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Overview of the event

Next Gen Summit – Leaders, Managers and Engineers Summit is a platform to all the talented people to provide them with the resources and guidance necessary for both personal and professional success. We welcome you to join your fellow change-makers for 1 day conference packed with mentorship, pitching, collaboration, and more.

Leadership talks aims to develop and empower the next generation of leaders. Whether you’re a millennial just entering the workforce or a manager tasked with retaining and developing talent, or a seasoned employee looking for new resources or challenges, the Next Gen Summit is where you want to be.

Managers talks will be an informative sessions, resulting in attendees at all levels leaving with cutting-edge management strategies. You will have ample opportunities to learn and gain knowledge in conference.

In Software talk- We will discuss how we can build trust in our software. We have to make sure that malicious users can't attack our software and that information security is maintained. To address these challenges, engineers need new tools and techniques as well as innovative ways of combining and using existing software engineering model.

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17 Speakers
17 Topics
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Next Gen Summit – Leaders, Managers and Engineers Summit, Bangalore
X Topic abstract

The University of North Carolina has been studying the relationship between neuroscience and leadership. As they map the human brain, they are finding that resonant leaders, are those leaders with social and emotional awareness,they open pathways in their employees’ brains that encourage engagement and positive working relationships.
The UNC studies confirmed that people fear change. In fact, because our brain is hardwired for survival, change is almost always perceived as a threat. So a better way to find success with a team or individual is to help them reduce stress and anxiety by asking questions, listening actively, and being present with them. These actions enhance the brain’s ability to adjust its response to the change and perceive it as an opportunity, not a threat. This is part of the Growth Mindset and helps us meet the Principle of Making it Happen. You have to be able to adapt, learn then simplify it to make it happen.
The 45 minutes talk is designed to help understand emotional and social awareness while creating understanding about how our thoughts and actions can support or sabotage success. Equally, this awareness can be applied to our teams as we help them navigate projects, change, and career moves.
To be an integrated person and leader, it is important to have awareness about our Four Realms so we create balance, sustainability and resilience in our lives.
When these realms are cared for and balanced, we become integrated people and leaders who can show up fully and consistently, thereby building trust in others.
To build a culture of trust, respect and empowerment with team members, peers, and supervisors, people need to know who you are. They need to know if you’re credible, reliable and if you know yourself.

Speaker Profile

Elsy is a passionate individual with the will and determination to drive a positive change in people through practical and creative learning experiences focusing on the effectiveness and quality of execution. Shebelieves in learning by putting her hands to the wheel and have worked with diverse personalities across Americas, Asia pacific, Europe regions on Leadership & Management skills, Professional Skills and On-boarding programs that has helped give her the skills and experience she possess today. She is a multi-talented individual who strives to excel at what she put my hands and heart to.
Elsy Is a freelance trainer andspecialized in Leadership program and currently a trainer consultant with Hewlett Packard.
As a trainer in HP Elsy was certified to deliver 23 different training programs and in her experience has trained more than 25000 people in India and countries like Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia , Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tunisia , USA, Mexico and Japan.
Elsy is certified trainer from DDI(Palo Alto) on Behavioral Interviewing techniques and NLP master practitioner
Prior to joining the L & D team, Elsy was playing the role of a People manager for 4 years with the business. She was instrumental in transitioning various business to India from European countries.
She joined HP in the year 2000 and grew in the organizations. Prior to Joining HP Elsy was working for a Bank for a short period of time and being passionate about teaching, she has also spent a year teaching in the School that she studied.
Elsy is a product of Mount Carmel College and has her bachelor’s degree in commerce.

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Speaker Profile

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Digital Transformation is forcing organisations and teams to adopt new ways of working. In this new world order, the focus is on a flatter, networked organisation where teams need to collaborate. Managers need to enable teams to function as a cohesive unit and help them reach their goal. This is a distinctly different working style from the hierarchical, command and control styles that managers are accustomed to working in. This talk will focus on the various facets of Servant Leadership, why should and how Managers can practice the same

Speaker Profile

With over 20 years of experience, Rituparna (Ritu) Ghosh, is an agilist and a practicing Servant Leader. Responsible for driving new ways of working to enable Digital transformation, she is a strong advocate of supporting teams to adopt and adapt to this change. She thrives in an environment of change and has successfully driven multiple transformation initiatives as a part of her career. Her core philosophy of transformation in the Digital era is centred around people. Enabling individual to shift their paradigms by calibrating the existing systems, processes and tools is close to her heart. A part of Wipro Digital, she not only enables the delivery teams but she works closely with customers in their transformation journey.
Prior to her current role, Ritu headed the Continuous Improvement initiatives in Wipro. As a part of this, she lead the Lean, Six Sigma and Agile transformation initiatives across the organisation. In this role, she designed and implemented a bottom-up strategy, based on continuous improvement to drive a cultural change within the organisation and deliver measurable benefit to the projects. Ritu has also led Wipro’s Process Consulting business for the non-Americas and built a 500+ team of consultants, while delivering a 92% CAGR. In this role she has designed and delivered multiple enterprise level process transformation solutions.
Ritu is an MBA in Marketing and Strategy. She is a certified Black Belt in DMAIC and trained in Lean, CMM®, CMMI®, ITIL® and Agile. She has several white papers in her name which have been published in industry bodies like SEI and ANQ.

X Topic Abstract

In this fast changing world, characterized by technological disruption, macro-economic uncertainty, competition from within & outside one’s industry, there is significant onus on leaders to not only keep the lights on but at the same time do external breathing & internal experimentation to envisage what the future might look like for their work & jobs.
This is not an activity that a leader /manager can outsource. This has to be built in one’s self and in the team’s culture.
Rags will share how he has built a world class Analytics Data Labs that does exactly this- deep focus on every day commercial delivery intertwined with focus on future to create an entity that has enabled both commercial impact as well won significant awards for DXC Technology in the analytics ecosystem

Speaker Profile

As the Head of DXC Technology’s Analytics Data Labs, Rags is responsible for building a world class data sciences team with specific focus on enabling clients enhance their Analytics IQ through deployment of advanced analytics solutions. These solutions are based on foundation of AI, machine learning & domain based IP.
In his spare time, Rags is passionate about using data to improve his golf scores, personal health & knowledge of world history.

X Topic Abstract

Currently, there seems to be a plethora of techniques and processes that are made available and accessible for managers to stay effective. Yet, we never seem to empower the creative capacity of the emerging leaders.

Speaker Profile

Creation of experience driven products.
Using business transformation expertise, to drive revenue and audience mind share.
Help businesses scale through everything product & everything design.
Overload of everything is intended and implied.
Orchestration of product, design, business, product marketing & branding to bring a cohesive experience for the target audience.
Begin with deep empathy,
Write rich stories, craft the product story and its personas,
Iterate product constructs as prototypes with real users.

X Topic Abstract

Being a manager is like gaining power/authority and as it is said 'with power comes responsibility and accountability'.
A 'manager' is a transition from "doing things to getting things done".
This needs a 360 degree turn in personal work style and preparedness to take the responsibility and deliver on it.
Do's and Don’ts of being a manager are important to understand.
You're a manager, now become responsible!

Speaker Profile

Founder & CEO at EVARGRO.COM - The B2B Customer Engagement Platform . Evargro is your partner for business growth and gives you the 'Power of Connections', 'Power of Choice' and 'Power of Convenience'

X Topic Abstract

Design has moved from products and processes to the design of customer experiences. Even if you are buying a product, what you are essentially consuming is an experience. Some of the most successful firms, worldover, have realised the imperative of relooking at their processes, business models, and customer engagement models to, offer their current and prospective customers great and memorable experiences. These are not just customer centric organization, they are, in fact, customer obsessed. The talk shares insights from such organizations.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Pavan Soni is an Innovation Evangelist by profession and a teacher by passion. He is the founder of Inflexion Point, a strategy and innovation consulting. Apart from being an Adjunct Faculty at IIM Bangalore, Pavan has consulted with leading organizations on innovation and creativity, including 3M, Amazon, BCG, Deloitte, Flipkart, Honeywell, and Samsung, amongst others.
Pavan works closely with CII, Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce, European Business Group, FICCI, Karnataka Knowledge Commission, and NHRD, towards shaping their innovation activities. Pavan is a mentor for NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore, and the Founder Institute, and is in the advisory board of the World Trade Centre and Utilis Capital. Pavan is also a columnist at YourStory, Entrepreneur India, Inc 42, and People Matters.
Pavan was the only Indian to be shortlisted for the prestigious 'FT & McKinsey Bracken Bower Award for the Best Business Book of the Year 2016'. He has also been invited five times to speak at the TEDx. For his work on innovation, Pavan bagged the prestigious ‘On the Job Achiever’ Award at Lakshya in 2007 at NITIE Mumbai.
He is a Gold Medalist from MBM Engineering College Jodhpur, and did his PGDIE from NITIE Mumbai. Pavan finished his Doctoral Studies from IIM Bangalore in the domain of innovation management. More on his work is available at

X Topic abstract

The purpose of any communication to convey a message or an idea or a decision accurately and completely to the target person or the group. The communication, however, despite its completeness and accuracy must be delivered differently to different individuals or different groups. communicating with engineers requires a different delivery approach than communicating with finance professionals. We will discuss various strategies for maximizing communication effectiveness.

Speaker Profile

Former Managing Partner at SAP || Author of "The Smart City Transformations"

X Topic abstract

Feedback is a critical factor of project success. In many organisations feedback is seen as a last step of process. Putting feedback at backward may lead to multiple issues like missing on customer expectations, increase in rework efforts and not delivering as per quality standards.
This session is about examining and assessing the correct feedback process through a quick game on Feedback. As part of the session, participants would experience both scenarios - 'late feedback with assumptions that everything will go fine at the end' as well as 'early feedback for evolving quality as an incremental process'.
Takeaways -
• Participants would learn and understand the importance of feedback
• Participants would evaluate the benefits of introducing feedback early and often
• Participants would experience the impact of effectively implementing feedback in to the system
Duration and session plan -
Total time required for the session is 45 Minutes. Session is divided into opening, two rounds of activities to present both the scenarios early vs last feedback and closing . And both the activities rounds are of ten minutes duration and participants would work in pairs for these activities

Speaker Profile

Priyank DK Pathak (Curator, INNOVATION ROOTS) is an Enterprise Agile Transformation and Continuous Delivery Consultant providing training, coaching and mentoring services to companies to gain business outcomes like quality, value, and continuous flow.
His key intervention are nurturing and developing skills required for Agile Software Development practices and methodologies based on the core Agile-Lean values & principles.
He brings a passion for his work and establishes strong understanding and expectations of customer value, by building on trust, focus on results and collaboration across the enterprise at leadership, management and delivery organization.
Prior to founding INNOVATION ROOTS, he led Kanban, Scaling Agile, Innovation and Continuous Delivery practices at his previous employers and customers at multiple demographics and various domains like Financial, Insurance, Retail ecommerce, Healthcare, Electronics, Telecom, Publishing and Gaming.
He is the first wave of Agile in India & active contributor to Agile Community by forming Agile Network India, Agile Summit, Scaling Agile Institute Meetup, Lean Kanban India Conference, and Agile Gurugram Conference participated by thousands of people annually. He has been actively participating in reviewing Scrum Gatherings & Speaking at all major Agile Conferences globally.
Currently, he is leading large scale Agile enterprise transformation at largest electric company in Locomotive and Circuit breaker R&D units.
He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Rajiv Gandhi Prodhyogiki Vishwavidyala, and formal Education from, Scrum Alliance, Scaled Agile Academy, Lean Kanban University, and Software Engineering Institute.

X Topic abstract

In a world that is moving to self-governance with self-driven cars how do you get people to do the right thing! For me it’s been all about "Trust being cheaper than Control". Learn how we are getting employees to set their compass and chart memorable journeys!

Speaker Profile

Transforming People & Culture practices at corporate and new age startup firms through my learning's over 20 years in Understanding & Hiring future Talent, Engaging and connecting Leaders with Millennial, Gen X and Baby Boomers, building lasting People experiences and culture practices, inspiring Performance, building a culture of being Grateful and sparking curiosity for everyone to own their learning.
I also work with Universities to enable them to make their students industry ready

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Speaker Profile

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Most of the meetings are not effective, since the basic clarity on the role of each participant is missing, the metrics to measure the success is missing and a scorecard missing leading to just superficial emotional discussions, normally involving just a handful of people while others watch. The key is to change this with planning, preparation, practice, pleasure and progress.

Speaker Profile

Introducing Mr. Dinakar Murthy Krishna, a Business Transformation, Manufacturing and Strategy Execution Expert. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Production Engineering from BMS College and is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers.His career of over 30 years, with almost half abroad in Brazil and Germany has been marked with driving change, while creatingmany global good practices. Among his achievements, the most commendable ones are implementing manufacturing guidelines for the international production network as a Director and transforming the Bosch Jaipur Plant as a Vice-President. He is a staunch proponent of conscious changes in a company; a lack of which, he believes freezes learning leading to erosion in value creation. As a Senior Assessor of Business Excellence, World Class Manufacturing, Zero-Defect-Zero-Effect, he has been assessing companies, MSMEs to MNCs, for more than 10 years. Currently Holding the position of a doHow® Coach in Samuthána Consultancoaching LLP, founded by him, his roles involve consultative coaching for companies, teams and individuals. Based on the trademarked doHow®, created by him, Dinakar enables his clients to achieve amazing outcomes with execution excellence. People identifying actionable insights and getting inspired playing the doHow® Management Game and people focussing on Doingwith Timeout Consultancoaching, is indeed the icing on the cake.

X Topic abstract

"Building brand you – The next big thing for professionals to succeed in business and career"
Personal branding is the biggest trend globally and will be the future. Relevant for all levels of professionals particularly the senior ones.

Speaker Profile

With more than 20 years of experience in various facets of branding and communication, I am an entrepreneur who can build scaleable and successful brands in the communications space. My specialties are in the areas of Technology, Engineering, Entertainment and Professional Services. I also have had wide ranging exposure to medium-sized growth companies, where I have worked closely with the Founders and CEOs.
I also occasionally coach CXOs and am involved in brand consulting as well. My speaking assignments have taken me to 14 countries worldwide and I also sit on the Board of a large B-school as well. The future looks immensely interesting and I am quite convinced that communication/communicators will come to play a defining role in this century and beyond.

X Topic Abstract

Would be happy to share my thoughts on being a manager. Can share things I learnt in Facebook being a manager and contrast that with my experience as manager before that.

Speaker Profile

Chief Slacker @ SlangLabs, a voice interface company. Co-founder @ Little Eye Labs (acquired by Facebook). Earlier @ HP, IBM (Rational), GE, BlueCoat (S7 Software).

X Topic Abstract

With more and more consumer devices getting connected to the Internet and IOT also gaining lot of attention, there has to be a concerted effort in ensuring that the code written is highly secure and not easily vulnerable to any attacks like KRACK, Blueborne, Heart Bleed etc. Arris is a leading provider of Set-Top Box and home gateways, the very purpose of the products are to secure the media content distribution and enable secure web communication respectively. In this presentation we briefly look at the Technology, Process and Tools that are commonly used to ensure that the code that is released is secure enough for mainstream deployment.

Speaker Profile

Ramesh Narayanaswamyreceived the B.Tech degree in electronics and communication engineering from the university of Calicut and M.S By Research from Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in 1992 and 1998 respectively.
In 1998, he joined Philips Software Centre and worked in the semiconductor group, responsible for firmware development. He joined Samsung SDS in 2005. He is currently working as a Distinguished Software Engineer with Arris Group India, having joined Motorola in 2006, which subsequently got acquired by ARRIS Group, Inc. Ramesh Narayanaswamy has been involved in software development effort for different consumer electronics devices such as Digital Camera and Set Top Box. In Arris, he has been involved in software development efforts for different areas such as security, networking, middleware and diagnostics. Ramesh’s professional interests include Secure coding, Software frameworks, Linux for embedded systems and software diagnostics.

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Although many planning and purchasing decisions may be made at a corporate level, station general managers and engineering staff need to understand the opportunities available with this new technology that seamlessly combines over-the-air with over-the-top content sources.
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