Who we are

about us

121Jobs brand new career website for the job market that specifically caters to the needs of employers and aspiring jobseekers in the field Technology like Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Test Automation and many more.

121jobs is here to make the hiring process easier than ever before. Our cutting-edge,website is used inbasis of a professional, easy and transparent process for the recruiters and candidates.121jobs is much more than online job classifieds portal. We believe that a good job site should offer an interactive platform for job seekers and recruiters with the objective of improving the process for both sides.

Our Mission

At 121jobs, we work for a main purpose: “Making people go to work with a smile” This is our mission. Going to work with a smile is metaphoric for the satisfaction that a good match between an employee and an employer generates.

The mutual satisfaction of employee and employer is extremely meaningful for the individual and society.

if we excel in matching the right people with the right jobs, we make a huge difference in the quality of lives and the happiness of people, or in other words: we will produce millions of smiles, day after day, in many parts of the world.

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