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Overview of the event

Machine learning is a field of artificial intelligence that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to "learn from data, without being explicitly programmed.

The "deep" in "deep learning" refers to the number of layers through which the data is transformed. Deep Learning is a new area of Machine Learning research, which has been introduced with the objective of moving Machine Learning closer to its original goals. In deep learning, each level learns to transform its input data into a slightly more abstract and composite representation.

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7 Speakers
7 Topics
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Machine learning and Deep Learning Day (14th February, 2019)
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Role of data science and machine learning that how machine learning algorithms and statistical analysis are reshaping healthcare industry like banking , healthcare and many more !!

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One of the uses of AI and machine learning is to make better decisions. Decision support entails causal models to predict the probable outcomes of the various choices in face of uncertainty. This talk will provide an overview of how to apply causal models with examples.

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Strategic planning is a traditional business function which, when performed well, can give a business a powerful competitive advantage. Most businesses perform it poorly, leading to mediocre results and a loss of management confidence. We propose to use RPA, AI, and ML to automate the entire strategic planning process for every organization in the world. Customers will subscribe to a cloud-based system that they will access 24 hours a day and that will give them real-time reports and conclusions on their markets, customers, competitors, and environment.

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Financial Scorecards are used widely in all financial organizations for different kinds of ratings. This talk will take you through the building and validation process of a financial scorecard using data.Financial Scorecards are used by banking organizations to judg

Speaker bio

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The black box perception of machine learning models presents a barrier to their adoption for many investors. In this talk, I use a case study to many investors. In this talk, I use a case study to briefly discuss simple implementation of machine learning in the investment portfolios and explore ways to interpret and validate predictions.

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Deep learning methods are extensively used in image processing, In my talk i will highlight some applications and present some use cases. I will give insights into the inner working for image recognition.

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The financial markets are always complex, volatile and unstable which forbids the accurate prediction of future prices. Moreover, financial markets produce large volumes of data at high frequency during each day. The presence of anomalies in voluminous data from multiple data sources may generate catastrophic decisions in market behavior. We propose a Deep Reinforcement Learning technique for detecting anomalies present in the historical daily trading information.

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One example is use of NLP and AI in rapid literature review for complex topics that in the past have required human review. Another example is using AI in operational aspects of clinical trials.

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Our Speakers

Nirav Shah


OnPoint Insights

deepti gupta

Strategy consultant and data scientist


Murray Cantor

Chief Scientist and Data Science Management Consultant

Aptage Consulting

Kevin Sieck

Director - Governance, Risk & Compliance | AI | Machine Learning


George B. Moseley

CEO & Professor

Strathmore University & AI Driven Strategies

Al Yazdani

Machine Learning and Data Analytics Manager

State Street

Niharika Karia

Data Scientist

Aspen Technology

Rajkumar Joghee Bhojan

Principal Consultant

Wipro Technologies

Chandni Valiathan

Director of Analytics

Kernal Biologics, Inc.

Yi Dong

Deep Learning Solutions Architect


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Who can attend Machine learning and Deep Learning Day in Boston?

• Data Engineers/Developers / Scientists
• Analytics Professionals
• Startup Professionals
• Scientists/Researchers
• Professors
• President/Vice president
• Chairs/Directors

And last but not the least……….
Anyone interested in Machine Learning & thrives to make the future developed and better

Why to attend Machine learning and Deep Learning Day in Boston?

Understand the state of development of Machine learning by exchanges, clearing houses, central counter parties and payment systems, and what it means for you.

What will you learn about?

Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by Machine learning technologies. Using Machine learning as a tool for innovation across your organisation

Are there any prerequisites to attend this program?


Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.