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Overview of the event

DevOps is much more than just local improvement in the development, delivery and operation of software: it represents a movement thattouches development and operations (obviously!), but organizational culture, quality assurance, security, and program management.

Automation, Agile processes, micro services, continuous delivery, container and cloud technologies are essential to the current high performance IT transformation.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and AI provide immense opportunity in Data and Process Analytics for optimum outcomes.

New business models presented by Block chain are further increasing the opportunities for enterprise to create / manage disruptions.

The DevOps Enterprise Automation Conference will feature insightful talks and solution based discussions that will help to understand the concept of DevOps, associated benefits, scrutinize implementation challenges and their solutions.

Facts & Figures About The Event

7 Speakers
7 Topics
100 Tickets

Conference Schedule

DevOps Enterprise Automation Summit, Chennai

X Topic Abstract

- How to align DevOps with your organization’s goals & leadership influence on DevOps transformations
- What change might look like - for operations, development and the organization at large.
- Why security is a great icebreaker
- The importance of focusing on the team over individual DevOps specialists.
- How to embrace agile ways of working, along with infrastructure as code, code review, continuous integration and unit testing.
- How DevOps practices affect deployment frequency, lead time, change failure rate and MTTR
- The impact of architecture and team structure on IT performance
- How DevOps helps organizations reach both their financial and non-financial goals

Speaker Profile

Around 20 years of IT experience in Software Engineering , Software Config Managment, Build & Release Management , CI/CD , DevOps ,Cloud , ITSM & IT Operations Management.

Worked in SIEMENS , Intel ,SASKen , UBS , CIti, FORD

X Topic Abstract

DevOps should not be viewed in isolation when we look at an Enterprise undergoing transformational change. DevOps helps visualize some of the key Agile principles in action and this session will try to tie these and help the audiences appreciate the big picture.

Speaker Profile

Agile consultant with 20 years in IT Industry with deep & substantive change management & transformation experience in Product houses & GICs, furthered by delivery experience spanning a decade and half.

Specialist experience in Scaled Agile Framework - SAFe implementation in diverse contexts - in Auto IT and UBS space.

Public Speaker on Agile Testing, Scaling Agile, Organisational culture, Kanban, DevOps & technical practices.

X Topic Abstract

Microservices are painful to manage, particularly when not leveraging a flexible and scalable release framework. While the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery process is left at the organization's discretion, the underlying framework that implements the process has to be consistent, flexible and scalable.
In this talk, we will discuss about a mature CI/CD framework that took us years to arrive and why we think managing jenkins-as-a-code is the easy way to rule the microservices world.
A Self-Service Release Management Framework empower microservices teams to control on how they build, test and deploy!
We'll also be briefly covering
Developer Driven Pipeline Patterns

Quality Gates (Telemetry,Circuit Breakers, Instrumentation,et all..) Demo
Developer Driven Pipeline Framework Sample Code walk-through
Automated On-Boarding of microservices.

Speaker Profile

Satish Chandran currently leads the DevOPS practice at `GainCredit` (Formerly Global Analytics), A leading player in the fintech lending industry. Prior to GainCredit, He headed the Operations owning both infrastructure & microservices(>150+) Reliability at `Lifion by ADP`.

X Topic Abstract

1) Types of manual work in IT environment & opportunities available for automation
2) Use of AI & RPA in IT for monitoring, machine learning, predictive analysis, fault management, process automation and ticketing automation
3) AI & RPA - Tools & Technologies landscape - BOTS, Chatbots, IBM Watson, Dialogflow, Tensorflow, HTM etc.,
4) Steps involved in AI & RPA Implementation. Typical challenges & solutions in AI & RPA implementation
5) Case Study: Use of RPA/BOTS in automating proactive issue avoidance and trouble tickets management (Telecom Service Provider Use Case)

Speaker Profile

Saro Velrajan works for Verizon India, as a Delivery Head. In his current role, he is responsible for the network virtualisation & IT infrastructure transformation initiatives in Verizon. He has 19 years of experience in networking technologies, working for leading companies such as Cisco Systems, Ericsson, and Juniper Networks.

Saro has an MBA in Technology Management from University of Phoenix. He has held several roles in product engineering, marketing and product management.

Saro's interests include blogging, traveling, mentoring and public speaking.

X Topic Abstract

1. RPA and AI : Trend of business needs and where its heading towards
2. Industries where clients are facing niche challenges - which in turn gives implementation challenges - what are the real implementation challenges
3. How could delivery organizations help clients to face these challenges and move ahead in the value chain like RPA, Cognitive automation, AI etc.,
4. Key challenges to be addressed to make sucesssful deployments

Speaker Profile

Mangalapadma having 21 years of IT industry experience in new age technologies solution's, global delivery and engaging with clients. Robotic Process Automation delivery practitioner. Automation Expert defining frameworks & ROI delivering savings to clients. Delivered bots to clients environments. Expert in RPA Delivery Framework , cognitive and AI concepts. Lead Agile Implementation

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Our Speakers

Vetrivel Arumugham

Director - DevOps

GSE IT Consulting

Ramkumar Ramachandran

Director & Chief Information Officer

Tevel Cyber Corps Private Limited

Saro Velrajan

Delivery Head

Verizon Data Services

SRV Subrahmaniam

Principal Consultant


Satish Chandran

Director - DevOps


Mangalapadma Srinivasan

Independent Consultant


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Who can attend DevOps Enterprise Automation Summit in Chennai?

- Software developers, Tech lead, QA Testers, Automation engineer
- IT support engineer, IT Operations person, Build and Release Engineer
- Architect, Engineering Managers
- DevOps engineer, DevOps professional

Why to attend DevOps Enterprise Automation Summit in Chennai?

- Access to Full-day event including tea, lunch
- Talks by industry experts on different aspects of DevOps, Microservices and Container
- Overview of frameworks and tools that you can adopt
- Access to slide decks of all speakers
- Networking opportunities with other passionate professionals from your city

What will you learn about?

Learn latest techniques and skills required for DevOps from industry stalwarts themselves. Latest trends, concepts, processes and tools to understand and acknowledge challenges in Devops, Microservices and Containers. Meet and network with fellow DevOps experts from leading companies. Learn how to adapt and adopt these changes quickly and swiftly within a team and also across the enterprise.

Are there any prerequisites to attend this program?


Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.

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