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Overview of the event

AThe Service Design Summit, is the premier research conference for exchanging knowledge within Service Design and service innovation studies.

Service Design Summit 2019 is about the fusion of Design and Technology and how that is radically reshaping business, society and culture. It focuses on the importance of Human-Centric Design practices and how they are applied to humanise technology and create better outcomes for people.

Service Design Summit is a premier conference for:

Boundary Pushers,
Problem Solvers,
Design Thinkers,
Change Makers.

You will be inspired, learn by doing and meet many people with the drive to innovate.

Facts & Figures About The Event

7 Speakers
7 Topics
50 Tickets

Conference Schedule

Service Design Summit, Melbourne
X Topic Abstract

Having shifted from a product-based economy to a service-based economy, we see premium value being delivered through customer experiences.
Creating meaningful and consistent experiences for customers requires new ways of thinking about leadership. Drawing on my experience in the field, I provide an outline of challenges faced by leaders and common mistakes to avoid.
You will leave with key questions to ask in assessing your current level of maturity in this area, and a framework for growth towards successful delivery of great and unique customer experiences.

X Topic Abstract

Service Design to some is a relatively new concept but it has its roots within a 1970’s Scandinavian movement known as Participatory Design. This quantitative / qualitative mix of Science, a collaborative therefore democratic approach to researching in a creative / abductive manner across organisations and society.

X Topic Abstract

Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context - a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan. How do we frame the WHY, HOW, WHAT will define the end service/product.

X Topic Abstract

Many of the greatest challenges being faced by organisations and leaders are characterised by VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and change.
It’s critical for those leading or designing through VUCA contexts and challenges to understand the features of these problems and the kinds of approaches that are effective for them.
In this session, I’ll share lessons from Huddle’s 10 years in strategic and service design practice on how to identify and tackle VUCA challenges.
We’ll also talk about how it feels to take on VUCA challenges and the mindsets that help us navigate them organisationally and individually.

Speaker profile

Currently the Design Director at strategic design agency Huddle, Steph is a human-centred design practitioner and coach with a focus on advocacy and capability uplift. She draws on deep knowledge and experience in human behaviour and psychology, digital and organisational transformation, change implementation, and end-to-end project management.

"Steph instructs in UX, CX, service design and design thinking at General Assembly, as well as consulting as a leadership and organisational coach. She has previously been a senior executive and studio lead with global design consultancy ThinkPlace. Steph is passionate about bringing coaching practice and design thinking together to deliver high-quality human experiences and build capability in others."

X Topic Abstract

The implementation of emerging technology is often tricky to justify through the traditional product delivery approach. Through modern experience design led best practice, organisations have the ability to increase speed to value to customers while mitigating unnecessary costs. Learn how organisations are achieving such success and find out how you can begin to yield results through 3 fundamental steps.

Speaker profile

Sherwin is a design technologist and strategic board advisor for online, technology, blockchain, retail, digital development and investment management firms. Sherwin has appeared on a variety of industry panels and on stage to present on the topic of design, innovation, digital development, eCommerce and technology. He actively mentors entrepreneurs and startup executives across the globe during their launch and critical growth phases. Reporting into the Managing Director of Ippon Australia, Sherwin is tasked with building up the firm’s experience design capabilities and oversees all aspects of user research, human-centred design and service design.

X Speaker profile

Michelle Spencer has recently started at ANZ.com, leading the Experience Design and Content Production team. Prior to this, she lead the UX, Content & Design team at Telstra Digital. She has 15 years of digital experience both in start ups, and large enterprise, to educate, influence and grow the practice of human-centered service design in digital landscapes. She has a passion for user and customer connected design solutions, understand that the small things can be the big things, and loves helping to build doors for people to walk through.

X Speaker profile

I’m a futurist and thought leader on how businesses achieve purpose driven growth through people and technology.
My family have been in retail game since 1922, so I have been very privileged to have had amazing training in how to forge long lasting customer relationships and really serve customers.
We had a department store, chain of retail toy stores, multiple catalogue and direct-mail businesses, computer sales, games console, wholesale, property management, property sales and rental, and multiple buying groups.
I have also been involved in many technology firsts on a product level, from the Telex machine, FAX machine, first analogue mobile phone, first CD player, first portable CD player and SEGA’s launch in to the UK with their first consumer games console.
I progressed from this experience through several start-ups and a Dotcom business to then offer strategic growth consulting to CEO’s, consulting for software giants IBM and SAP, being involved in business process optimisation through software.
Helping a bank reduce its customer institutional clients on boarding from 8hours to 45 minutes, Astrazeneca automate receipt and payment of over 1M invoices a years and the UK Ministry of Defence secure their laptop data with encryption among countless other examples.
My journey took me to travel the world exploring my passion for mindfulness, meditation, behavioural psychology, neurolinguistic programming, shamanism and conscious business. I looked to find a way to combine my passions to create purpose driven business growth and that’s where the idea of conscious business thinking was born. Enter the Mindful Growth Hacker!
More recently with a focus on how to leverage technology to optimise the user experience across the customer journey (mapped against a full marketing to sales funnel).
It is safe to say that combining technology and revenue driven customer experiences to create purpose driven growth is my thing….
Since being in Australia I’ve been working with business using a blend of data-driven marketing, behavioural psychology, robust IT technology architecture and mindfulness to implement effective, sustainable and ethical business growth.

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Our Speakers

Jon Osborne

Speaker, Coach, Facilitator, Mentor, Senior Instructor

Innovation and Design Coaching, LUMA

Mark Watson

Managing Partner

DesignThinkers Group Australia

Dananjaya Perera

Senior Experience Design Consultant


Thomas Green

Senior Digital Transformation Advisor

Infoplum & Academy Xi

Michelle Spencer

Digital Leader, Senior Manager, Experience Design & Content Production (Digital)


Sherwin Torres

Head of Experience Design & Product Delivery

Ippon Australia

Steph Mellor

Design Director, Instructor, coach, speaker, facilitator

General Assembly, Huddle

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Our Pricing

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AUD 362

Till June 16
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Who can attend Service Design Summit in Melbourne?

Service Design Summit is a premier conference for:

Boundary Pushers,
Problem Solvers,
Design Thinkers,
Change Makers.

You will be inspired, learn by doing and meet many people with the drive to innovate.

Why to attend Service Design Summit in Melbourne?

Service Design Summit is a great opportunity to take part in the discussions that are shaping the young discipline of Service Design.
It also offers great ways to share both academic and practical insights, and for those who are not yet familiar with the emerging discipline,
it is a learning experience which can inspire new design thinking and business opportunities.

What will you learn about?

Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by Service Design technologies. Using Service Design as a tool for innovation across your organisation

Are there any prerequisites to attend this program?


Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.