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Overview of the event

In today's world scenario a BA has multiple roles from participating in agile projects to play the dual role of product owner, or business ambassador. In some teams, BAs also play the role of a user experience designer, team lead, change manager, technical analyst, and / or solution tester, perhaps even dabbling in technical design, data analytics or even development.

At BA Innovation Summit we will learn how business analysis can make the difference between a successful and a struggling project. We will learn how business analysis practitioners can provide excellent service through the project process, asking questions, applying techniques, creating documents and presentations, and clarifying how to implement the approved solution.

Facts & Figures About The Event

7 Speakers
7 Topics
50 Tickets

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Business Analyst Innovation Day, Dallas
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Today, marketing teams are under tremendous pressure to prove the ROI on their investments than ever before. Business Analysts are playing a pivotal role by being a liaison between the marketing team and the IT team to help track all marketing activities, provide tools to the data analysts, and develop and improve internal processes for better business outcomes. BA's are expected to have an ability to deal with ambiguity and work cross-functionally with a wide range of employees with different skill sets. The role of a business analyst in the Marketing team will continue to evolve as Marketing as a function continues to evolve at a fast pace.

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Working as Business Analyst for transformation programs that include incorporating new Product need different kind of skill sets. Knowing well about the product itself and also be the expert in the domain. The business analyst should be able to navigate business with domain knowledge as well as the product knowledge. How to bridge the gap between what business is looking for and what product have to offer is the most important skills to achieve excellence for product transformation programs

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AI is already disrupting/transforming or has the potential to do so for many human endeavors esp. in the sphere of technology. Business Analysis cannot remain untouched by it. This talk will look at how AI can transform the way Business Analysis is practiced in the days to come and what practitioners can do to stay ahead of the curve.

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In a world of information overload it can be challenging to determine how to effectively analyze and use data for meaningful marketing. Learn how to measure the right things, drive movement through segmentation, and turn data into actionable insights.

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Complex value chains cater to numerous combinations of products-channels with varying revenue and margins. The presentation will focus on how to leverage Artificial intelligence in conjunction with optimization techniques to influence supply and demand decisions to drive profitable growth in a complex multi-channel environment while delivering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Data is the new Fuel and analytics is the new Engine. Enterprises are investing heavily in collecting data and using it to create new revenue streams. Companies are using data to get more details about their customers and enhance the customer experience. The role of Business Analysts is changing due to this new requirement. This session would cover the importance of data, how customers are using it and how BA's can help.

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Business analysis deals with explaining why something happened, understanding the current trend, doing root cause analysis, and proactively monitoring business metrics. Analytics deals with understanding same business in futuristic version, of what will happen next, and predicting KPis for tomorrow. These two functions require different skillsets, however if these two team communicate together, there lies tremendous synergy that can be exploited to increase productivity of business analysts on the team. E.g. if analyst knew the forecasted value of KPI , while doing root cause analysis it helps tremendously in outlier detection vs babu situation. On the other hand BAs proactively monitoring KPIs can spot a emerging trend when when fed to analytics prediction model can hugely improve the accuracy of future forecasts. In presentation I can walk through the how and what interactions should happen to harvest synergy.

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Analyst face a lot of challenges in analyzing and execution of big programs. Mind map is a great tool to help handle these challenges. This presentation /paper helps understand the value of mind maps in the day to day job for business analyst as they go through the cycle from Idea to Implementation.

X Topic Abstract

Learn how to set up a business analytics team that focuses on helping your organization find the money.
Building or Restructuring your BA group
Change the mindset of the Business Analyst and of your IT team
Focus on tools that enable the Business Analyst
How to use Millennials in your team

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Who can attend Business Analyst Innovation Day in Dallas?

• Chief Business Analyst Officers
• Business Analyst Directors
• Head of Business Analyst
• Head of Business Analyst Operations & Head of Shared Services
• Business Analyst Transformation Managers
• Strategic Business Partners
• General Managers of Business Analyst
• National Business Analyst Partners

Why to attend Business Analyst Innovation Day in Dallas?

- Access to Full-day event
- Talks by industry experts on different aspects of Business Analyst
- Overview of frameworks and tools that you can adopt
- Access to slide decks of all speakers
- Networking opportunities with other passionate professionals from your city

What will you learn about?

Learn latest techniques and skills required for Business Analyst from industry stalwarts themselves. Latest trends, concepts, processes and tools to understand and acknowledge challenges in Business Analyst. Meet and network with fellow HR experts from leading companies. Learn how to adapt and adopt these changes quickly and swiftly within a team and also across the enterprise.

Are there any prerequisites to attend this program?


Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.