Mar 08
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Overview of the event

DevOps is much more than just local improvement in the development, delivery and operation of software: it represents a movement thattouches development and operations (obviously!), but organizational culture, quality assurance, security, and program management.

Automation, Agile processes, micro services, continuous delivery, container and cloud technologies are essential to the current high performance IT transformation.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and AI provide immense opportunity in Data and Process Analytics for optimum outcomes.

New business models presented by Block chain are further increasing the opportunities for enterprise to create / manage disruptions.

The DevOps Enterprise Automation Conference will feature insightful talks and solution based discussions that will help to understand the concept of DevOps, associated benefits, scrutinize implementation challenges and their solutions.

Facts & Figures About The Event

9 Speakers
9 Topics
50 Tickets

Conference Schedule

DevOps Enterprise Automation Summit, Auckland
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This would be focused on 3 levels. How to architect your enterprise agreement, your Azure subscriptions using a hub and spoke deployment and how to effectively build micro services within those subscriptions. Will also cover how to automate all 3 levels.

Speaker Profile

Ryan Hodgson is a platform and security architect passionate about building saleable, secure and automated cloud solutions. Experienced in developing Azure architecture that utilises best practices to facilitate automation and the building of CI/CD pipelines from Azure DevOps (aka VSTS). Skilled at building microservice architectures that utilises PaaS services and infrastructure as code to enable full serverless applications that can be delivered at speed and scale.

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The competitive market environment, coupled with the growing pace of business and technology disruptions have brought digital and customer experience as an important factor in every industry. Digital business demands that enterprises respond rapidly to customer needs, boost the success rate of new products and realize value faster. Enterprise agility and technology driven innovation is key to ensuring the above. Large enterprises have challenges in achieving agility due to the legacy processes, systems and culture. This presentation is about how we can make a difference with its Integrated Agile and Automation services underpinned through a process excellence framework and a platform approach, How to adopt DevOps Culture ?

Speaker Profile

Ankit Gupta, Chapter Lead DevOps Tooling, Spark Telecom NZ. Ankit help organisations to innovate and improve their application delivery and operating process by employing paradigms like CI/CD, Devops and Platform as a service.

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The concept of SOA and how is creating a huge impact in combining strategic benefits for a quick result on IT delivery for all enterprises. SOA principles are being applied today in DevOps: reusability, composability, contract definition, service abstraction, etc.

Speaker Profile

Andres brings 7 years' technical and business experience, with SOA certifications and knowledge in AWS,Docker, integration platforms and service design. He has delivered PaaS integration development projects in banking, telco and document management workfields.

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The session will be target you enterprise can leverage Git version control and Azure DevOps to automate environmental build across multiple region and subscription . What could be best practices and introduction to Cosmos Graph in real world.

X Topic Abstract

Earlier days when you call at customer support and even with the best IVR, you get irritated and always wait for hours to get what you are actually looking for.

In this demo we will be using Amazon Connect, Lambda, DynamoDB, Comprehend, Lex, Cloudwatch and S3.

The demo is a simple example of full scale implementation of Customer Support Service. We use Amazon Connect to work as front end to the customer. Amazon Comprehend, which use natural language processing (NLP) to extract insights and relationships in text. Comprehend checks overall sentiment score through the conversation and act only when it reaches a certain threshold. Lambda function takes the input transcript field of the Amazon Lex event and call Comprehend to check sentiments. When the sentiment is neutral, positive or mixed, the response leaves it to Amazon Lex to decide what the next steps should be.

Now with AWS services your business regardless of size can offer your customers a better service experience than ever before and all at affordable cost to the company.

Speaker Profile

Jhalak is a certified AWS Solutions Architect and DevOps professional and have in experience handling large enterprises in the Media, E-Commerce and Finance industries. She is currently working with Deloitte New Zealand as Cloud Specialist. Jhalak is speaker at various AWS events, colleges/universities, meetups and have provided AWS and Linux training in some renowned businesses. She has also co-authored two books (AWS Networking Cookbook and Mobile Devops) published via PACKT Publishers.

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So, let's say you are doing performance testing often and semi-automatically to support the fast delivery in your SDLC. A necessary part of making it viable is automated analysis of test results. In simple situations you could use a dashboard with raw results or simple aggregations. To take it up a notch, you can use R. I'd like to talk about a few cases where complex data analysis is necessary to support automated performance testing, and share a few R scripts I've developed over the years to analyse, graph and otherwise present test results as a part of automated performance testing.

Speaker profile

Viktoriia has been in software testing (functional and otherwise) for almost 15 years. She has spent the first 10 years in Russia, doing both manual and automated functional testing for a variety of applications and tech stacks. In the last 5 years she's been working mainly as a full stack performance engineer in New Zealand, responsible for everything performance related, from architecture reviews and test data design, through to test execution, bottlenecks analysis and performance tuning.
Viktoriia is passionate about structured exploratory testing in all contexts, including performance testing. She believes in supporting manual testing by automation on all stages, from test environment setup and test data generation to results analysis, thus leaving the most fun part, exploration, to humans.

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Microservices transformed the virtualization concept by providing a lightweight alternative to hypervisors. Docker has emerged as the most popular container management tool, we will discover Docker infrastructure and give a live demo in how to deploy an application from source code to a container.

Speaker profile

Ali Abbas is a technology consultant passionate about building, deploying, monitoring & securing CI/CD pipelines using microservices management tools like Docker & Kubernetes on premise or in the cloud.

X Topic Abstract

APIs and Microservices work great to bridge multiple tiers in distributed software systems. However, reflecting the changes of fast evolving APIs among the connected tiers is a huge drain in productivity and increases the time to market.
In this session, Adeel will demonstrate a continuous code generation technique to automatically generate API clients in multiple programming languages. These clients eliminate the manual rework required to integrate the multiple software tiers after every API update; thus enable more frequent integrations, a shorter time to market, and a great boost in productivity.

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Top 3 keys to DevOps Transformation Success
- Start from the Bottom and gain Developer buy-in.
- Restriction and Autonomy must be designed into the process.
- Assess the effort and recognise the behaviour.

Speaker profile

Mark Guadalupe - Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat. Chief Technologist and Founder deeply passionate about Healthcare Innovation. Developer of various electronic health IT softwares to manage conditions like, CVD, asthma, prostate cancer, diabetes, dementia, mental health and other chronic conditions. Advised & assisted the Ministry of Health NZ with patient data exchange of EDI.

X Topic Abstract

In this talk, I would like to present the idea Behind DevOps, i.e. the principles, the practices that have been implemented in New Zealand industry, their benefits and the challenges faced. The outcome will be presented based on the insights of a case study done in New Zealand.

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Our Speakers

Jhalak Modi



Ryan Hodgson

Platform and Security Architect

Kotahi Logistics LP Ltd

Andres Leon Rangel

DevOps Engineer


Ankit Gupta

Chapter Lead DevOps Tooling

Spark NewZealand

Abhishek Kumar

Data Specialist

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise | Microsoft Azure MVP

Mark Guadalupe


DGTL Technologies (

Viktoriia Kuznetcova

Test Automation Specialist

Chorus NZ Limited

Ali Abbas

Senior Technology Engineer

Emerging Technology Partners

S. Adeel Ali

Co-Founder & CEO

APIMatic Limited

Nurul Afser Talukder

Agile and DevOps Specialist

Doctoral Candidate

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Who can attend DevOps Enterprise Automation Summit in Auckland?

- Software developers, Tech lead, QA Testers, Automation engineer
- IT support engineer, IT Operations person, Build and Release Engineer
- Architect, Engineering Managers
- DevOps engineer, DevOps professional

Why to attend DevOps Enterprise Automation Summit in Auckland?

- Access to Full-day event including tea, lunch
- Talks by industry experts on different aspects of DevOps, Microservices and Container
- Overview of frameworks and tools that you can adopt
- Access to slide decks of all speakers
- Networking opportunities with other passionate professionals from your city

What will you learn about?

Learn latest techniques and skills required for DevOps from industry stalwarts themselves. Latest trends, concepts, processes and tools to understand and acknowledge challenges in Devops, Microservices and Containers. Meet and network with fellow DevOps experts from leading companies. Learn how to adapt and adopt these changes quickly and swiftly within a team and also across the enterprise.

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Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.