot of different projects (web, desktop, mobile) and different teams. Every time I was starting with a new one, my objectives were:

- Build a new QA team,
- Introduce an Automation Testing,
- Set up an appropriate delivery process (Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment).

It's obvious the sooner you start writing autotests the better. But It does not guarantee you a success. I saw a lot of projects in which automation testing has been started at the beginning of the project but It failed due to some reasons which I want to highlight in this presentation.

Speaker Profile

Evgeny Tkachenko has more than ten years of experience in test management, automation testing, and release management, mainly on complex projects in the telecommunication, financial, and online entertainment industries. Previously his experience as a test manager in Russia’s most important technology center gave Evgeny a unique perspective in test process development. Now at EPAM Systems in the United States, he applies his experience and expertise to do whatever is required to deliver the highest quality product possible. Evgeny is a frequent speaker at QA/Dev/Agile conferences in the US and Europe, and an author for international test and QA publications. It’s obvious the sooner you start writing autotests the better. But It does not guarantee you a success. Evgeny, working across web, desktop, and mobile projects, has encountered common reasons why attempts to introduce automation failed. Let’s see what they are and what can be done to avoid them.

X Topic Abstract

There is no common body of knowledge when it comes to software performance testing. People use different terms to mean the same thing. This presentation describes the different types of performance testing and some common names for them. It shows how you can use the same test suite to answer different questions. It will also provide some ideas on integrating performance testing into Continuous Integration/Deployment and the SDLC.

Speaker Profile

James Venetsanakos has many years testing software in various roles. He has started performance and automation testing teams, he has worked as a member of specialized groups and general QA teams, and he has been responsible for all the automation and performance testing of companies. He has managed onsite, offshore, and nearshore teams throughout his career and worked with people of all levels. The one thing he brings to each role is finding the best tool for the job and implementing it in the most efficient way to get the job done.

X Topic Abstract

With the recent introduction of SAFe v4.6, DevOps and Release on Demand and Team and Technical Agility have been elevated to two of Safe’s 5 core competencies. This talk will introduce SAFe v4.6 and dig into the positioning and importance of these two competencies and what it means to enterprises and testing organizations using the Scaled Agile Framework.

Speaker Profile

David is a Senior Manager/Enterprise Agile Coach in the Accenture DIGITAL agile practice. He specializes in agile transformations and organizational change management programs. Prior to this David served in various senior product management, marketing, and engineering management roles at various high technology and computer companies. He has extensive experience in acting as the change agent for large companies moving from waterfall to lean-agile business and delivery methods and processes along with agile executive, program, and team coaching; change management; process re-engineering, and lean-agile portfolio and program management.
David is Safe Program Consultant (SPC4) certification and is also currently a SPCT-candidate (Trainer) and has coached multiple organizations in their transition to SAFe planning and execution. HE holds an MBA in Marketing from Clemson University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering w/Computer Option from The Ohio State University.
Certifications: SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) Candidate, Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Program Management Professional (PMP), PMI-Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP), Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean Certified, Certified Professional Agile Team Facilitator (ICP-ATF), Professional Agile Coach (ICP_ACC), Co-Active Coach.

X Topic Abstract

While mobile native apps provide great user experience, and RWD site offer a similar experience across both mobile and web, there is a new and emerging method of developing digital apps, that is called PWA (progressive web app). Since this app type is new and works on both mobile and web but adds unique capabilities when consumed on a mobile device like push notifications, no or limited network connectivity support, and more, the testing strategy needs to adjust. In this session, EranKinsbruner will walk through the fundamentals of PWAs, and what are the main differences, pro’s and con’s between these apps, RWD, and Native apps. In addition, Eran will provide a test methodology that can help teams who adopt this technology to get started and cover the unique capabilities of these apps, like Service Workers, Manifest file testing, and more.
The Audience will be able to come out of this session knowing:
• What are the basics of a PWA architecture.
• What are the Pro’s and Con’s of building such apps.
• Key Pitfalls in testing these apps.

Most Important:
• Knowledge of how to build a complete test plan for a PWA test plan together with the recommended tools for the job

Speaker Profile

Eran Kinsbruner is a director and lead software evangelist at Perfecto, author of "The Digital Quality Handbook" and the "continuous testing for DevOps Professionals" books, as well as a monthly columnist at InfoWorld.com. He is a software engineering professional with nearly twenty years of experience at companies such as Matrix, Sun Microsystems, General Electric, Texas Instruments and NeuStar. He holds various industry certifications from ISTQB, CMMI, and others. Eran is a recognized mobile testing influencer and thought leader, as well as an experienced speaker in the major software engineering conferences. He is also a patent-holding inventor for a test exclusion automated mechanism for mobile J2ME testing, public speaker, researcher, and blogger. He can be found all over social media, including on Facebook, Twitter (@ek121268), LinkedIn, and his professional continuous testing blog (http://continuoustesting.blog/).

X Topic Abstract

1. Speed doesn’t matter if it is not in the right direction! - The bridge from Agile Culture to a Scaled Strategy Transformation.
Leadership in Agile World requires a good market, product, people and company understanding, even this is not news to organizations, the challenge comes when decisions need to be taken fast and accurate. The use of Analytics, Artificial intelligence, Design Thinking, and other tools is vital to making a good call.

2. What are big companies doing to accelerate their agile transformation? - Agile insights on what large organizations are implementing to transform, speed up and scale their companies.
In today’s world companies are competing with each other to earn the customers trust. It doesn’t matter if the company is small, medium or large, they all fight to satisfy (and exceed) client’s expectations. For large organizations, to adapt and change may not be that easy, Agile Culture is helping these companies to change their operations and saving them from extinction.

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José Francisco Valiente

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Amir Rozenberg

Director of Product Management

Sauce Labs

Evgeny Tkachenko

QA Consultant

Copyright Clearance Center & EPAM Systems

James Venetsanakos

Performance and Automation Testing Architect



Steve Halzel

Sr. Director of Engineering

Sungard Availability Services

David Kollm

Enterprise Agile Coach, Transformation and Assessment Lead, Agile Trainer


Eran Kinsbruner

Director, Author, Lead Software Evangelist


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Who can attend Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit in Boston?

Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit 2019 in Boston is open to anyone who has an interest in Agile, Automation Testing, Automation Frameworks or any related field.

Why to attend Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit in Boston?

Following are the three key questions you and your testing organization or testing department and testing center of excellence should be solving for now: How do we as testers and testing company evolve and thrive in SMAC & IoT world?
From tooling to skilling and from strategies to fundamental values what needs to change and how? What are solutions and services available in market which I can leverage? Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit 2018 is an attempt to seek and share answers to these basic questions.

What will you learn about?

Learn latest techniques and skills required to test disruptive technologies from industry stalwarts themselves Latest trends, concepts, processes and tools for testing in SMAC & IoT Recognize, understand and acknowledge challenges in testing emerging technologies. Meet and network with fellow testing experts from leading companies.Learn how to adapt and adopt these changes quickly and swiftly within a team and also across the enterprise.

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