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Overview of the event

Marketing Automation is a process where technology is used to automate several repetitive tasks that are undertaken on a regular basis in a marketing campaign that helps marketers execute multichannel marketing campaigns by providing a scripting environment for authoring business rules and interfaces to a variety of third-party applications.
The purpose of marketing automation is to improve the customer experience, making customers more likely to buy, stay loyal, and become advocates. We bring you a 1 day conference where we will learn how it has transformed, how marketers build and execute in today's digital landscape, the latest and most powerful marketing automation tools and strategies to increase your sales, revenue and profits.
As a modern marketer, if you’re looking to connect the dots between technical possibilities and strategic opportunities in the reshaping your business, this conference is for you

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Marketing Automation Summit, Bangalore
X Topic Abstract

Marketing is all about creating better brand and help generate more revenues. Hence its not surprising that automating various marketing functions tends to have expectations that it will result in increased reachout to customers and generate more revenue. However in eagerness to automate marketing functions, clients often miss few important aspects resulting in mistakes instead. Customer touchpoint is one of them. We should not forget our customers in our earnest to automate. This session will cover learnings and challenges ahead of marketing heads while they try to automate their functions.
For real life example I can bring is automating marketing functions of FMCG firm that used automation to automate social media, email, lead generation and reporting.

Speaker Profile

Ankur is a senior executive and a management consultant with 17 years of industry experience primarily in Strategy, IT and Digital Advisory and program management. He has advised clients across Telecom, BFSI and Manufacturing domains in India, S.E Asia and S. Africa.

He works closely with buy side (CIO’s) and senior executives at sell side advising them on business and market growth, IT sourcing operating model, large scale complex RFP transactions, vendor management strategy, cost reduction, M&A Integration and RPA. He has advised sourcing transactions worth over USD 5 bn.

He is a well established industry evangelist with regular publications on various global forums.

He has played various roles in his career and key amongst them was practice and business growth from scratch, developed people and practices, go to market strategy for IT firms and advising CIO’s on adoption of new technologies.

His key specialties have been in sourcing and shared services advisory, vendor management and advising startups as mentor.

Ankur holds a MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and Bachelor of Technology from Institute of Technology, Roorkee

X Topic Abstract

Content relevance in the digital world is driving shift to identify and engage with your target audience than routine traffic. An intelligent view on your target audience not only makes marketing effective but adds to sales efficiency. With an integrated AI, social listening, mixed reality and voice enabled technology, the solution is a game changer diminishing repetitive and mundane tasks helping marketers achieve a bigger organizational goal.

X Topic Abstract

In today's world where data explosion is happening through products, channels, customer experiences .. Data is the new oil .. it is to be used as a tool to convert churn to retention , erosion of revenue to up-sell or cross - sell , inquiries to conversion . Analytics becomes very important . AI reinforces the insights to action.

Speaker Profile

An experienced leader across Telecom, Media and Healthcare across India and N.American markets. Suman's recently found attraction has been with GIC/GCC . A sector which is seeing the largest drive in Digital Technologies like Automation , Analytics and AI. One of the best person to lead conversations on these topics - he can bring in a view of how India is shaping the Digital Wave of N.Americas and Europe . He has essayed various roles from developing codes that ease congestion in telecom networks in US , to market emerging telecom services with operators in India , to setting up channel partners for European companies for offline Facebook during the feature phone heydays, to leading the marketing for Canadian Healthcare sector, to sell solutions for Smart City projects in South Asia to enabling the Captives to transform and lead the Digital Change.

X Topic Abstract

For far too long, Marketing Automation focused on improving efficiencies especially in a mass-marketing context. However, the convergence of mobile first channel approach, social media alignment and digital technologies has resulted in MarTech of today being more about consumer engagement than automation of web-era tasks. In this session, we would touch upon the evolution and shifts in the marketing world and focus on three core areas through which MarTech is changing the game – AI/ML driven automation of data-to-insights journey, always-on decision making to drive content-based marketing and finally, experiments with new age technologies like IoT and AR/VR. This would be illustrated by some real-life stories from Wipro’s own forays into the engagement sphere of MarTech.

Speaker profile

Gopi is the global head of Industry Domain & Consulting Services group for Wipro’s Consumer Business Unit which serves clients in a range of consumer-focused industries including Retail, CPG, New Age, Media & Entertainment, Travel, Transportation & Hospitality and Public Sector. Gopi is responsible for delivering better business outcomes and measurable impact for clients through Industry/Domain competency and Business Consulting offerings. He is part of the Consumer BU leadership team and also heads the BU pre-sales & solution definition organization.
Gopi has over two decades of industry experience as a practitioner and leader across various functions of Supply Chain, Retail and Logistics around implementation, program management and practice leadership. His industry exposure ranges from retail & distribution to semiconductor and consumer electronics to logistics & container terminals. He has spent several years in diverse geographies including US, Japan, Philippines and Malaysia on projects apart from managing global practices around various supply chain functions including planning, execution procurement and asset management.
Apart from enabling change with customers, Gopi is devoted to the cause of content-driven differentiation and influence-based leadership in the corporate workplace. He is an acknowledged thought leader with over two dozen publications to his credit, with retail, omnichannel/supply chain and business management being more frequent. Gopi holds a degree in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering from College of Engineering, Trivandrum (www.cet.ac.in) and an MBA in International Business/General Management from International Management Institute, Delhi (www.imi.edu).

X Topic Abstract

The established truth today is, the future of Digital Marketing cannot happen without Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based marketing. The large companies have already joined the bandwagon and the SME / MSME's are ready to take the plunge. In this scenario it becomes inevitable for the evangelists of Machine Learning to get proactive in devising methods for successful marketing campaigns. Better use of tools based on powerful ML languages. Improve Sales and Marketing Qualified leads. Data driven Optimisation of Marketing drives. Increase precision marketing campaigns and thereby increasing sales and profitability.

X Topic Abstract

Understand the AI based solutions across domains and how it helps to improve the productivity and gain the competitive advantage. It help business and technology executives cut through the hype and learn how intelligent technologies are being successfully deployed to build competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities, reduce costs and accelerate innovation efforts.

X Topic Abstract

In today's world of growing customer demands and expectations, increasing pressure on marketing budgets and ever evolving platform ecosystems, a marketeer has a mighty task of driving a profitable ROI while navigating through various types of complexities and challenges. It has become imperative for any organization to put customer at the centre and build strategies for each of them. Brands need to CONNECT the right message to the right customer at the right time delivering a personalized experience. This in turn helps drive sales efficiently. We at Accenture bring to your strategies and best practices for building a Personalized leads management journey that not just helps build long lasting, trust-based relationships but also help increase conversions.

Speaker profile

Working as Senior Manager for Accenture Interactive, she is an experienced Digital Marketing professional providing tech-consulting services defining and delivering omni-channel customer experience. She has deep expertise in analytics, campaign management and leads management and works across the marketing technology stack to develop industry specific solutions.

X Topic Abstract

How we can leverage the power of B2B Marketing Automation in B2C and how to leverage B2C Marketing in B2B Marketing. How that is done and what does H2H do to make things easier?

Speaker profile

Prasanna Kumar is currently the B2B Marketing Automation Specialist at a fast growing cloud storage startup called MayaData ( better known by its product OpenEBS). He has over 8 years experience in the world of Digital Marketing and Automation. Having dealt with several B2B and B2C businesses, in his previous business and now leveraging the knowledge in an Enterprise Startup to accelerate its growth Trajectory.
Prasanna Kumar is an ardent reader and an avid speaker. He has been awarded the DTM ( Distinguished Toastmaster), the highest honor conferred by Toastmasters International.

X Topic Abstract

This talk would be around the different tools out there and what would be a good mix to keep your marketing automation lean and light on the pocket.

X Topic Abstract

Videos account for about 75% of the internet traffic and enterprises are increasingly using videos for various informational purposes, including marketing, training of customers, partners and employees, and internal communication. However, most viewers do not have the patience to watch these videos end-to-end and our video watching experience has not evolved much in over a decade. We present the VideoKen platform, which provides a compelling solution to these issues by summarizing the video contents using an automatically generated table-of-contents, phrase cloud and a searchable transcript, and letting viewers navigate directly to the topics of interest. Our result show a 2-4x increase in the average watch time of videos by viewers, and interesting insights about the transformation of their watching behavior. We conclude with some thoughts on the promise of transforming how informational videos are consumed as well as open problems and future directions.

Speaker profile

Ashish, co-founder and CTO of VideoKen, is software industry veteran. A graduate of IIT Delhi and Purdue University, he started his career in the Silicon Valley in 1989. He moved to Bangalore and set up three new software development organizations from scratch, grew and nurtured them into highly productive software development labs until eventual acquisition. Prior to co-founding VideoKen he was leading engineering for the ads group at Flipkart where he built a machine learning centered ad technology stack for brand ads and product listing ads from ground up. Prior to Flipkart he was VP Engineering at Yahoo, Bangalore where he led the Ads and Big-Data engineering teams for 3 years and helped move the ad technology stack to a more AI focused stack

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Who can attend Marketing Automation Summit in Bangalore?

Targeted specifically for senior level marketing, IT, and digital executives and experts at the intersection of marketing, technology, and customer experience.

Why to attend Marketing Automation Summit in Bangalore?

Understand the state of development of Marketing Automation technology by exchanges, clearing houses, central counter parties and payment systems, and what it means for you.

What will you learn about?

Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by Marketing Automation technologies. Using Marketing Automation as a tool for innovation across your organisation

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Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.