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Overview of the event

DevOps is much more than just local improvement in the development, delivery and operation of software: it represents a movement thattouches development and operations (obviously!), but organizational culture, quality assurance, security, and program management.

Automation, Agile processes, micro services, continuous delivery, container and cloud technologies are essential to the current high performance IT transformation.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and AI provide immense opportunity in Data and Process Analytics for optimum outcomes.

New business models presented by Block chain are further increasing the opportunities for enterprise to create / manage disruptions.

The DevOps Enterprise Automation Conference will feature insightful talks and solution based discussions that will help to understand the concept of DevOps, associated benefits, scrutinize implementation challenges and their solutions.

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7 Speakers
7 Topics
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DevOps Enterprise Automation Summit, Melbourne
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Interested in DevOps but not sure how to get started? Join us to explore the real meaning behind DevOps and how to begin your own DevOps Journey. Every organization is different, but DevOps is a universal concept, and it can be applied anywhere. We'll explore some common patterns and approaches, both technical and cultural that can get your organization started on their own adventure!

Speaker profile

Fabian truly believes that technology is an awesome enabler but it’s the combination of people, collaboration and customer focus that delivers the best results, and that is what DevOps is all about. A well-known and respected member of the Australian DevOps community, he is an excellent team motivator and enjoys building high-performing teams and fostering DevOps culture. He has led and built teams that have transformed operations and delivery cultures across the financial and university sectors. Fabian recently led one of Australia’s largest superannuation company’s infrastructure transformation program. This enabled the company to rapidly deliver and scale their superannuation platform to 220+ micro services across multiple environments. When he is not immersed in DevOps Fabian loves tinkering with all things electronic, including the restoration of arcade and pinball machines. He also has a keen interest in music, paired with a large vinyl collection upwards of 5000 records.

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DevOps has grown from a being just a buzz word to a critical lever for business agility and competitive advantage. Digital technologies are enabling unprecedent convergence of business and technology. Technology companies are using automation to offer core business services whilst traditional businesses are aiming to be technology engineering houses to counter the challenge from technology companies. The speaker will share his practical experiences of how organisations of various sizes are applying variants of devops concepts for smoother adoption and efficient implementation for digital projects. The session participants will hear about the latest devops automation engineering trends such as for velocity modulation, tool chain integration challenges, enterprise scaling for devops amongst others. Business benefits that organisations are accruing and value articulation for devops in a digital world would provide useful insights that audiences can carry with them.

Speaker profile

Gautam Nadkarni is Director for Cloud and DevOps Services with Capgemini. He carries with him a wide local and international experience in operations delivery, consulting and practice management for devops and cloud services. In his current role, he focuses on devops engineering, public cloud migration and cloud managed services. He is a speaker at various national and international conferences

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We will look at some of the fundamental principles, processes and tools that can fall under the DevOps umbrella. Using these principles and processes, we will examine how you can use these to improve quality, speed and value of software delivery in your organization.

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Guy is a Technical Leader with diverse experience in assembling and driving high performing teams, utilizing cutting edge technologies and methodologies, to efficiently and effectively achieve positive business outcomes.

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With DevOps becoming such a buzzword, enterprises expect a lot from their "DevOps Initiatives". Delivering to those expectations starts with setting the expectations right. And having a clear and agreed understanding of the series of steps to get there. This is about planning the tech and non-technical aspects of the Enterprise DevOps journey.

Speaker Profile

Trusted technology leader with 17 years of experience in leading & delivering technology enabled transformation programs, Digital initiatives, Enterprise IT governance, Operational risk remediation and Application Portfolio Rationalization in financial services, telecommunications and technology industries.

My forte lies in Enterprise Architecture, Tech Strategy, technology adoption roadmaps, capability development, DevOps, stakeholder management, leading globally distributed teams, and bridging the gap between business, management and technical stakeholders.

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While it’s widely popular and understood that DevOps delivers value to organizations at large, if not transitioned efficiently might cost the organizations a lot more. These are the few very important questions organizations, especially large enterprises, should answer before they turn to DevOps
1. Why and what does DevOps mean to you and do you have a total buy in, commitment from higher management?
2. Do you understand how different departments of your organization currently work ?
3. Is the organization Agile ready and not ‘FR’AGILE?
4. Is the enterprise ready to accept and commit to the extra effort and cost involved for the transition like staff training costs, requirement to hire highly skilled professionals, investment in software, and office supplements in view of the long-term benefit?

Speaker Profile

Highly ambitious and goal-oriented professional with 8 years of experience in programming and DevOps engineering. Experienced with all stages of development cycle both in Waterfall and Agile SDLCs. Well-versed with programming in Java, Ruby and various other scripting languages. Strong problem solving, communication, leadership and project management capabilities.

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When DevOps is done right, the world gets to experience more happiness. Developers gain more control over end to end process and increase their confidence in quality of code with solid automation through entire lifecycle. In addition to that operations transparency leads to acknowledgment for hard work operations invest in software (i.e., security, patching, configuration management, performance testing, monitoring, change management, etc.). Additionally, operations gets to experience less stress and interrupted sleep (i.e., pager duty) due to higher-quality code, faster fixes, higher stability and reliability. The business as a whole gets to experience improved end-user satisfaction and less missed opportunities, all thanks to DevOps.

However, implementing DevOps is complex change process with multiple moving parts and it takes some art to get it right. This talk will equip you with kick-start guide on implementing DevOps in Enterprise.

We will share know how on

- Buy in from other parties
- The vortex of the change
- you've made it; what's next?

Speaker Profile

Australian business agility consultant and enterprise agile coach who is guiding organisations to increase business agility since 2007 and runs her own Melbourne based consultancy. Business agility is the ability of an organisation to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in productive and cost-effective ways. Helen combines pragmatic, down to Earth approach with getting things done attitude. Her ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms and obtain a buy in makes her clients happy with the outcomes. Her work is drawing the best out of Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP, DevOps, holocracy, integral theory, theory of constraints, lean accounting, lean change, #noprojects, management 3.0, immunity to change, servant leadership and other practices to assist organisations with thriving in the 21st VUCA world.

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As we have matured our software development process, DevOps has gained more prominence than ever. While by definition it is the conjugal between Dev and Ops, in reality, it is much more than that. DevOps is a way to create the culture of collaboration, by bringing every single stakeholders into the game; It is also a way to instigate the principle of automation at every single phase of the delivery, in an effort to make the process seamless, faster and free from human error.
Does that mean 'Quality' will be left out in the cold in a DevOps world ? Does this put software testing a bit less relevant ?
And surprisingly, the answer to both of these are a BIG 'NO' ! And the reason is even simpler.
Welcome to the world of 'customers-first' business where quality and customer experience supersedes everything else. And to deliver that superior experience, there is no short cut. Notion of 'Quality' is now more important than ever. It is now embedded from the very beginning of the Product development till it reaches the users, or even after that. And the idea of DevOps stems from the very need for delivering superiors customer experience, by delivering software faster and better. And the only way to make it truly achievable when everyone in the game remains answerable for 'Quality'; DevOps is driving Quality - not losing it.
In this talk, we will hunt down those aspects of Quality that makes DevOps to thrive and makes a product ‘Successful’ !

Speaker Profile

Abhijit Khan leads the Non Functional Testing and Engineering practice at Cognizant Australia. Abhijit is in the industry for more than 14 years and have worked previously at Kloud Solution, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and TCS across a myriad of technologies. He has established the performance testing practice across many of these organisation and developed them to a matured delivery model. He is a great supporter of adopting newer technologies across Automation, Performance engineering and Security testing space and excited about the digital technologies that has evolved over last decade . He believes digitisation of information has affected us in a very positive way and quality engineering requires a lot of innovation to provide even greater assurance in this dynamic time. He holds a bachelor degree in Computer science and engineering and can be reached at Abhijit.khan@cognizant.com. Abhijit likes to blog, travel and read in his spare time. He lives in Melbourne with his wife and daughter.

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Our Speakers

Ashish Tiwari

Consulting Architect | Digital | Strategy | Enterprise DevOps | Leadership & Management


Fabian Iannarella

DevOps Capability Practice Lead


Srinivasa Avinash Kesanam

Senior DevOps Consultant


Gautam Nadkarni

Sr. Delivery Partner - Environments and DevOps Services | Director - Cloud Services


Guy Gershoni

Head Of Engineering


Abhijit Khan

Practice Leader, Performance Testing & Engineering (PACE), Australia & NZ

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Helen Snitkovsky

Director | Enterprise Agile coach | CTO | Lean Agile DevOps

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Who can attend DevOps Enterprise Automation Summit in Melbourne?

- Software developers, Tech lead, QA Testers, Automation engineer
- IT support engineer, IT Operations person, Build and Release Engineer
- Architect, Engineering Managers
- DevOps engineer, DevOps professional

Why to attend DevOps Enterprise Automation Summit in Melbourne?

- Access to Full-day event including tea, lunch
- Talks by industry experts on different aspects of DevOps, Microservices and Container
- Overview of frameworks and tools that you can adopt
- Access to slide decks of all speakers
- Networking opportunities with other passionate professionals from your city

What will you learn about?

Learn latest techniques and skills required for DevOps from industry stalwarts themselves. Latest trends, concepts, processes and tools to understand and acknowledge challenges in Devops, Microservices and Containers. Meet and network with fellow DevOps experts from leading companies. Learn how to adapt and adopt these changes quickly and swiftly within a team and also across the enterprise.

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Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.

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