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Overview of the event

In today's world scenario a BA has multiple roles from participating in agile projects to play the dual role of product owner, or business ambassador. In some teams, BAs also play the role of a user experience designer, team lead, change manager, technical analyst, and / or solution tester, perhaps even dabbling in technical design, data analytics or even development.

At BA Innovation Summit we will learn how business analysis can make the difference between a successful and a struggling project. We will learn how business analysis practitioners can provide excellent service through the project process, asking questions, applying techniques, creating documents and presentations, and clarifying how to implement the approved solution.

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Business Analyst Innovation Day, Chennai
X Topic Abstract

Future of the Business Analysis is upbeat; but in the age of digital transformation, the Customers/Businesses expects the Business Analysts to guide them on the best practices and suggest/advise them on the emerging/niche technologies. Hence, learning or understanding new and niche technologies is/are crucial to the career of a Business Analyst. With the new business challenges, there is a need for innovative & scalable solutions. In this digital era, it is difficult to convince the Customers/Businesses with the Traditional Business Solutions. Business Analysts should look at the big picture at an Enterprise Level before suggesting any solution(s) as well the solution(s) should be cost effective. In today’s world, the Business Analysts are expected to wear multiple hats – they should think like a Customer, Developer, Project Manager, Quality/Test Analyst and Users.

Speaker profile

Gopi has 23+ years of experience (out of which he has 19+ years of experience in the CRM Implementations) in the Information Technology and that includes CRM, ERP and Client Server domains. [He has 29 years of overall experience.]

He has been involved in the Delivery / Program / Project Management, Business Analysis, Pre-Sales, Consulting, Design, Development, Testing, Support and Implementation of CRM/ERP/Client Server Applications.

He has extensive onsite experience as a Business Analyst / CRM Consultant / Solution Architect / Project & Program Manager / Delivery Manager spanning across USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan & India.

He is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute and a Certified TOGAF Enterprise Architect.

He is also a Salesforce Certified Application Architect and a Salesforce Certified System Architect.

X Topic Abstract

Speaker would focus on
1. How are companies getting disrupted?
2. How digital revolution transforming the business?
3. Understanding the role of mega trends in Imagining the future?
4. Some of the disruptive technology of the future?
5. What can a business analyst learn from macro to micro strategy implementation?
Category of the talk: Workshop

Speaker profile

After completing my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Calicut, I pursued my Masters in Business Administration and Management General from Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship, Bangalore. I went on to secure project management certification from PMI, the USA.

I have dedicated myself to learning and understanding the new aspects of business growth and its new-age transformation. The major part of my life, close to 2 decades, I have worked with multiple corporate. Starting as an engineer and moving on to be a research analyst at Frost & Sullivan and finally becoming the Senior Vice president of Sales at Frost and Sullivan. The journey was a fulfilling one where I held positions like regional head, director and today I'm proud to head a bunch of talented sales professionals.

Exploring the market and learning the new trends has helped me serve better to my clients and understand the future growth opportunities pretty well. Something I would always love to do is to educate myself with the current trends in the industry. Being a thought leader in the field of business has made me gain more knowledge with the amounts of questions raised by my folks and my followers.

X Speaker profile

Saro Velrajan works for Ginkos India, as the Chief Strategy Officer. He has 20+ years of expe-rience in networking technologies, working for leading companies such as Verizon, Cisco Sys-tems, Ericsson, and Juniper Networks.He specializes in technologies such as Software Defined Networks, Network Virtualization, Edge Computing, 5G and IOT.

Saro has an MBA in Technology Management from University of Phoenix. Saro has experience in managing large engineering organizations both offshore and onsite. He has held several roles in product engineering, marketing and product management.

Saro’s interests include blogging, traveling, mentoring and public speaking. He is part of a non-profit organization called Toastmasters International, where he helps members to become better speakers and leaders.

X Topic Abstract

There is a thin line that divides Business analysis and User experience, as both focus on the clarity of requirements needed for any project to succeed, be it enterprise or consumer channels. While there is a heavy focus on getting the business analysis right the Experience design aspect of the project cannot be ignored. The topic of discussion will focus around how experience design can be integrated into the SDLC seamlessly to avoid unnecessary rework later and to also enlighten the business and technologists on the value system that surrounds Experience design.

Speaker Profile

Kavitha Kalyan heads the Experience Design Lab at TCS Interactive Chennai, Siruseri and comes with 20+ years of experience in Experience Design for Digital, championing the cause of User Experience in a very technology dominated world. Having worked across various domains like Retail, Travel and Hospitality, Banking, Telecom, Real Estate and Social Media to name a few, she spends her time describing the journey it takes to bring logic and aesthetics together across them. She has channelized her team to explore how the rules could be stretched or pushed to include Design while keeping an eye on ROI, using various experience design methodologies. Whether it is research on how to merge of artificial intelligence with rich user experience or whether it is to streamline processes in agile, she has dedicated most of her career to understand the nuances of Experience Design and its value in Digital. In a parallel universe Kavitha Kalyan spends her time exploring Ancient Indian iconography in art and architecture in great depth. She has published a lot of her findings and interpretations on her personal blog - – and has penned down her first fiction novel Vamsa - Quest for the Divine Calling as a self-published author.

X Topic Abstract

Data analytics is an core aspect of business analysis. This forms the core part or the back bone of business decisions taken by business analyst in supporting the organization goals and in achieving the objectives. Given the current scheme of things around prescriptive and predictive analytics and in the world of data science, this leads the organizations in pin pointing the core business outcome, based on predictions and this leads the way to fine tune the organizational decisions to achieve growth. This makes the decisions taken by the business analyst more scientific or not subjective, thus linking the core functions of the organizations to the business outcomes, linking through the entire supply chain of data. This also helps the business analyst to help the organizations to take both the tactical and strategic decisions and the follow through steps."

Speaker profile

25+ years of Proven experience in the Industry, with around 20 years of experience in Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence and Analytics Space. Had performed multiple roles from Portfolio head managing and incubating large Accounts in BFS space for over 13 years and then in Technology, Media, Retail and Manufacturing domains, to heading Consulting assignments (both technology and business) for strategic customers across the globe. Have also performed the role Geo Head for BFS, managing and growing APAC, ME and ANZ.

Was managing and Heading Platforms team, responsible for managing release cycles, closely working with product Engg. Teams creating product roadmap to GA. This is for all regions/across the globe. Have got two international awards from Microsoft & Cloudera for Implementations.

Arun’s interest include Wildlife photography and Classical Indian Music, loves hearing for long hours.

X Topic Abstract

1: Land recordkeeping case study in Medieval age

2: Connection land recordkeeping to current form of Block Chain

3: Interesting facts and usage of Block Chain

Speaker profile

Garg started his career with Citibank Corporate Banking. In his current role as Vice President, Operations at RRD, he manages a number of large Financial Services teams in Asia. He has been speaking at a number of automation conferences and sharing his views on the impact of automation on the financial services industry. Rohit holds Master's degree in Industrial Engineering from NITIE, Mumbai, India.

X Topic Abstract

As Data is exploding with rise of IOT devices and as technology is reaching its new heights in Artificial intelligence, it becomes very critical for the Business Analyst role to utilize the data to bring meaningful insights and with focused business outcome.

With disruption happening across all industries it becomes even more imperative for innovations to be the top most priority for any CXOs to remain and lead in competition. Business analyst becomes key role to lead these innovations who act as a bridge between the IT and business, and data is very crucial to take the creative ideas to implementation phase.

Data generated from IOT devices are increasing multi fold from mobile devices, transportation facilities, public facilities, home appliances, sensors, etc.. With business acumen and with tools and technologies, these data can break the boundaries in terms of disrupting the disruptors for business.

Data becomes a key atomic grain for any business analyst involved in operational, tactical and strategic roles. Which is in direct relation with descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analysis. Business Analyst plays a key role in converting data from liability to asset.“

Data is the primary asset in business analysis. Presentation will include above concepts along with few industry use cases that will also be outlined for audience understanding.

Speaker profile

Deepak Nithyanandam has about 21+ years of experience in Business Intelligence and Analytics Space. He has vast experience in the data domain and he has performed several delivery roles at onshore and offshore. 

He is currently performing the delivery lead role in a fortune 500 company and he comes from artificial intelligence and Analytics practice. Program from his account has been nominated for global awards in his organization. He has successfully led the data delivery team with a headcount of about 300 and received appreciation and awards for innovations. 

Deepak holds a Master of Engineering degree from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore Tamil Nadu. He also has conducted stress reduction and meditation programs.

X Topic Abstract

The Role of a Business analyst and how it has evolved over the last decade and the opportunities that accrue to a someone who chooses Business Analysis as a Career Path

X Topic Abstract

The talk may help us explore the key attributes to be considered while trying to establish material equity for the role of a Business Analyst. We will start with the understanding of the expectations from a BA and how those expectations can be aligned with the strategic agenda of an organization and percolates down to its customers, clients and stakeholders. By the end of the session, we should be able to pin down on a set of CMPs (Common Minimum Practices) which can help us in the journey of establishing the required amount of equity for the role of a BA.

Speaker profile

Arijit has spent around 18 years across marquee organizations like GE / Genpact, HSBC and Standard Chartered. He is known for Orchestration, Design, Governance & Delivery of large-scale initiatives & programs creating tangible & transformational impact. He is currently the Vice President – Head of Change Delivery for Core Finance Systems and associated processes with special focus on the finance transformation program. He is responsible for delivering a simplified & streamlined process & technology landscape, grounded on the understanding of business drivers and key use cases. Prior to joining Standard Chartered, he has: driven Retail Risk Analytics programs at HSBC

set up Smart Decision Lab at Genpact and driven build & monetization of Analytics solutions by engaging internal experts and leveraging partners and academia led Analytics Organizational Capability Development at Genpact

worked as a Business Analyst at GE for their:

Strategic Business Intelligence unit
GE Supply Sales Tax & Credit Administration unit
Fraud Underwriting unit at GE Consumer Finance

X Topic Abstract

The industry is being rapidly reshaped by digital advances and companies are riding the wave of change with several digital innovations and transformation programs. In order to successfully deliver on the IT transformation programs which typically are delivered on Agile methodology, there needs to be deeper collaboration and ideation between the business teams and their IT partners and the business analysts can be prove to be the lynchpin. Business analysts are no longer only formulating requirements, they are now working with key decision makers to craft digital strategies that solve the organization’s most complex business challenges and help manage change. Hence it is essential to view business analysis with newer perspectives to accelerate this change.

Speaker profile

Gayathri Sourirajan is a Director with the Cognizant Business Consulting Healthcare practice. She has close to 18 years of work experience working on multitude of consulting engagements ranging from digital business transformation, operational efficiency to IT operational readiness. During this tenure she has led numerous BA engagements managing large teams and working closely with the client team to successfully deliver on the engagements. She is a strong proponent of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) and leads the D&I initiatives for her business unit.

X Topic Abstract

While enterprises are grappling to stay ahead of the digital disruption, the speed at which consumers are embracing digital is startling, leaving enterprises with shorter times to react to these changes. Today’s enterprises have to deal with fast changing newer digital technologies like Blockchain, AR/VR, AI, ML, Cloud computing, Intelligent apps, Big Data, RPA etc. Enterprises are yet to fully grasp the impact of this rapid disruption and this is the genesis for evolution of the Digital Business Analyst.

Business Analysts have so far predominantly focused on the intricacies of the business world, devise strategies to realize organizational objectives and walk on the boundary of business and technology. However, the Digital Business analysts today need to transcend these boundaries and bring in newer approaches and skills. Digital Business Analysts will have to deal with the fact that in the digital world, the conventional business models are disrupted. Think of Uber, Airbnb, Netflix etc.

A new mindset is required to shift from “Incremental thinking” to “Imagining the possible”. Digital Business Analysts would also need to be “customer obsessed” in delivering superior customer experiences. That alone is going to ensure that organization retains its relevance.

Digital Business Analysts would also need to understand that technology is going to be the center piece of the value they deliver. Technology will play a significant role in designing organizational processes, impacting customer experience and therefore Digital business analysts would need to jump right into the center of technology led innovation.

Speaker profile

Shankar is a Digital Marketing leader with 22 years of experience in helping enterprises conceptualize, architect, & implement digital strategies across omni-channel Customer Experience, Campaign management, Enterprise content management, Robotic Process Automation that elevate brand experiences, improve conversions & enable digital transformations at scale. He is currently the Digital Competency head for Americas in Tech Mahindra. He is an acknowledged thought leader and has spoken in multiple international forums, published several thought leadership articles in online and magazine publications.

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Our Speakers

Gopinath Chengalpattu Rajamanoharan

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Cognizant Technology Solutions

Mani James

SVP - Global Sales

Frost and Sullivan

Arunkumar Duraiswami


Saro Velrajan

Chief Strategy Officer

Ginkos India

Rohit Garg

Vice President

RRD - Global Outsourcing Solutiuons

Deepak Nithyanandam

Assoc. Director

Gautam Kanal

Head, PreSales & Deal Solution, North America & Global Data-Analytics Lead

HCL Technologies

Arijit Mukherjee

Vice President - Finance Change Delivery

Standard Chartered Bank

Gayathri Sourirajan

Director, Consulting

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Shankar Krishnamurthy

VP & Competency Head - Digital Customer

Tech Mahindra

Kavitha Kalyan

Design Head, TCS Interactive, Chennai


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