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August 05-06, 2021

World Business Analyst Innovation Summit

Online Live Conference
(All time mentioned in India Time Zone)
August 05-06, 2021

World Business Analyst Innovation Summit

Online Live Conference
(All time mentioned in India Time Zone)
August 05-06, 2021

World Business Analyst Innovation Summit

Online Live Conference
(All time mentioned in India Time Zone)
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Briefly Know About This Event

Our hearts and thoughts remain with those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide. In the past months,1point21GWS has been organizing conferences on Virtual platform.

Some of the BA trends we will look out for in the Business Analyst Innovation Summit, to cover are Data Quality Management,Data Discovery/Visualization,Artificial Intelligence,Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Tools,Collaborative Business Intelligence,Data-driven Culture,Embedded Analytics etc. The experts will take us through a deep dive into using a comprehensive approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of strategy helping an Organisation to effectively achieve its current and future objectives.


Day 1: 05 August , 2021
Theme : Business Intelligence Concepts, creativity and Applications & Business Process Improvement

Day 2: 06 August , 2021
Theme : Data Science & Business Analytics and Mastering Innovation


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Conference Schedule (August 05, 2021)

Theme : Business Intelligence Concepts, Creativity and Applications & Business Process Improvement

X Speaker Profile

Shovon Sengupta is an experienced data scientist with over 12 years of experience in advanced predictive analytics, machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning.

He has worked extensively in designing award-winning solutions for various organizations, for different business problems in the realm of Finance. Currently, he is Director - Data Science @AI CoE in one of the leading NBFCs in the USA.

He has a USA patent(United States Patent - Sengupta et al. : Automated Predictive Call Routing Using Reinforcement Learning) for designing a reinforcement learning-based solution to his credit.

He has worked extensively in the domain of financial time series analysis and one of the papers “Macroeconomic Forecasting in India: Does Machine Learning Hold the Key to Better Forecasts?” has been published under RBI(Reserve Bank of India) Working Paper Series, WPS(DEPR):04/2019: (Macroeconomic Forecasting in India: Does Machine Learning Hold the Key to Better Forecasts?).

His recent publication includes a 3-parts course [AI for Finance] “AI for Finance - Part 1” , “AI for Finance - Part 2" & “AI for Finance - Part 3” published by redcode from EC – COUNCIL. He is a published author in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and speaker at various conferences.

He can be reached at: LinkedIn - Shovon Sengupta.

X Topic Abstract

I would like to cover the following aspects of Business Process Improvement

- How the temptation to improve impedes process understanding and in turn the improvement
- Why should this term be changed to Business Process Understanding, Problem Statement & Improvement
- Who are the beneficiaries of the process improvement
- Who will be at the receiving end post improvement and hence why an organization should have a plan for them to make them a participant in the process improvement
- Why a 200 slide ppt. cannot be an outcome of a process improvement exercise.
- The target of a process improvement exercise is simple to set (though may be difficult to measure): An Improved Business Process
- Similarities b/w Business Process Improvement and weight loss programs

Speaker Profile

• Experienced in Business Analysis and Functional Solutions with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. Skilled in Credit Risk, Operational Risk, Derivatives and Investment Banking.
• I venture more than often into Business Architecture and Business Process Re-engineering.
• I am an agile enthusiast. I believe that Agile is a change of minds than process. My belief is based on practice. My focus area in Agile is team dynamics and building of trust. The rest becomes superfluous.
• I am a voracious reader. Most of my reading comprises of studying. I take academic interest in Derivatives and Fixed Income products.

X Topic Abstract

Recommender systems/engines are no longer good to have for any product company but must have as the customers have too many choices to make and shorter attention span. In this presentation we will cover high level overview of what is a recommender engine, real life examples of how it is used by different companies, what kind of machine learning techniques can be used for building a recommender system and some basic pitfalls to look out for.

Speaker Profile

Rudrani Ghosh is a Director in the Customer Data Science, Analytics & Platform team in American Express. In Amex her team works on building machine learning models for merchant recommendations and offers. She has 13+ years of experience in the data science domain working for companies like HSBC, Dunnhumby, Chubb and Fractal across different industries.

X Topic Abstract

Global Trends in Tech-disruption [5 minutes, full of infographics]
Shift in the center of economic gravity
Rapid growth in data flows changing the globalization patterns
Accelerated pace of tech-evolution
Widening gap between those who embrace change and those who don't
Automation and AI adoption bringing occupational and skill shifts
Real industry examples of Disruptive Technologies that seemed like science fiction at first, but are very real now [10 minutes]
Banking, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare etc
Common patterns across these disruptions [5 minutes, to reinforce and summarize the technology changes in the world]
AI/ML/DL, Digital (Ecosystem Play, Blockchain, AR/VR etc), Future of Work, Energy & Storage etc
How should organizations and practitioners embrace and approach and tech transformation to prevent being disrupted and stay relevant in current times [5 minutes]
Innovation, Change Management, Social Responsibility, Capability Building
Q&A [5 minutes]

Speaker Profile

Braj is a Global Practice Director at Birlasoft and focuses on building their Digital Strategy & Consulting practice. Before that, he was with McKinsey where he served diverse Enterprises and IT Services on Digital Transformation and IT Delivery Modernization; his responsibilities included CXO advisory, Technology value assurance, Engineering excellence and Program management. He has hands-on experience on strategy, pilot and at-scale execution of business-backed Digital Transformation programs.

Braj started out as a programmer 18 years ago and has since played various software engineering roles before becoming a full-time management consultant. He has lived-in and served global enterprises across various parts of India, US, UK and APAC. He is passionate about teaching and works with NGOs mentoring the youth on employment assistance programs.

X Topic Abstract

Model Interpretability/ Explainabiilty, is one of the most talked about topic in the AI domain, to convert black-box algorithm into easy to comprehend solutions to improve adoption for real life business problems. Interpretability/ Explainability is the degree to which a human can understand the cause of a decision. I plan to talk about some of the cutting edge algorithms in the world of Interpretability/ Explainability during the conference, explaining the importance of this topic along with examples.

Speaker Profile

With close to 14 years of professional experience, Anirban specializes in Data Sciences, Business Analytics and Data Engineering spanning across various verticals of offline & online Retail, and building analytics teams from grounds up. Following his Masters from JNU in Economics, Anirban started his career at Target and spent more than 8 years working on developing in-house products like Customer Personalization, Recommendation System and Search Engine Classifiers. Post Target, Anirban became one of the founding members at Data Labs (Landmark Group) and spent more than 4.5 years building the onshore and offshore team of ~100 members working on Assortment, Inventory, Pricing, Marketing, Ecommerce and Customer analytics solutions. Currently, Anirban is associated with Rakuten as the Head of Business Analytics developing analytics solutions for the Rakuten global ecosystem and building a high-preforming team in the Bangalore office. On the personal side, Anirban loves sports, and is a big follower of soccer/football (Argentina and Manchester United are his favourite teams).

X Topic Abstract

Design Thinking is art of central orientation on how to innovate and deliver solutions to our customers. It is a process of innovation starts with defining a problem or needs and concludes with kind of tangible outcome that can be a solution in itself or a basis to iterate. The process makes use of techniques; some of which are divergent for creativity while others are convergent that aim to analyse and refine through rationale. Design Thinking helps the BA's as the organization needs a way to fast track the discovery and design process to understand what works and what does not, within a light weight, fast and effective process.

Objective: To empower and enhance the Business Analyst to drive the requirement discovery phase with ease.

Focus Areas:

1: Design Thinking Skills
2: Identify Customer Needs
3: Applied Creativity – Product Concept Generation
4: Design of Services and Customer Experience
5: Financial Analysis
6: Environmental Stability


- Effective and accurate requirement gathering
- Reduce the requirement flaws
- Perfect match with expected Vs reality

Speaker Profile

Sushma Bhargav is a seasoned Product Manager with over a decade of experience growing and leading technology products across the globe. She is currently the Associate Director at Happiest Minds, Happiest Minds is a ‘Born Digital. Born Agile’, Mindful IT Company, enables digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers by delivering seamless customer experiences, business efficiency and actionable insights by leveraging a spectrum of disruptive technologies such as: artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, digital process automation, internet of things, robotics/drones, security, virtual/augmented reality, etc. Prior to Happiest Minds her work spanned leading multiple products with Adobe, Smart Bear & many more. Most recently she is heading the Hi-tech vertical with cutting edge technologies across the different geological customer products. Sushma connects with people to solutions which empower them to realize their highest potential and as a result, this has produced professionals and scalable businesses. In her free time you will find her mentoring people from BA community. Skilled in agile, product manager, research, BA community, agile frameworks, team and collaboration tools, strategy, mobile applications, UX design, and web apps. Apart from Hi-tech she is also experienced on Retail, Ecommerce, Healthcare and Automobile in both B2B and B2C verticals.

X Topic Abstract

How the industry expectation is changing with OPEX. What will be the considerations for bringing in Excellence into Opex.

Speaker Profile

Consulting IT professional with 22 years of experience in helping the clients to derive maximum benefits from the Business Applications and deliver high customer satisfaction. Expert at Client Engagement, Implementing industry best practices, Continual Improvement, Automations and Transformation of the services.

X Topic Abstract

Take your innovation strategies to the next level by adapting Business Innovation. Today innovation by default makes one think about technology innovation. However when you dig deeper, successful innovative strategies promote alignment among multiple groups within an organization with clarity on its objectives and priorities. Such strategies should progress with business innovation; which is amalgamation of many other internal innovations.

Is there an approach to follow and succeed ?
Are there any good practices to follow?
Are there any organizations following such practices and how to lead to successful business innovation?

Speaker Profile

20 Years experience, 15 Years in Business/Technical transformations. Largescale payment transformation initiatives.

X Topic Abstract

the session will be on the growing need of Creative Intelligence. It will focused on the ability to ideate, visualise and produce new products, ideas, or inventing a new, novel solution to a problem. Will also discuss how it is different from Executional Intelligence, generally taught, and valued by our education system.

Speaker Profile

A business leader with extensive experience in applying Finance, Technology, Data Science, and Forensics knowledge in improving the governance and compliance environment of the organizations.

X Topic Abstract

Overview on-
1. Different levels of BI Maturity
2. Impact of BI on organization
3. BI strategy & targets
4.POC implementation
5. Summative assessment &/or project

Speaker Profile

Am a Director – Global Delivery Program Management and Strategy having over 18 years multi-faceted Program Management experience with leading Global Multinational Organizations. A solutions-driven senior professional adept at managing culture change, strategy, building large high-performance geographically diverse teams, business process implementation, business integration across USA, UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific and other regions. I am being coached by an Executive Leadership coach in UK.

Proven expertise in Strategy Planning, developing PMO structures, establishing KPIs & data analysis/management. The role encompassed understanding of domain processes & setting up PMOs. My background includes particular emphasis in handling M&As including integrating acquired companies with the parent organization and executing PMO merger involving investments of over $ 108M.

Collaborating with the engineering and agile product management teams, as well as expertise in managing budgets and P&L, improving process utilization & efficiencies, reducing costs thereby achieving customer satisfaction and business growth. I have a working history with clients across Pharma & Life sciences, Telecom, CPG, Banking, Oil & Gas, R&D, Publishing, Retail and other verticals.

My qualifications include MSc in Psychology from Bangalore University apart from industry specific credentials. I have been consistently recognized by my management as someone with proficiency in delivering multiple projects and programs in cross-functional practice areas.

09:00AM - 09:20AM Registration / Login

schedule 09:20AM -09:30AM  Conference Overview
Abhilasha Sinha, Director - Summits, 1.21GWS
09:30AM - 10:00AM Algorithmic fairness and the world of Machine Learning - Click Here for More Info
Shovon Sengupta, Director - Data Science (AI CoE)@Fidelity Investments, Fidelity Investments
10:00AM - 10:30AM Business Process Improvement - Click Here for More Info
Saswata Banerjee, Sr. Business Analyst (AVP), Credit Suisse
10:30AM - 11:00AM A brief overview of recommender systems - Click Here for More Info
Rudrani Ghosh, Director, American Express
11:00AM - 11:30AM Technological Disruption and Transformation - Click Here for More Info
Brajabhusan Panda, Director, Global Digital Practice, Birlasoft | Ex-McKinsey
11:30AM - 12:00PM Model Interpretability/ Explainability - Click Here for More Info
Anirban Nandi, Sr Director, Business Analytics, Rakuten India Enterprise Private Limited
schedule 12:00PM - 12:30PM Break
12:30PM - 01:00PM Panel Discussion - The Role of Data in Business Analysis

Moderator : Pradeep Nair, AVP-Research/Operations/Product Management, Tracxn

Mathew Joseph, Vice President and Head of Artificial Intelligence Labs, Apar Technologies

Subharun Mukherjee, Director, FRESHWORKS

Dr Chiranjiv Roy, SVP/Practise Head, SG Analytics

Anjum Javed, Director-Digital Transformation, WNS Global Services

schedule 01:00PM - 02:00PM Break
02:00PM - 02:30PM Design Thiniking for BA's - Click Here for More Info
Sushma Bhargav, Associate Director, Happiest Minds
speaker 02:30PM - 03:00PM Culture Of Excellence: Transforming Into The Next Generation Of Opex - Click Here for More Info
Sai Prakash Yerramilli, Director Consulting, CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants
03:00PM - 03:30PM Business Innovation - Click Here for More Info
Vijaya Krishna STP, Director Expert, CGI
03:30PM - 04:00PM Ideation: Generating Ideas and Divergent Thinking - Click Here for More Info
Rajiv Gupta, Vice President, Flipkart
04:00PM - 04:30PM BI Maturity, Strategy, and Summative Project - Click Here for More Info
Jagruthi Priya Sathavalli, Director Project Management, FIS

Conference Schedule (August 06, 2021)

Theme : Data Science & Business Analytics and Mastering Innovation

X Topic Abstract

On how meaningful information can be presented to top management for dynamic decision making, enriched by applying with story telling with data concepts for all levels organization

Speaker Profile

Sajesh Jyothi prakash has 16+ years of experience in BFSI. He currently heads Compliance, Conduct and Operational Risk functions in JPMorgan Chase, Bengaluru. He has managed key Compliance, Risk and Technology positions at Citibank, AXA and Fidelity Investments in the past. Sajesh is an IIM Alumni and holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science.

X Topic Abstract

Sharing anecdotes on how fiascos can be avoided with commitment upfront

Speaker Profile

Sales & Business Development / Account Management / Alliance & Partnership Growth Leader with 15+ years of strong industry acumen / in-depth experience of Business / Risk / IT / People / Tax advisory services enabling Digital Transformation, Cost Optimization, Process / Performance Improvement, Change Management, Technology Modernization, Cloud Migration and Intelligent Automation across Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Retail & Consumer domains.

X Topic Abstract

Automation in any manner needs to release Humans from any work that does not use Human Intelligence – Today we are in a beautiful space where systems allow us to build an environment where more and more transactional work can be delegated to systems and Humans can utilize their time and effort to make a huge difference to the business

Speaker Profile

Make it easy to get work done for all stakeholders..
Global Digital Strategy for the Organization
Employee Satisfaction Mindset

X Topic Abstract

1. Current industry trends
2. How is Ai transforming the retail India story
3. A few case studies

Speaker Profile

Career Highlights:

- Rich mix of business development, strategic planning, stakeholder management, program management and operational excellence in a global delivery model.
- Built high performing, cross-functional, culturally diverse teams spread over 3 continents.
- Demonstrated ability to architect and operationalize initiatives.
- Experience with Engineering Program Management, Business Operations, Vendor/Sub-contractor performance management, Client Relationships, Business Solutions Program Planning & Execution, and Resource Management.
- Experience using big data, machine learning & artificial Intelligence to generate insights, drive solution/product initiatives.
- Pre-sales Support: Analysis & Study of RFP/RFQ, Solution/Proposal Development, Proof of Concept/Product Presentation, Technical Negotiation, Expectation Management, Client Presentations, Client Satisfaction/Relation Management
- People Management experience: Selective Recruitment, Induction & Training, Performance Monitoring & Feedback, Career Planning, Recognition & Reward, Motivation & Mentoring the team.
- Conceptualized & implemented Enterprise wide Transformation programs with YoY $$ Savings
- Experience with Managed Services Solutions: Channel Partner Management, Sales and Service Enablement Business workflow management and big data management.
- Instrumental in defining and driving Cost take-out Opportunities

X Topic Abstract

The current pandemic has taught us how connectivity, digital, and automation is going to drive business process of the future. Automation has now moved from just BPM to Hyperautomation, this talk will focus on the building blocks and how business should adopt huperautomation for a larger digital strategy.

Speaker Profile

With Industry Experience of 25+ years and currently Working as EVP and Head BFSI IT at Visionet Systems. Prior to that Worked at MindTree, Lucent Technologies, Tata Infotech and successfully executed different projects/programs/Verticals/Business Lines and helped many fortune 500 companies to do outsourcing and build extended quality teams and scale their business.
Book Author - P.R.I.D.E,
The Marquis Who's Who Publications Board
India Achievers's Award

Worked for 12+ years at MindTree, handling various business positions, handling the R&D Services projects/programs. Successfully worked as Account Manager for multiple accounts, creating successful partner relationships.

Had been a head of PM Council at MindTree Ltd.for 2007-2008.

Have been handling almost all verticals as part of R&D, viz.. consumer, Communications and Networking, Storage and Servers, Telecom.

X Topic Abstract

Growing AI investment but few deployed at scale and how ML/Ops is demand of hours to industrialize Artificial Intelligence space by sorting out deployment challenges.

Speaker Profile

Over 18 years of experience currently heading Glaxo Smith Kline India Pvt Ltd. Principal Product Head Global Vaccine Data Analytics within Corporate Risk. Possesses expert knowledge of Data Management, Data Governance, Data Science, Advance analytics-AI/Machine Learning to setup Analytics Center Of Excellence. Strong People Management capabilities & champion in team engagement. Well versed in AGILE process & building high performing team through JIRA, Scrum, Sprint, Product Owners & DEV Ops Implementation. PMP certified worked as Program Office Manager to setup large PMO division in UK Bristol. Having more than 5 years Onsite Experience in Canada, USA & UK. Invigorated team in Innovation & IDEA & generated more than 160 automation projects with more than 3 Million $ SAVE within Enterprise Data Analytics.

X Topic Abstract

Importance of Visual Storytelling

Speaker Profile

Ms. Vidhya Veeraraghavan is currently the Vice President - Head of Analytics, Financial Markets Operations at Standard Chartered Bank. Prior to this assignment, she had held various positions in SCB. She has also worked in Citibank, for more than 13 years in various positions including Regional Retail Operations Head.

She is a leader in Analytics with hands-on experience in building and nurturing high energy teams of Data Scientists and Business Intelligence experts, having 19 years of experience in Banking & Information Technology Operations and Fraud Analytics. She is passionate about solving business challenges by providing data-driven solutions through Big Data technologies and analytics storytelling. She demonstrates strong leadership, networking and communication skills in both her personal and professional lives. As part of her continuous learning agenda, She has recently completed a course on Executive Data Science from John Hopkins University School of Education.

X Topic Abstract

In an ever-competitive marketplace, faster commoditization of product/service, how “Sales Analytics” can be leveraged, by the sales organization, to achieve its operational KPIs and beat the targets.

Speaker Profile

• 20+ years of experience in the Industry spanning across Business Development, Technical Marketing, Pre-Sales, and Sales .

• Proficiency in Managing & Leading Client Engagements across Customers life cycle with expertise in ensuring high level of client satisfaction, revenue expansion.

• Managing & Leading Software Services / Product lines in the Global Markets along with driving market entry strategy for the new, untapped markets or customer segments.

• Spearheaded Responsibilities to Drive & Develop various emerging markets including Africa

• Expertise in Setting & Managing Global Delivery Centers encompassing Onshore, Offshore & GDMs models including - Planning, Managing complex cross functional, large-scale results-driven programs/projects.

X Topic Abstract

Our Key objective will be :
> Greatest technological innovations in recent time.
> The core global challenges at this point of time.
> Tackling the global challenges through empathy.
> Policy transformation for sustainable and inclusive development.
> Emerging approaches for a better living and sustainable development.
> Smart, social and inclusive innovation as a strategy.
> Role of diversity, inclusion and equity in innovation eco system for industry 4.0.
> Key strategies to bring changes to large community as an individual and organization.
> Key messages and conclusions
Above are Key topics and i will be driving all the above pointers through respective real life cases and examples. This session is full of useful strategies and examples. Audience can relate and feel motivated after the talk. There will be significant mindset shift for audience towards positivity on Global innovations during the end of the session.

Speaker Profile

· A diverse skilled personality who is passionate about global product innovation, strategy, and business model by leveraging human centered design, design thinking, and systems thinking. Persuasive and empathetic communication skills in cross-cultural environments.
· A data-driven analytical thinker with expertise in Digital Transformation & Product Analytics. Passionate about driving the business through Data and Insights.
· Impacting the workforce through Diversity & Inclusion.
· Bringing social changes towards a Sustainable development for top global challenges.
· A public and motivational speaker through Storytelling.

X Topic Abstract

Digital banking fraud is a major international industry in which sophisticated criminal groups employ increasingly sophisticated tools. ML/AI is changing the landscape of how banks fight fraudsters. This is the space where cutting edge technology can be used in Banking Domain without the interference of regulators.Fraud Modelling creates the ML/AI used cases for the whole consumer banking setup.

Speaker Profile

8+ years of experience in Statistical & ML Models for HSBC, JP Morgan & Chase, Wells Fargo across Marketing, Risk & Fraud Domain

X Topic Abstract

Insurance as an industry is facing disruption from environmental changes as well as Insurtech companies. To adapt to this change, traditional insurance companies need to make significant improvements to their risk & loss assessment processes. At the same time, they also need to become more customer friendly. This session will focus on how Data Science is enabling these companies to achieve this dual objective. We will discuss a case study on how an insurance company leveraged external data (structured & unstructured) to transform their commercial underwriting process. The case will analyze the variety of data that was utilized, key Data Science techniques and the resulting impact on performance

Speaker Profile

Minu has around 14 years of experience in advanced analytics & AI, solving a variety of business problems for companies in financial services, insurance, hospitality, healthcare, and technology. She has designed, developed & deployed end-to-end solutions spanning customer lifecycle management, marketing optimization, operational excellence, and risk management. In her current role with Tiger, Minu is leading the development of solutions for insurance companies, thereby enabling their successful transition to a post COVID, technology driven era.

09:00AM - 09:20AM Registration / Login

schedule 09:20AM -09:30AM  Conference Overview
Abhilasha Sinha, Director - Summits, 1.21GWS
09:30AM - 10:00AM Applications of visualization principles on risk analytics - Click Here for More Info
Sajesh Jyothiprakash, Vice President, JP Morgan Chase
10:00AM - 10:30AM Getting Commitment From Senior Leaders And Important Stakeholders Upfront - Click Here for More Info
Anirban Datta, Associate Director, National Markets, EY India
10:30AM - 11:00AM Releasing Human capital by using Artificial Intelligence - Click Here for More Info
Vrinda Pai, Director, Information Systems [24]7.ai
speaker 11:00AM - 11:30AM AI lead transformation in India retail and the way forward - Click Here for More Info
Sowjanya Shetty, Director, Sales (Retail and Growth), Microsoft
speaker 11:30AM - 12:00PM Digital Business Process: Path to HyperAutomation - Click Here for More Info
Sandeep Agarwal, EVP and Head BFSI IT, Visionet Systems
12:00PM - 12:30PM AI/ML Ops - Click Here for More Info
Suman Dubey, Principal Product Head Global Vaccine Data Analytics, Glaxo Smith Kline India Pvt Ltd.
12:30PM - 01:00PM Panel discussion - Business Analytics in the New Decade : Trends

Moderator : Umesh Gupta, Director Payments and Eligibility, Conduent

Akhil Srivastava, Director AB InBev, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Pradeep Nair, AVP-Research/Operations/Product Management, Tracxn

Kunal Bhardwaj, Director, Product & Content Strategy (Education), Dailyhunt

Vrinda Pai, Director, Information Systems, [24]7.ai

schedule 01:00PM - 02:00PM Break
02:00PM - 02:30PM Tell me your story - Visual Storytelling - Click Here for More Info
Vidhya Veeraraghavan, Vice President, Head of Analytics - Financial Markets Operations, Standard Chartered Bank
02:30PM - 03:00PM Sales Analytics – Enabling Sales to execute Sales Strategy leveraging Data & Analytics - Click Here for More Info
Chander Wanchoo, Associated Vice President, Tata Communication
speaker 03:00PM - 03:30PM Transforming our world through Innovation with Inclusion - Click Here for More Info
Jyotirmaya Patro, Project Delivery Manager, Advanced Analytics, Merck Kgaa
03:30PM - 04:00PM Finance & Risk Analytics - Click Here for More Info
Sandipan Das Mahapatra, Senior Associate Consultant, Wells Fargo
04:00PM - 04:30PM Transforming commercial insurance underwriting - Click Here for More Info
Minu Rachel Philip, Associate Vice President, Tiger Analytics

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Till 05th August, 2021

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