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Overview of the event

The Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 will be happening on October 05th 2018 Los Angeles. The Blockchain Conference 2018 will bring together a diverse range of experts who will discuss all the opportunities, challenges and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged in Los Angeles using this technology.

National banks and regulators, exchanges and investment banks across the world are taking seriously the financial innovation of distributed ledger or block chain technology. The block chain, aka Trust Machine underpins "crypto currencies" such as Bitcoin; but it goes beyond digital money. It provides a shared, trusted, public ledger that everyone can inspect, but no single user controls. It is at the cusp of revolutionising international money transfers, trade finance, syndicated lending and collateral management, among other applications. As it allows for almost instantaneous payments and settlement, the potential impact on the role of traders, quants and other financial technologists cannot be underestimated.

The event features an inspiring day of talks and workshops by professional speakers focused on Blockchain technology and Innovation.

This conference brings together Block Chain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, computer science researchers and others involved in financial innovation; these experts explore some of the technology and the many applications of Block chain in Financial Services.

Facts & Figures About The Event

12 Speakers
12 Topics
100 Tickets

Conference Schedule

Blockchain Technology Conference, Los Angeles

X Topic Abstract

Security tokens are set to bring a new wave of activity to the blockchain space. Not only will security token offerings allow start-up projects to raise capital in a compliant manner, but established companies will also be able to leverage this mechanism to provide liquidity to previously illiquid assets. Asset tokenization is among the most exciting potential applications of blockchain technology and over the coming years it is estimated that trillions of dollars of assets will be transferred to the blockchain, effectively transforming equity ownership as we know it. Venture Aviator is working with a number of clients leading the way in the security token offering and asset tokenization space, with use cases including real estate tokenization and digital rights management.

Speaker Profile

Dr. Oparah is co-founder and CEO of Venture Aviator Inc., a custom software and strategic business services company that works with fast growing start-ups and innovative enterprises and is very active in the ICO and blockchain space.

Don has a PhD in Computer Science (Cambridge University, UK) and an MBA in Entrepreneurship (UCLA) and recently founded and ran a University of California technology venture incubator (20+ ventures). Don also worked at Agilisys, a top tier London-based IT and strategy consulting firm, and was part of the management team that led the company through a significant global growth phase (from under 100 to over 1000 employees worldwide in less than two years) serving both blue chip and start-up clients. Dr. Oparah is a TED speaker and is frequently invited to serve as a guest panelist and speaker at universities and entrepreneurial events.

X Topic Abstract

Speech will bring up the following subjects: What kind of problems the hospitality industry is facing nowadays? How hotels can use Blockchain Technology? How Blockchain Hotels can change the hospitality industry? What kind of facilities are needed for crypto-lovers & digital nomads? How we combine crypto currency world and hospitality industry?

Speaker Profile

Serial entrepreneur and author of a bestselling book, Pawel is experienced in marketing campaigns and product launches, with successful sales raising up to $1.2 mln in 2 week campaigns. He successfully sold his first business and has raised over $6 mln for other ventures. He has lead teams of over 30 people and currently sits on the board of advisors for The Good Game which creates innovative social games for companies like Ebay and Crunch Fitness. He now lives in Silicon Valley Palo Alto.

X Topic Abstract

I would like to talk about how businesses can use smart contracts on the blockchain to work more efficiently, save money and be more secure in their transactions.

Speaker Profile

Jay Goth is the business development director of BlockCerts International, a company focused on smart contracts running on the BlockCerts blockchain. He is the managing partner of Forentis Fund, a life science venture fund focused on precision medicine. He is a serial entrepreneur, having been involved in dozens of startups in the energy, technology, biotechnology and financial industries.
Jay manages an innovation center in Murrieta, California that is focused on health care technologies, and works closely with university researchers, private companies and fellow investors to advance the promise of precision medicine. As a founder of Murrieta Genomics, Jay is currently building a next generation genomic sequencing incubator in the Murrieta Innovation Center.
He was awarded the SBA “Small Business Champion of the Year” award in 2016 for his years of mentorship and encouragement to entrepreneurs in the region. He has served as the Executive Director of InSoCal CONNECT, as Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of California Riverside, and holds positions as a board member for several nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

X Topic Abstract

As a CEO helped build Gamecredits start and develop into an blockchain gaming powerhouse. Creating the vision and gathering gaming resources to support the development and to add, managing the global company with different timezones and variety of teams while finding enough of incentive for all. Once my job was done I resigned and founded blockchain consulting company, live more like visioneer than ceo kind of guy

Speaker Profile

Blockchain Consultant A pioneer of integrating technology and content, Ivica specializes in creating strategic business relationships with, and servicing, major brands. Ivica co-founded Furthr, a software and media house instrumental behind a variety of hackathon style events in L.A., Las Vegas, and SXSW. Since 2015, Ivica has been involved in blockchain development as a CEO of GameCredits (GAME), where he helped multiply the coin’s value many times over via strategic partnerships, savvy marketing, and focused community building. Ivica’s unique expertise in marketing, media, and technology compliment his understanding of blockchain as a new frontier, allowing him to lead the premier consulting practice in the industry, Blockchain Guys.

X Topic Abstract

How Spl.yt is leveraging blockchain and distributed ledger technology to decentralize ecommerce and evolve the industry to become more efficient and secure. Spl.yt starts by synchronizing all inventory between all marketplaces creating a global inventory platform and then automating many functions of a transaction using smart contracts. This will remove the need for ecommerce middlemen; saving buyers, sellers and marketplaces time and money all while ensure secure and fair transactions with token economics that incentivizes good behaviors.

Speaker Profile

Cyrus Taghehchian is the Co-Founder and CEO of Spl.yt. Cyrus, a Deloitte Consulting alum, is a world-class consultant, co-active coach and Lean-Agile thought leader who has helped C-level and executives improve their organizations’ product management processes, development practices, and team culture at companies such as Intel, Bank of America, Paypal, and more. A serial entrepreneur at heart, Cyrus specializes in technology strategy and implementations in the e-commerce and digital marketing space, including leading his previous companies through product and market fit phases. Cyrus entered the blockchain space in 2015, having taken several notable active involvements, collaboration and advisory roles within the blockchain community where he applies his unique business development perspective, to promote blockchain and distributed ledger technology. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics from UC Irvine and started the UCI MBA program before developing the concept of Spl.yt.

X Topic Abstract

In traditional finance which blockchain as a tool for fundraising has started to disrupt, there are a wide array of public and private quantitative and qualitative metrics used by investors to evaluate returns for the subject company. However, with blockchain projects the most common method for evaluating the success of an ICO is telegram subscribers. This is important for early investors to gauge liquidity, but as the market matures new metrics will to evaluate ICO's, blockchain companies, and startups will become of upmost importance. This talk will dive into the differences between traditional valuation metrics and the publicly available metrics we can use to more accurately predict the success of blockchain projects.

Speaker Profile

Paul Monsen is the Co-Founder of Digital Asset Advisors, a full service Blockchain and Emerging Technology consulting firm. He is also an active project contributor to Slice.Market the cross border solution to investing into institutional US commercial real estate. Since 2014 he has facilitated over $1 Billion of transactions across commercial real estate and early stage technology companies. He is a board member of the Marquette University Blockchian Lab and active speaker on Security Tokens, Tokenomics, and the applications of blockchain into existing business models

X Topic Abstract

The entertainment industry has seen major changes in the past century with regards to technical innovation. We have progressed from radio to television, to cable, to video on demand and are now in the era of digital streaming. When Netflix launched original content such as House Of Cards, the field was revolutionized. We could now binge. The current platform for distribution of content is controlled by a few powerful individuals, who have influence of budget, capital returns, marketing and project scope.

Blockchain will transform the entertainment industry by bringing content creators to users. Content producers will take much of the power that was in the hands of distributors. This presentation will discuss the impacts blockchain will have on the creation, distribution, and marketing of content through smart contracts, establishing a reputation system allowing micrometering & micromonetetizing, promoting dynamic & efficient pricing, and establishing transparent peer-to-peer transactions.

Speaker Profile

Sharlette Hambrick is the CEO of Y-Tulip Productions and she serves as the president of development and production. Most recently Hambrick served as the Executive Producer of the television and digital entertainment show, Talking to Hollywood with Betty Zhou. Hambrick worked closely with international distribution and marketing departments of Paramount, Sony, Universal and Walt Disney Studios. TTH airs weekly on China’s CCTV6 during the movie promotion block, reaching 900 million homes. China’s video online platform iQiyi, also a distribution partner with TTH, garners over 13.2 million views. Ms. Hambrick joined Entertainment Tonight in 1989 as a Segment Producer, breaking major stories in news, fashion, music, digital media, pop culture and film. She was soon promoted to Senior Film Segment Producer, restructuring the show’s entire focus to elevate its coverage of the film industry. These changes included in-depth coverage of special effects, stunts, computer imagery, interactive behind the scenes coverage as well as identifying exceptional film talent. Her efforts led to another promotion to Senior Supervising Producer of ET, Hambrick was integral in the launch of the movie review show Hot Ticket with Leonard Maltin followed by the launch of The Insider. She was promoted, yet again, to Senior Producer of Entertainment Tonight and The Insider.

Senior Producer, Hambrick oversaw all aspects of ET's and The Insider's coverage, remaining the liaison between studios, film sets, film production companies, and publicists. Hambrick also guided ET’s and The Insider's News Department in securing breaking news stories, which increased the digital presence of both shows. Hambrick supervised Academy and Golden Globe Awards coverage (2006-2014). The awards coverage included half hour and hour specials with over 100 production staff. Hambrick also produced banner coverage of such events as the Cannes, Toronto, Venice and Sundance Film Festivals. She produced ET's 2009 and 2012 Inauguration coverage as well as the 2012 Olympics. In 2013, Hambrick began securing millions of dollars in production based integrations. During her tenure, ET and The Insider remained the top rated news magazine shows in the world. Back in June 2005, Hambrick drew on her live television experience as the Executive Producer of the BET Awards Post-Show. Hambrick's leadership increased its audience by 12% over the previous year. Hambrick, who earned a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Pepperdine University, began her career at WRC-TV in Washington DC, quickly moving on to NBC News, working on Meet the Press, Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and The Today Show. Hambrick then became a producer of Headlines on Trial, successfully bringing compelling guests together for lively debate, which resulted in explosive and innovative television.

X Topic Abstract

Integrating blockchain and Augmented Reality into games, for both in game currency, security, and using it as medium to exchange in game assets. The power of this utility sidesteps much of the securitization that is typically involved in blockchain. This allows for a true ability to set value and distribute in game items amongst gamers and collectors which create an independent economy beyond tokenization.

Speaker Profile

Noble A. DraKoln has been involved in multiple tech startups as both a consultant, investor and director. In the early days of the conversion from paging to full digital cellular networks, from TDMA to CDMA, he successfully ran a venture that made mergers and acquisitions in thee 900mHz, 150mHz, and 450mHz spectrum's.

Mr. Drakoln started out as a futures/commodities broker at the age of nineteen trading the E-mini S&P, gold futures contracts, and treasury bond strips. Since that time he has authored the Wiley & Sons published best-selling books Winning the Trading Game and Trade Like a Pro. Over the span of his twenty year career he has traded stocks, options, and futures for himself and clients. His books have been translated into multiple languages, he has been a keynote speaker around the world, contributing writer to dozens of magazine, and a radio and T.V. financial commentator.

X Topic Abstract

We are at the cusp of the biggest economic shift in history as automotive technology enters the digital era. Learn how the convergence of connectivity, electrification, and autonomy create an environment ripe for tokenization and transformational for the consumer experience driving in cars.

Speaker Profile

Rahul is cofounder and ceo of Tesloop, which offers a tokenized mobility platform to support unified mobility on electric semi-autonomous vehicles. Rahul was previously an engineer at Adobe and then lead product management on all Asian versions of Microsoft Office. He founded his first startup, thePlatform in Seattle, which offered a backend video publishing system for large online services such as Hulu, Verizon, CNBC, CBS and ABC news. Comcast acquired the company for over $100m in 2006. Rahul’s next startup, Geodelic, offered a location based mobile app publishg service that was adopted by T-Mobile, Verizon, and Universal Studios Theme Parks. He attended the Harvard Business School’s MBA program, received a Masters in Computer Science and Japanese from the University of Washington, and studied anthropology at UPenn. In his spare time, Rahul plays comedic songs on the only ukulele ever autographed by Elon Musk.

X Topic Abstract

My topic will be covering the educational transformations surrounding blockchain technology, and how university ecosystems are adapting to support the growth of the industry. This growth revolves around student organizations, to curriculum classes, and even consulting groups that are supported by large universities around the world. We are seeing a shift in the way information is taught to students (through digital mediums) and now blockchain is among one of those topics. I can expand more on the experience I have had with growing one of the largest blockchain communities on the West Coast through a university platform.

Speaker Profile

Ryan Eshaghi is a co-founder of Blockchain at UCI, a university-based ecosystem that organizes workshops, hackathons, and networking events to facilitate the growth of blockchain awareness, technical understanding, and thorough training. The division also operates as a collegiate consulting firm. Ryan co-owns several technology patents and is an avid early-stage technology investor and corporate blockchain consultant.

X Topic Abstract

My presentation covers the basics of qualitative and quantitative cryptoasset valuation models. I will also discuss some of the unique issues that we face when valuing these assets and how we are trying to solve those problems.

Speaker Profile

Henry Elder is the Co-Founder of Digital Asset Advisors, a blockchain consultancy. Mr. Elder travels across the world to speak on topics such as asset tokenization, cryptoasset valuation, and tokenomic design. Previously he worked in private equity and investment banking, and has participated in over $1 billion in investments across real estate and technology.

X Topic Abstract

Will discuss the next phase of the blockchain evolution: leveraging tokenomics to disrupt industries beyond traditional use cases in banking and healthcare. Tran will explain how blockchain is revolutionizing industries, like the sharing economy, by delivering the democratic alternative sought by younger generations to disrupt centralized corporate models that prioritize their bottom line rather than their community.

Speaker Profile

Tony Tran is the co-founder and CTO at Bee Token, a blockchain powered platform that is bringing cryptocurrency to the home sharing economy (Beenest). Tony is a highly-respected software developer and expert in areas such as data engineering, machine learning, computer vision, and distributed systems Prior to starting Bee Token, Tony was an Engineering Lead at Uber where he helped lead the development of product features and Machine Learning models to prevent fraud. He was previously an early Engineer at Bizo (acquired by LinkedIn) where he helped design systems to optimize ad targeting. A founder of the SF Machine Learning Meetup Group, Tony is passionate about improving lives through tech. Tony holds an M.S. in Computer Science from U.C. Irvine and a B.S. in Computer Science from UC San Diego.

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Blockchain Summit 2018 in Los Angeles is open to anyone who has an interest in the technology/telecoms industry or any related field. Chairmen, CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, Managing Directors, Global Heads, Blockchain specialists from banks, financial Institutions, financial service providers, accountants, consultancies, financial technology companies, fintech innovators and entrepreneurs.

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Understand the state of development of blockchain technology by exchanges, clearing houses, central counter parties and payment systems, and what it means for you.

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Detecting where underlying problems and frictions exist in your organisation that will be alleviated by blockchain technologies. Using blockchain as a tool for innovation across your organisation

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