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Join the industry leaders, developers, Blockchain gurus and technology players at the Enterprise Blockchain Implementation Summit. Experience real life case studies across industries and learn their success. We will aim on future of Enterprise Blockchain and how your company can benefit now.The conference sessions and the leading experts from the blockchain space will put a spotlight on what needs to be understood and how you can make profits in future.

Enterprise Blockchain implementation summit will explore the industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology.

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7 Speakers
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Our Past Speakers

Anastasiya Stolbova

Software Consultant

Momentum Software Solutions

Srikar Govindarajula

Founder and CEO

Louise Mercer

Head of Everledger

Rahul Golash

Chief Blockchain Architect

Aeries Blockchain Corporation


Head of Strategic Partnerships

Blockchain Babes

James Wan

Senior Associate

Patent & Trade Marks Attorney & Lawyer

Lucy Lin

Founder @ Forestlyn | Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Marketing Advisor



founder and CEO

Station Five

Dr. Ross McKenzie

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

The Startup Business

Ahmed Syed

Innovation Architect


Conference Schedule

Enterprise Blockchain Implementation Summit, Sydney
X Topic Abstract

The blockchain has been inextricably linked to crytpocurrencies. Throughout 2018 we saw a de-coupling of the blockchain as a technology from cryptocurrencies, as the bear market continued to worsen and Corporates globally tried to find the elusive ROI’s. This has given the marketplace the breather it needed to consolidate. It has also enabled the regulators to understand more about the risks of the technology to identify the core areas that need regulation. It is the meeting of the power of blockchain, the flexibility of cryptocurrencies and regulation that marks the beginning of the next, even bigger wave via Smart Tokens and Smart Securities. It has the potential to disrupt global financial services markets and create a raft of new threats and opportunities.

X Topic Abstract

An overview of the legal issues and practical solutions from real life examples and experience relating to Blockchain and Smart Contracts and their implementation, where such fit in to the legal regime and practical tips for compliance.

Speaker profile

Alec is a partner and the Asia Pacific Leader of Digital Law at EY and has over 29 years’ experience. He has a cross-border Asia Pacific practice with an emphasis on practical solutions in data privacy/cyber security, Blockchain, smart contracts, AI, AR and VR, data protection, information (including Big Data analytics and IoT), e-commerce (including online marketing), Cloud computing, sourcing, open source software and commercial IT, especially as used in and applied to the health, education, government, financial services and e-commerce sectors.
Alec is described by Chambers Global - The World’s Leading Lawyers for Business Guide as ‘superb…. a genuine regional expert’; by Asia Pacific Legal 500 as ‘probably one of the best lawyers in his field’ and ‘a Cloud computing and data privacy expert’; and by Leading Lawyers as ‘a sought after IT lawyer in Australia, he’s a highly pragmatic professional who assisted us in getting a very commercial result’.
Since 2013 Alec has been selected as one of the Leading Information Technology lawyers in Australia by Who’s Who Legal and described as a ‘distinguished practitioner… lauded by clients for his excellent advisory work in… privacy’. Since 2015 Alec has been recognised by his peers in BestLawyers as one of Australia’s best (a) Outsourcing lawyers and (b) Data Privacy & Security lawyers.
Alec has been appointed as the only Australian on the editorial boards of Data Guidance’s online ‘Global platform for data protection and privacy compliance’ and the global journals Data Protection Leader and Digital Health Legal published by Cecile Park Publishing. Alec is also the country expert/editor for Bloomberg BNA’s Australian chapter for its online global data privacy and security offering.

X Topic Abstract

This talk will give an introduction to tokenised financial assets underpinned by blockchain technology and explore some in-depth global use cases. Tokenisation is a process of issuing and then circulating rights on tangible (physical) and intangible (digitally native) assets via smart contracts. A token is a digital asset, therefore issue and circulation are done in a completely digital form. Where the traditional issuance and circulation of stocks, for example, required significant timeframes and costs, tokenisation can be done much faster and inexpensively. This offers great opportunities for the development and expansion of financial markets and simplification of the investment process. Through tokenisation, investment becomes more accessible and secure which could attract new participants. Also, tokenisation is not limited to stocks, any asset can be tokenised, including infrastructure and real estate.

Speaker profile

Rosa Thompson has eight years experience in Australian and US-based tech companies. She has been a Venture Architect at ConsenSys for a year where she works with corporates, non-profits, universities and governments on the development of Proof of Concepts (POCs), internal pilots and live decentralised applications (dApps). She has worked on multiple entrepreneurial ventures, including being a finalist in Blue Chilli’s SheStarts accelerator. Her current passion project is CryptoPayroll. She is professionally trained in product management, web programming and user experience design. Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Swinburne University of Technology.Present: Masters of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

X Topic Abstract

Many believe blockchain will transform many industries, but as a network-effect technology it will rely upon forming consortium around each use case. In this presentation we visit 5 pitfalls to watch out for and how to handle them.

Speaker profile

I like to think of myself as a swiss army knife for life; creating, adapting and improving anything I see, always with the end user in mind. This comes in all shapes and sizes; redefining our internal early programs systems to create a better client experience, making an internal education project for new joiners receiving 32,000 page views per year or simply building a new kitchen after enjoying the removal of the old one back to bare walls and floor.
I currently work in educating IBMers and clients about the possibilities with the new technology Blockchain in initial overviews, use case explorations or deeper dives into components. Ive been lucky enough traveling the world to talk about blockchain for business whilst the world has high hype though little knowledge inspiring future possibilities yet preventing over-hype.

X Topic Abstract

Blockchain is shining emergy technology. With passion on Blockchain’s application in Enterprise, now Enterprise Architects have confused with its position in Enterprise Architecture. This presentation will explain how to put Blockchain into your enterprise architecture landscape and fit TOGAF framework

Speaker Profile

Cliff HUANG is blockchain strategy consultant with decades of experience of taking architect roles at different level in enterprise IT space. Cliff is Open Group certified Enterprise Architect and IBM certified Blockchain developer with hand-on expertise on Blockchain development on different Blockchain platforms. Cliff has been invited speaker in Open Group Global conference.

X Topic Abstract

How mobile is eating the world and how it will aid in the widespread adoption of blockchain applications.

Speaker Profile

Mark has been developing mobile and web apps in the cryptocurrency space since 2017. He is a full stack developer with passions in IoT, mobile, web and blockchain development. Mark’s UX and designs are a gifted skill that attracts request for him to help and advise teams globally.

X Topic Abstract

Data privacy is an on going issue.
When a user signs up on a website they get a disclaimer that their data won’t get sold .Then minute you get a spam of random emails, phone calls etc . There is no transparency. The trust of the company and ethics is the only thing at play .But with blockchain the trust is the the technology. No longer will a user need to trust an company."

Speaker Profile

Dr Robert Laidlaw is the Founder & Executive Director of Secure Health Chain, a software company building Australia’s blockchain based digital health solution. Robert has worked in public hospitals for the past seven years with a focus as a neurosurgical registrar during the last four at Royal North Shore and Wollongong Hospitals. It was the intersection of technology and medicine that ultimately led him to found his own health tech startup in a bid to improve data security and interoperability in healthcare. Robert Chairs the Healthcare in Blockchain working group for the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA).

X Topic Abstract

It will be 45 min demo based on guiding the audience what approaches they can use when planning/creating a strategy for blockchain implementation

Speaker Profile

Aamir is a seasoned professional with experience working in IT, Telco & Fintech industries. He has led the marketing, community building & application testing efforts for various projects.
He aims to enable enterprises to capitalize on blockchain technology to create automation in their processes and reduce operational costs, and is a strong supporter of private & hybrid blockchains. He also conducts regular training sessions to coach people about blockchain and Hyperledger.

X Topic Abstract

How blockchain adds trust and traceability to the supply chain.
That blockchain by itself is not a solution that will fix all issues in the supply chain.
How IoT sensors add the necessary extra layer of trust by taking out the human element.
How an IoT and blockchain solution battles counterfeit products and provides end consumers with more trust in the products they're purchasing.

Speaker Profile

John’s passion lies in the role that technology can play in driving forward an organisation. As a technologist at heart, his career has been built on his ability to marry ICT and its broadest and most innovative applications with the needs of a business.
John is currently also Chairman of the Cyber Security Advisory Council of the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation. He is a regular speaker at supply chain and cyber security conferences around the world, introducing delegates to UCOT’s end to end traceability solutions.
Previous roles include CTO at Deutsche Bank, VP at Credit Suisse, Technology Manager at Grant Thornton and Head of IT at Toshiba International Corporation.

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Our Speakers

John Baird

CEO of blockchain and IoT based supply chain management ecosystem


Aamir Sohail

Co-Founder & Director

Blockchain Smart Solutions

Dr Robert Laidlaw

Founder and Executive Director, Secure Health Chain & Co-Founder of Image Chain

Cliff Huang

Blockchain Consultant

Tim Lea

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Pereira



Alec Christie

Partner and the Asia Pacific Leader of Digital Law


Ant Cole

Blockchain Strategy Consultant


Rosa Thompson

Venture Architect


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Who can attend Enterprise Blockchain Implementation Summit in Sydney?

Professionals from the Blockchain sector, Bitcoin sector, Payments, Financial sector, Managing Directors, CXOs, Directors, Head of IT, Systems Architects, Consultants, Technical Lead, Program Managers, Product Owner, Digital Innovation Lead, Banking sector, Government, IT, Accounting, Consulting, Logistics, Online trading, e-commerce, Digital companies, and the enthusiasts eager to understand the new age currency etc.

Why to attend Enterprise Blockchain Implementation Summit in Sydney?

Understand the state of development of blockchain technology by exchanges, clearing houses, central counter parties and payment systems, and what it means for you.

What will you learn about?

Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by blockchain technologies. Using blockchain as a tool for innovation across your organisation

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Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.