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Overview of the event

We are happy to announce our Seleniun Day In Bangalore on Jan 31st, 2019. Its provides a platform to meet, share and exchange thoughts with the best minds in selenium.

We will be having enthusiasts exchanging ideas on advancing the present and future of Selenium

Why Selenium Day:

* Our goal is to bring together bright minds to give insightful talks pertaining to Selenium practice that are solution-focused, and foster learning and inspiration.
* Solutions for Practical issues of testing.
* Integration of Selenium with other testing tools.
* Providing a key meeting place for Selenium Professionals and Executives from leading IT organizations.
* A platform to share your research and experience
* Grasp new in Selenium a portable framework for testing web applications

Facts & Figures About The Event

21 Speakers
21 Topics
150 Tickets

Our Speakers

Venkata Goday

Director - Head Performance Testing & Engineering


Karthik Iyer

senior performance architect


Jitendranath Guptha

Director Quality Engineering

BlueTalon | Unified Data Access Control


Anil Kumar Mishra

Senior Tech Manager (Testing)

Tech Mahindra

Ajay Pandey

Practice Leader – Cloud Applications Assurance


Raghothama Vijendran

Senior Director, Software Development


Dalbir S Dahiya

Technology Partner


Ramakrishnan Seshagiri



Ashok Thiruvengadam

Founder & CEO

STAG Software Private Limited

Shivaji Raju

Expert Architect

Allstate Solutions Private Limited

Subhasis Bandyopadhyay

Director-Software Engineering

Dell EMC

Dr. Padmini Bollineni


Samhitha Soft

Sanjay Kumar

ChroPath Creator. Product Evangelist


Surojeet Sengupta



Ashish Mathur

Director and Architect for development of UI Automation tools

HCL Technologies

Srinivasan Sekar

Lead Consultant

Thought Works

Amaralingeswara Rao Kaka

Program Director

IBM Digital Business Group

Srijith Sreenivasan

Associate Director


Shridhar Kalagi

Senior Consultant


Vinayaka Mayura

Software Testing Professional


Anoop Kumar

Vice President


Manoj Philip Mathen

Software Architect


Rajesh Kannan

Director and Head of Testing Services


Kiran Rayachoti

Senior Director Engineering


Naresh Choudhary

Vice President


Pooja Sur Saha

Automation Manager

Amazon Appstore Fire Tablet

Srividya Puppala

CEO and Founder


Manoj Chiruvella

Principal QA Analyst


Shankar Ramamoorthy

Customer Success Officer

HARMAN Connected Services

M C Nagaraj

Mentor & Adviser

Simplify 3X Software Private Limited

Saurabh Mitra

Senior Test Engineering Manager


Nishi Grover Garg

Principal Consultant Trainer

President Bangalore Chapter ATA

Madhu Tadiparthi

Technical Architect for UI Automation tools

HCL Technologies

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Conference Day 1 - Schedule

Selenium Day (31st January), Bangalore

X Topic Abstract

Selenium is an excellent framework as we all know and love for communicating with the browser and Appium with the mobile browsers. While these provide a solid programming interfaces for testers to consume and build tests, the recognition is also that the technology could benefit the non-programmer testers who could benefit from automation more than manual testing. This presentation aims to discuss an implementation of visual tests based on natural language scripting that can be executed using these frameworks either as single tests or while introducing parallelism across browsers and devices. We will see how to improve automatic maintenance of tests hence saving a testers precious time.

Speaker Profile

Madhu Tadiparthi

Madhu Tadiparthi is the Technical Architect for UI Automation tools from HCL Technologies, Products and Platforms. He has fifteen years of experience across multiple products and technologies with more than a decade in developing UI automation tools. He is responsible for designing innovative solutions in the areas of accelerating UI functional testing, healing automation tests and visual scripting of automated tests. He has strong technical and hands-on experience in developing products that are built for both the desktop and the server.

Ashish Mathur

Ashish Mathur hold the position of Director and Architect for development of UI Automation tools at HCL Technologies, Products and Platforms. His 25 years of experience spans the end to end of test automation related activities starting with a consultant tester and trainer, developer contributor to major industry leading UI and Performance test automation tools as well as Quality Management systems from IBM to leading the development of such tools. He believes that the best in a developer comes out when they have typically spent their formative years in testing and understand more of what not to do in development.

X Topic Abstract

Test automated while writing test cases
No automation skill required
No Framework required
No programming required
Zero maintenance and automation effort

Speaker Profile

Anil has over 26 years of experience out which 21 years in the Software industry, 18 + years in Test Management, Test Automation & Artificial Intelligence

. He is hands on person and has designed Test Automation framework for several projects across various domain of projects using variety of tools
Single headedly Designed Anil Automation In Englishwhich can automate test with zero effort and with high speed.
Single handedly designed Anil AI Botfor managing Automation, DevOps from mobile and many automation framework
Invited to speak on Test Automation Tools at Testcon2018
Mentioned in UK Based E&T magazine -View from India: India is important testing hub
He has managed multiple test engagements, working with customer organisations driving process improvements, including benchmarking against standard process improvement frameworks in Agile and Legacy processes.
He has set in place key measures and metrics, defining goals and targets and the governance mechanism by which these will be measured

X Topic Abstract

The presentation will cover on using Selenium grid on AWS Cloud for web application testing and use of other platforms for Mobile automation. We will discuss on the approach of deploying Grid on AWS cloud using EC2 instances or the docker containers, support for multiple browsers, other technology details of AWS used, integration to mobile testing platforms. Challenges with on premise grid setup, how this approach will impact the efficiencies and hence enable continuous testing as part of overall CI/CD journey. This will be followed up with a demo.

Speaker Profile

Sivaji Raju has an overall experience of 17 years in Automation and Performance testing. He has been playing a role of Architect involved in driving multiple Automation initiatives across the organization by providing strategies, solutions for Automation and Performance testing. He has a rich experience working on Web, Mobile and Services Automation tools such as UFT, Selenium, SOAP UI, DevTest etc. Has been involved in building testing/automation solutions on Cloud platforms.

X Topic Abstract

Are you interested in looking into the trend of Behavior Driven Development? Would you like to see it in action using Cucumber? Would you like to integrate your functional tests in such a framework using integration of Selenium within Cucumber? Then this is the workshop for you!
This workshop will cover
• Practical issues faced by most testing teams
• Behavior Driven Development - the definition and need
• Extending the Agile User stories and acceptance criteria in BDD scenarios
• Cucumber as a BDD tool
• Integration of Cucumber with Selenium in order to perform functional tests
• Demo using Cucumber with Selenium with a real use case
• Usage and Benefits of BDD In agile teams

Speaker Profile

Nishi is a Consultant and Trainerin Software Testing and Agile domain with a decade of years of industry experience working in Agile environment and has hands-on experience in all stages of project life cycle.She is CP-AAT,CP-SAT, CP-DOF, CP-MAT, Agile Scrum Master ASM and ISTQB certified (Foundation and Advanced Test Analyst & Test Manager) and provides corporate trainings on niche areas.She has been a speaker at numerous testing events and conferences. She has been deeply appreciated for her sessions at renowned conferences, chairing as well as hosting events and community meetups.Nishi is also a freelance writer having numerous articles published at world renowned forums and also has her own blog www.testwithnishi.com where she writes about the latest topics in Agile and Testing domains.

X Topic Abstract

The day the first line of code was written was also the day when the programmer had to start worrying about defects in the code.
As Information technology has matured , we see plethora of smart tools and newer and smarter processes.Infact with more and more complex applications and the need to maintain legacy assets has spawned an entire stream of professional called Software Testers. Armed with high end weaponry called "Test Automation Tools" and indoctrinated by Scrum and Lean, they are all over the places looking for defects.
However, it has not meant the demise of software defects. The fundamental question still remains unanswered. How can we build a software as reliable as a Motor Car?
There is clearly a big gap between whats being promised and whats being delivered on the ground.
As IT Companies continue to invest in Software testing, its worth going back to the drawing board to Team work, trust, ability to understand the customer and using simple approaches to solve complext problems. Its important to understand that the best tools are only a set of slaves in the hands of the master but does the master understand how to use them?
"The Digital Divide in Test Automation" attempts to revisit the journey of software testing and learn from experiences on what to unlearn, reset and redidedicate the focus of the software tester to the everlasting journey of finding defects.

Speaker Profile

Surojeet Sengupta has Twenty Two years of experience in the Software Industry across the entire software development life cycle in industry verticals like Manufacturing, Finance and Tax, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Utilities and Compliance and Audit
He has experience of building greenfield teams from ground up and leading large Technology Operations. Surojeet has worked in PreSales, Sales , Mergers and Acquisitions and Business strategy which gives him a well rounded view of the Macro and Mirco level dynamics of how business are run. When he is not working, he spends time managing Cultural events, reading business history, collecting Ganesha Idol and following Indian Cricket .

X Topic Abstract

Oh, my application breaks on low bandwidth, does not work in EU region, does not work on different resolutions and more … How do i make sure we test all these as part of CI/CD pipeline with our Webdriver test. Sound familiar?
We SOLVED it!!!! But How?
Chrome team recently released a tool called Puppeteer which provides an API in NodeJS/JS which solved most of browser automation blockers which selenium webdriver couldn’t solve.

Speaker Profile

Srinivasan Sekar is a Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks. He loves contributing to Open Source. He is an Appium Member and Selenium Contributor as well. He worked extensively on testing various Mobile and Web Applications. He specialises in building automation frameworks. He has also spoken at various conferences including SeleniumConf, AppiumConf, XConf and FOSDEM.

X Topic Abstract

Still writing relative xpath manually ?
Do you want to save 30-40% time of automation script writing ?
Feeling frustrated while writing unique locators ?
Looking for firepath replacement ?

X Topic Abstract

Its not trivial to adopt Continuous Delivery as the release mechanism for your builds. With multiple options of Open Source tools and Automation: though it has made the lives of DevOps teams much easier, there is absolute need to have a process outlined for using each one of them. Poor implementation can trip even most of the mature organizations.
Organizations should be willing to put in the extra effort to get things in place appropriately.
What it takes to build a legitimate Continuous Delivery Environment? Is it possible for us to create a measure to know the potential gains of Continuous Delivery?
Let us rediscover Continuous Delivery Process !!

Speaker Profile

Srividya Puppala, University of Massachusetts Alumni; is an Industry Veteran in Integration Technologies; worked in US and in India for Fortune 500 Clients. She comes with proven experience of building portfolios and teams across various verticals/industry sectors. With over 18 years of Industry experience and helping Startups since 2014; she has worked with leading players in Retail, Finance, Education, Energy Utilities, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Telecom Industry primarily. She was responsible for growth in Software Engineering Firms; played varied roles as Portfolio Development manager, Account COE, Global Delivery, Quality Compliance, Tech Managerial and Performance Engineering roles.
As CEO and Founder of ENSCONCE Business Process Consulting Services, she enjoys bringing in strategy, discipline and process control and helps Start-ups and Businesses from Ideation/Inception through Transformation Services in the IT and Non-IT Segment. She loves Gardening and is a Classical singer in Indian music.

X Topic Abstract

In contemporary test automation world, we are running 1000's tests every day. Even though most of our test cases are reliable and stable, debugging failures will consume lot of time, if not handled appropriately. This is an effort to reduce the analysis of failures and come up with probable root cause for each and every failure.
In this talk, we will explore all the approaches we have taken to drastically reduce the time to debug the failures & let you concentrate more on adding new tests. We will also talk about the approaches which could not yield results for us initially & why. We will look into building a failures' dashboard, driven by pattern based classification of logs(both server & automation tool) with reporting.

X Topic Abstract

When we talk about apps we generally think about Appium or UI automator. I would like to talk about what is the impact of Selenium in appstore automation. The aim was to reduce manual redundant effort across various teams/projects in appstore. Selenium played a significant role in it.

Speaker Profile

Pooja has 11+ years of experience in QA and Automation , currently managing the Automation team for Amazon fire tablet. Before joining Amazon, she worked with industry giants like Emc, HP R&D, Dell R&D and a Big Data startup. Her motto in life is to learn atleast one new thing everyday

Conference Day 2 - Schedule

Test Automation Strategy (1st February), Bangalore

X Topic Abstract

With the increased adoption of DevOps there is significant change in the overall testing approach and especially performance testing, traditionally executed last in a waterfall model is now required for every iterative cycle of development. In this presentation we want to want to uncover how performance engineering practices need to cope up with the increased demand by adopting right set of tools, processes, resources and technologies for enabling continuous performance delivery.

Speaker Profile

Venkata Goday heads the Performance Testing & Engineering CoE for Capgemini global; he has been leading this practice from the last 10 years and is well known for his thought leadership in performance engineering space. He has rich experience in setting up Performance CoE’s for customers and has partnered with several clients for strategic consulting and transformation initiatives. He architected and developed many assets in Non-Functional testing space.

Karthik Iyer is senior performance architect and lead for Capgemini, He has 12 plus years of experience in performance testing and engineering. He has managed large performance engagements and has incredible experience using multiple performance, APM, network, profiling tools. He is frontrunner in coming up with specialized performance approaches for large and critical engagements with varied technology stacks.

X Topic Abstract

Whether you are testing stand-alone, web-based or cloud (SaaS) applications, learn about a comprehensive set of processes, tools and techniques to make yourself "state-of-the-art" with respect to security testing. Catch defects that would otherwise be extremely difficult to fix in production. Understand all dimensions of security testing: a) how to integrate security testing into your product lifecycle b) essential knowledge about white-box and black-box security testing, and finally c) network security versus application security.

X Topic Abstract

Digital Banking Architecture - Full Stack Development, Micro-services & API, Test Strategy & Automation Challenges

Speaker Profile

Thought leader in technology solutions including Banking, Telecom & Mobile domains with 23 years of industry experience with products developments.

X Topic Abstract

A lot of times, as testers, we are guilty of being an ostrich focussed on the automation task at hand without visualizing the breadth of the need for testing. Test automation is not only for either the UI, API, Server, Security but across all the faculties. It is also not just the orchestration of these faculties of testing in a DevOps pipeline. It’s also not only the coverage of platforms and environment, maintenance of test cases, ability to transform from one faculty of testing to another, ability to mix the various types of test cases to create interesting real-user scenarios, etc. It’s none of each by themselves but a combination of all of them. And that’s the modern ask of test automation strategy.

Speaker Profile

Ashish Mathur hold the position of Director and Architect for development of UI Automation tools at HCL Technologies, Products and Platforms. His 25 years of experience spans the end to end of test automation related activities starting with a consultant tester and trainer, developer contributor to major industry leading UI and Performance test automation tools as well as Quality Management systems from IBM to leading the development of such tools. He believes that the best in a developer comes out when they have typically spent their formative years in testing and understand more of what not to do in development.

X Topic Abstract

Test driven development and continuous everything (build and deploy) makes a paradigm shift towards left. It requires a huge mind set change from both conventional developers and testers . How a combination of skill and mindset can improve quality and what is the implications of the same in the existing roles will be covered by the speaker.

X Topic Abstract

In current times speed has become very critical for the business. To evaluate quickly and continuously, we have resorted to using a multitude of tools and environments. Beware, this necessitates sharp thinking to leverage the power of tools. “It takes a sharp mind with extreme agility to drive a F1 car on the race track”.

This talk will outline six thinking tools to stay sharp and focussed, observe and react rapidly to ensure that you stay ahead.

Speaker Profile

Ashok is the Founder & CEO of STAG Software, a pure play test boutique . He is an alumnus of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago & College of Engineering, Guindy. Passionate about quality, he is the architect of HBT, a personal scientific test methodology . He is an avid ultra cyclist& marathoner and an amateur poet. A strong believer in opposites, he strives to marry the western system of scientific thinking with the eastern system of belief and mindfulness.

X Topic Abstract

Continuous Testing plays a crucial role in Continuous Delivery. Continuous Testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline in order to obtain feedback on quality and business risks associated with a software release candidate as rapidly as possible. It lets the software evolve with the help of test automation & DevOps to address the increased complexity and pace of modern application development and delivery.

Speaker Profile

I am Jitendranath Guptha, with 17+ years of experience in driving Quality Engineering and DevOps. I spent most of my career with product companies like iSOFT (Healthcare Product company) building products for NHS and other UK and Australian hospitals

PayPal building complex data warehousing, reporting, analytics platform & Applications used by PayPal Global customer support

Informatica building enterprise software like Data Archiving, Retirement, Data Masking, Test Data Management, Test Data Generation, Dynamic Data Masking & Secure@Source

Winshuttle building Cloud (Azure) and On Prem products on top of SAP

I had opportunity to build complex automation frameworks using different technologies and also implemented CI / CD from ground up. Built test strategies around functional, automation, performance and security for complex enterprise systems that support multiple platforms (OS, DB, Browsers etc). I have also managed DevOps (Build, Release and Cloud Provisioning) teams.

I am Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) from Scrum Alliance and working towards (CSP-SM). I have been practicing Agile from 9+ years and internal coach to organizations in transitioning to Agile and implementing best practices.

X Topic Abstract

This session is to talk about the demand, expectations on the test automation and the gaps of the same in the Testing Industry. And further, this will give insights into the test automation adoption metrics and talks how it will bridge the gap in the coming years.

X Topic Abstract

Today the customer expectations are changing regarding quality of software and the turn around time to address any change request or a pending road map feature without impacting the previously acceptable quality attributes. This throws challenges like how can we automate maximum test cases in same sprint/cycle? How can we automate using existing team irrespective of their scripting knowledge?
Another challenge is multi-environment where product is deployed at different stage during creation with less time to test and move to next stage. With product configuration options throwing another challenge on test coverage. The talk followed by demo of SimplifyQA platform shows how these are addressed to encourage audience to share what are the other challenges they are facing not addressed by this platform and do they see solution to some of the challenges discussed by speaker addressed here in this platform?

Speaker Profile

• Over 30 years of comprehensive experience spanning all phases of SDLC. In the last 18 years contributing in the areas of Software Testing, Product and Process Quality. Familiarity and compliance with the industry standards (ISO 9001:2008, CMM, CMMi, TMM, and TMMi).
• Developed COE for Testing and Product Quality at VeriFone/HP, GE-GXS, STAG
• Published Papers in the subjects related to Software Testing and conducted tutorials in international conferences in India, Singapore, Malaysia, shared blogs and slideshare to the community
• Responsible in educating more than 2000 people on software testing
• Active member of TMMi foundation
• Actively participated in creation of a unique platform SimplifyQA which evolved overtime in last 2+ years as Enterprise Solution for ALM
• Mentor & Adviser for companies creating Software Solutions in different domain

X Topic Abstract

Most web applications not only serve the functional aspect but as well ensure that they have rich UX interface comprising of themes, images and stylesheets. The functional aspect can be checked easily with functional automation however it is also required to ensure that the alignment, colors, look and feel are as well accurate and as expected. The problem become multi-fold when the same vanilla web application is customized heavily for different enterprise customers. Manually testing these are time consuming and not accurate. Direct screenshot comparison will as well fail drastically as each time there are some sections of the web page which are bound to change and need to be ignored intelligently prior to comparison. Here we are going to see how we can incorporate all of these in an intelligent image comparison based test automation framework which works on top of Selenium.

Speaker Profile

P.M.P & Scrum Master certified QA Leader with 16 years of management and test architect experience at Oracle, EA, Yodlee, Amadeus as well as multiple startup organizations.
Diverse experience comprise of setting up Testing Center of Excellence, leading Test Engineering, Functional, Performance and Test Automation teams across, HRMS, Finance, Telecom, Gaming, Travel, Shipping & Logistics domain.
As test architect developed numerous testing tools, utilities, frameworks & hold solo U.S Patent 845866 B2 on Test Automation Framework.

Profile Summary
Experience in building highly successful teams, innovating and transforming testing organizations with a goal of increased product quality and customer satisfaction.
Expertise in leading large test organization, managing & delivering multimillion dollar testing projects.
Hands on experience in all phases of test Program Management, presales & strategic Test Consulting.
Adroit at analyzing information system needs, evaluating end-user requirements, custom designing solutions, troubleshooting applications and managing stakeholder expectations.
Proactive contribution as test architect in all areas of test engineering ranging from test automation framework development, test tools development and performance testing.

Conference Day 3 - Schedule

Digital QA Day (2nd February), Bangalore
X Topic Abstract

The world is being transformed by new technologies, which are redefining customer expectations, enabling businesses to meet these new expectations, and changing the way people live and work. Digital transformation, as this is commonly called, has immense potential to change consumer lives, create value for business and unlock broader societal benefits.
The World Economic Forum launched the Digital Transformation Initiative in 2015, in collaboration with Accenture, to serve as the focal point for new opportunities and themes arising from the latest developments in the digitalization of business and society. It supports the Forum’s broader activity around the theme of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Since its inception, the Initiative has analysed the impact of digital transformation across 12 industries and 130 initiatives which throws a immense challenge and opportunities to Digital Assurance teams.
Every industry has its nuances and contextual differences, but they all share certain inhibitors to change. These include the innovator’s dilemma (the fear of cannibalizing existing revenue models), low technology adoption rates across organizations, conservative organizational cultures, and regulatory issues. Business and government leaders should continue to work towards addressing these challenges.
A notable outcome of this work is the development of distinctive economic framework, which quantifies the impact of digitalization on industry and society. It can be applied consistently at all levels of business and government to help unlock the estimated $100 trillion of value that digitalization could create over the next decade.
Digital assurance is confined not only to testing applications across the Social, Mobile, Analytics; Cloud (SMAC), BigData, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. but there is also a need to assure that the desired business outcome is achieved as a result of the digital transformation initiatives adopted..
The author will attempt to discuss the 130 initiatives across twelve industries as recommended by W orld Economic forum and related to the World Quality Report presented by CapGemini/Sogeti/Microfocus recently and propose DDX ( Driving Digital Transformation ) Kit to the audience.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy is currently working as Chief Customer Success Officer at Harman Connected Services.
He was earlier Quality Business Partner – at Amdocs. - where he evangelized and implemented 40 patented Test Management Framework machine using BI/Analytics.
He has served as Vice President of QA for Golden Source Corporation managing the Product Assurance Practice . His earlier assignments were as Director of UST Global running QA Labs at UST Global in India. Prior to this he served as Vice President –Testing/Release Services at Rave Technologies-a Northgate Subsidiary (UK) and before that, he was serving in Bharti Telesoft( Airtel) as Vice President for Customer Advocacy group and ensuring customer experience using Outcome driven Models.
He was a Director of TQM for Genband Technologies , where he implemented the Outcome Driven Business Model for operational efficiency using the New Normal –Quality Engineering Techniques.
He has pioneered the Objective Question Metrics (OQM) Model which was his thesis topic at IIT-Delhi..He started the Global IT Commune ( GIC) a non- profit organization to bridge the Industry-Academia divide. This Commune has 240+ IT professionals and conducts seminars/conferences to impart knowledge to Industry and Academia on latest IT/Management trends.
Dr. Shankar is a BE-Computer Science Engineer from NIT Tiruchirapalli and is armed with a PhD in Software Quality Engineering from IIT Delhi, M. Tech from IIT-Delhi in Technology Management Systems, and an PGDM from AIMA ( All India Management Association) -Delhi Dr Shankar also has a P.G.Diploma in Business Management and Industrial Administration, P.G. Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations and in Marketing Management . He is a lead auditor of ISO 9001, CMMI Assessor, Lead Auditor of ISO 27001, TMMI trainer and certified TMMI professional from ISQI Germany. He has 25 papers and 4 publications to his credit and frequent Keynote speaker at all Testing /IT / Management Conferences.

X Topic Abstract

Rapid rise of emerging technologies in IT sector has disrupted the paradigm of Workforce giving rise to plethora of combinations of how assurance services can be implemented which would result in Speed, Scale and Rich Quality

Following are some of the key trends

1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Block Chain
3. IoT
5. Autonomous Vehicles/Drones

The new normal for Quality/Digital Assurance and Quality Engineering would be to adopt a bi-modal approach of supplementing traditional ways of working with new ways of working to improve the customer experience

Speaker profile

Ajay Pandey is a IT Leader with 18+ years of experience on Quality Engineering focusing on building Specialized practices, Niche accelerators, Delivery Management and Test Management

He is currently working as a Practice Leader for Cloud Applications Assurance Practice where he handles Delivery Assurance, Pre-Sales and Solution Development of all niche skills which includes all SaaS based applications like Salesforce, Workday, MS CRM and ServiceNOW

Prior to this he has been with Capgemini, IBM and Infosys in various leadership roles.

1. LinkedIN - www.linkedin.com/in/pandeyajay7
2. Twitter -https://twitter.com/pandeyajay7

X Topic Abstract

The talk will focus on the growing demand for business to be digital and therefore for each enterprise to be agile, the challenges of scaling these practices across the enterprise. The talk will take a closer look at challenges in the Mobile DevOps space, and propose to mitigate these with a comprehensive DevOps solution for the enterprise powered by a platform approach. It will deep dive into the Open Source, Integrated, Enterprise scale Infosys DevOps Platform to illustrate this with suitable demos.

X Topic Abstract

We are now in the world of cyber-physical systems, internet of things, cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, better known as Industry 4.0. This new industry order is radically different from traditional business models. It is smart, intelligent, data-oriented, adaptive, flexible and constantly evolving. In such an environment, it is imperative that quality discipline also should transform to meet the expectation of next generation digital industry. Professionals having their primary charter as quality management and process improvement needs to re-skill and reinvent themselves to play the role of primary change agents, truly leveraging the traits of Industry 4.0 to achieve digital competitiveness. This talk examines the characteristics associated with digital world and the consequent skill and behavioral transformation expected in quality professionals. Speaker Bio : Srijith leads the Data Excellence solution line of Business Excellence practice at KPMG in India, which delivers advanced courses in the area of Analytics, Machine Learning, Statistics and Process Improvement models. He also leads the Bangalore and Chennai regions on model based solutions. Srijith advises clients and delivers training in CMMI, Statistical Process Management, Six Sigma, Project Management, Agile methodologies and People practices. He works towards making measurable improvements to business objectives of Organizations through application of systematic and innovative approaches. Prior to joining KPMG in Advisory, Srijith had worked in a leading Aerospace organization, as the Audit Manager responsible for conducting Quality Management System audits in several countries across Europe and South East Asia.

Speaker profile

Srijith leads the Data Excellence solution line of Business Excellence practice at KPMG in India, which delivers advanced courses in the area of Analytics, Machine Learning, Statistics and Process Improvement models. He also leads the Bangalore and Chennai regions on model based solutions. Srijith advises clients and delivers training in CMMI, Statistical Process Management, Six Sigma, Project Management, Agile methodologies and People practices. He works towards making measurable improvements to business objectives of Organizations through application of systematic and innovative approaches. Prior to joining KPMG in Advisory, Srijith had worked in a leading Aerospace organization, as the Audit Manager responsible for conducting Quality Management System audits in several countries across Europe and South East Asia.

X Topic Abstract

Software Testing involves several manual, repeated activities that has to be performed every time there is a feature / product release. This not only involves testing the new feature but also testing to ensure no existing feature is broken (Regression). In this session, we will present the blueprint of our platform agnostic automated test framework – SPIDER. SPIDER is a self-learning / self-healing intelligent automation suite that knows what and when to test based on analytic inputs from system / application logs. We will discuss how similar platforms can be build leveraging AI/ Machine Learning algorithms. The end result could be an intelligent Machine Learning based Test BOT that can replace human testers (when it comes to repetitive, manual testing). This will accelerate test cycles and facilitate a speedy movement of the code through the CI/CD pipeline for instance.


speaker Profile

Raghothama Vijendran

Raghothama Vijendran is a technology professional having 20+ years of IT experience in the gamut of software engineering. He has worked in the top notch product companies with a strong blend of product and domain knowledge. With the proven testimony and contributions in the renowned products such as Oracle Fusion Applications, Siebel CRM and i2 SCM, he is currently focussed on the Oracle Cloud SaaS Services.

Manoj Philip Mathen

Manoj Philip Mathen has 16 years of experience in the IT industry and is currently a Software Architect with Oracle. His key focus areas include exploring how to leverage technology to uplift the way software is being developed / tested. His Current areas of work of include building Machine Learning based product for hyper scale Cloud Computing environments. In the past, Manoj has worked with several Fortune 100 Banking Majors helping them implement E2E Unattended Test Automation Frameworks. His other interest areas include AI & Robotics.

X Topic Abstract

Digital technologies are growing at a rapid pace and we simply cannot live with the traditional specification based test plans and large number of resources and time required. Our quality assurance teams must utilize mature test automation practices and align with the DevOps strategies. We will cover some examples of the large enterprise's demand for continuous testing to provide real-time insights into the business.

Speaker profile

Amaralingeswara Rao is an experienced leader in a variety of software product development and other professional services in the information technology domain. Currently he is a Program Director and leading the Digital Analytics Platform team in Digital Business Group, India Software Labs, IBM India Pvt. Ltd. at Bangalore. His previous roles and responsibilities focused on product development, quality assurance, support and professional services at IBM. He is very actively associated with Academia and a member of Board of studies / Board of Governors at multiple academic institutions including Reva University.

X Topic Abstract

With every enterprise undergoing digital transformation, the tradition role of quality control and quality assurance are rapidly changing. In this era of hyper customer focus, frequent value delivery, fail fast but fail early paradigm, true agility in the entire value stream is the need of the hour. So, the notion of independent QA needs to transform into independent QA. But, it is not an easy change as it call for fundamental shifts in people, process and technology dimensions. I would like to share my experiences and learning from such transformation in a large IT service organization.

X Topic Abstract

Understanding of IOT Testing
Factors to consider while IoT testing
How to test what when it comes to IoT
Tools being used while IoT testing
Challenges expected while IoT testing
Skills required for IoT testing.
Future IOT Testing opportunities
Even for the same topics I can cover for Hardware testing

X Topic Abstract

Today the importance of a robust digital presence on a competitive platform is much stressed upon across all industrial sectors, which ultimately requires an equally strong and resilient systems security and data integrity. This requires a certain level of quality assurance and engineering in order to enhance our service offerings and elevate our product quality.

● THE SHIFT TO QUALITY ENGINEERING FROM QUALITY ASSURANCE – with a rapidly transforming world, quality assurance is being shifted out in favor of a quicker and more effective testing and digital process that can be introduced much before the customer’s acceptance. The requirement to deliver a promising user experience is directing us to choose software performance engineering over quality assurance, the application of which across different platforms, operating systems and mobile devices needs to be released before testing and not after.

● DEVOPS - A lot has transpired in the realm of digital performance, in terms of improved standards of quality by virtue of proficient business practices, functions and structural designing. The world of Information Technology is witnessing a radical transformation, thanks to DevOps, which is bridging the gap between QA, development and Ops. Where, most businesses find it challenging to align their IT infrastructure with organizational goals, an ongoing & developing operational process and response mechanism will lead to an enhanced working system. DevOps has the potential to help businesses lead, thanks to its better aligned and concerted information technology.

● ATDD – A popular method that’s been used for more than a decade, the Acceptance Test Driven Development encourages working in smaller teams in partnership, working on multiple tasks and processes on a smaller scale offering effective and consistent deliverables. This not only helps enhance the efficiency in the development mechanism but also avoids the run-around between the product and development teams.

● DATA TESTING & PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS– Big Data Testing can be instrumental in testing and managing large amount of data for the end users and the clients. A key to business diagnostics, predictive analytics is essential in managing information resulting from big data, and is as such useful in estimating the future prospects by way of statistical exhibits, data mining and machine learning.

● DIGITAL SECURITY & MONITORING APPLICATIONS – With banking and financial services at the tips of the users these days, digital security is a primary concern and to avoid all kinds of fraudulent activities and data hacks, heightened security measures and monitoring applications is an essential element of any digital platform.

● BLOCKCHAIN – A trending concept, BLOCKCHAIN application is being studied across different platforms to manage the key advantages. It has the potential to change the dynamics of any industry, albeit centered mostly on financial prospects, however it does have a considerable positive impact in the realm of health care, content distribution, government, supply chain industries and more.

X Topic Abstract

This talk will provide an introduction to serverless and how to package serverless into selenium to reduce automation execution time and cost. Will see how serverless provides reliability over execution and maintenance compared to other solution available for parallel execution. This talk provides a brief overview of different cloud providers serverless features. Will use chrome headless browser with AWS lambda for the demo.

Speaker Profile

Shridhar Kalagi: Shridhar is a passionate professional in software testing having 6 years of work experience. He is working as a Senior consultant in Thoughtworks. He has expertise in Appium and has conducted multiple workshops in advanced appium. He is open source contributor for appium java client project and appium test distribution projects.

Vinayaka Mayura: Mayura is Software testing professional having 7 years of work experience. He has experience of UI and backend testing with his interests on BigData. He has worked in multiple organisations over the years having functional and non-functional testing experience. He has given talks on VodQA and he is a contributor for open source project ATD

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Who can attend Selenium Day in Bangalore?

Automation developers who already know and work with Selenium and anyone who wants to get started with Selenium and learn on best practices.

Why to attend Selenium Day in Bangalore?

Following are the three key questions you and your testing organization or testing department and testing center of excellence should be solving for now: How do we as testers and testing company evolve and thrive in SMAC & IoT world?
From tooling to skilling and from strategies to fundamental values what needs to change and how? What are solutions and services available in market which I can leverage? Selenium Day 2019 is an attempt to seek and share answers to these basic questions.

What will you learn about?

Learn latest techniques and skills required to test disruptive technologies from industry stalwarts themselves Latest trends, concepts, processes and tools for testing in SMAC & IoT Recognize, understand and acknowledge challenges in testing emerging technologies. Meet and network with fellow testing experts from leading companies.Learn how to adapt and adopt these changes quickly and swiftly within a team and also across the enterprise.

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Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.