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Overview of the event

We are very excited to announce our 1st online edition of Machine Learning Deep Learning Day, EDT on 2nd April 2020, stay ahead with us!

This is a Program being curated based on guidelines from industry experts, with a target to connect wth like mndeds to discuss on themes as Tools, APIs & Frameworks, Applications, Trending, Deep Learning etc.

Theme 1 : Testing Conf
Theme 2 : Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Summit
Theme 3 : Testing Conf
Theme 4 : Microservice, Container & Serverless Day

Facts & Figures About The Event

9 Speakers
9 Topics
50 Tickets

Conference Schedule

X Topic Abstract

Data is fuel of all the industries and machine learning is the art of using patterns in data to make predictions. In this talk I will provide an overview of how data science and machine learning algorithms are reshaping the industries like healthcare, insurance and banking with real-time case studies.

X Topic Abstract

Developing AI | ML and Deep Learning solutions are now more realistic given the vast amount of data, as well as the computer processing power that now exists. Given the interests by most organizations to gain valuable insights about their businesses using these new technologies, we've seen the development of new and exciting applications in marketing, supply chain, pricing, sales, and other disciplines. The flip side is that we're seeing more and more data breaches and exposure to sensitive customer data resulting in harm to Bands as well as potentially serious fines. This presentation provides some insights into strategies and solutions to get to "Know Your Data" while at the same time putting in place a foundation to your data strategy that will provide for governance.

Speaker Profile

Mr. Sieck is a technology executive and entrepreneur who has been involved with AI solutions starting early on with AI for Optical Character Recognition, to Computer Aided Design; and most recently for use in Predictive Analytics Use Cases across a number of verticals including Retail, CPG, FinTech, Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance and others.

He is currently Director – Governance, Risk & Compliance | AI | Machine Learning solutions for Orion Governance that offers a disruptive new Data Governance enterprise software solution focused on technical lineage; for the first time allowing banks, insurers, retailers and other large enterprises to confidently ensure compliance with numerous regulations such as GDPR, BCBS-239, SOX, HIPAA, CCAR, Solvency II. It provides the clear, accurate visibility into corporate data drastically reducing operational risk.

Prior to Orion Governance, he was Director for Digital | Marketing Analytics at LatentView Analytics helping major F500 companies increase revenues and cut costs through the development and implementation of their Digital Transformation Strategies.

He was Director of Advanced Analytics for Hitachi and brought to market Hitachi’s first SaaS Solution platform that was an AI based solution called Live Insights for IT Operations that help give IT operations a 360-degree global view of their data center operations.

Prior to Hitachi, he was involved with a number of early stage VC financed technology companies as well as numerous turn-around entities that had successful exits.

He is an active member of the MIT Community and works with the MIT Venture Mentoring Services organization.

X Topic Abstract

Deep learning methods are extensively used in image processing, In my talk i will highlight some applications and present some use cases. I will give insights into the inner working for image recognition.

X Topic Abstract

The black box perception of machine learning models presents a barrier to their adoption for many investors. In this talk, I use a case study to many investors. In this talk, I use a case study to briefly discuss simple implementation of machine learning in the investment portfolios and explore ways to interpret and validate predictions.

X Topic Abstract

Strategic planning is a traditional business function which, when performed well, can give a business a powerful competitive advantage. Most businesses perform it poorly, leading to mediocre results and a loss of management confidence. We propose to use RPA, AI, and ML to automate the entire strategic planning process for every organization in the world. Customers will subscribe to a cloud-based system that they will access 24 hours a day and that will give them real-time reports and conclusions on their markets, customers, competitors, and environment.

X Topic Abstract

Financial Scorecards are used widely in all financial organizations for different kinds of ratings. This talk will take you through the building and validation process of a financial scorecard using data.Financial Scorecards are used by banking organizations to judge the financial stability of their portfolio and take business decisions. These scorecards help in tracking and collections.

This talk is designed for audience to take them through the process of developing a scorecard . The talk will guide you through the EDA process and will demonstrate the different kind of visualizations that can enable better data understanding. We aim to cover step by step process of building a scorecard and Use of different Machine Learning algorithms to build a better scorecard by comparing the outputs of different algorithms. We will demonstrate 3 different Machine learning algorithms Random Forest , Support Vector Machine and Gradient Boosting and their outcomes while building this scorecard.

X Topic Abstract

Tesla V100 GPU contains 640 Tensor Cores. Tensor Cores deliver up to 125 Tensor TFLOPS for training and inference applications. Automatic mixed-precision (AMP) is a way to take advantage of Tensor Cores high throughput computation in deep learning applications. AMP is supported in common deep learning frameworks like Pytorch and TensorFlow with NVIDIA's library. With two lines of code, you can enable AMP to accelerate your existing deep learning model training by 3x on average without loss of accuracy. AMP handles the model half-precision conversion, automatically loss scaling and master weight updating automatically under the hood. With a smaller memory footprint, you can train larger models with larger batch sizes. AMP is a popular technology that has been widely adopted in the deep learning community."

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Our Speakers

Nirav Shah


OnPoint Insights

Deepti Gupta

Author, Applied Analytics through case studies using SAS and R : Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms

Kevin Sieck

Director - Governance, Risk & Compliance | AI | Machine Learning


George B. Moseley

CEO & Professor

Strathmore University & AI Driven Strategies

Al Yazdani

Machine Learning and Data Analytics Manager

State Street

Niharika Karia

Data Scientist

Aspen Technology

Peter Henstock

Machine Learning & Software Eng


Bhavik Gandhi

Sr Director, Data Science and Analytics

People Interactive (Shaadi.com)

Yi Dong

Deep Learning Solutions Architect


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Individual (Standard)

USD 349

Till April 02, 2020

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Who can attend Machine learning and Deep Learning Day in Online?

• Data Engineers/Developers / Scientists
• Analytics Professionals
• Startup Professionals
• Scientists/Researchers
• Professors
• President/Vice president
• Chairs/Directors

And last but not the least……….
Anyone interested in Machine Learning & thrives to make the future developed and better

We will share the WebEx link after you have registered.

Why to attend Machine learning and Deep Learning Day in Online?

Understand the state of development of Machine learning by exchanges, clearing houses, central counter parties and payment systems, and what it means for you.

What will you learn about?

Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by Machine learning technologies. Using Machine learning as a tool for innovation across your organisation

Are there any prerequisites to attend this program?

Best practices while attending online conference:

Login to your system with the login detail 10 minutes prior to the start time
Should be connected to a good network to avoid interruptions.
Should be at a quiet place while taking your session.
Ensure all other windows are closed and no application is running. This will ensure good audio and video quality
Mute yourself if not expected to speak
Do ask the question via chat box to keep the session lively.
You can Ask questions

Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.