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18 March, 2020, Mumbai

Blockchain Day

18 March, 2020, Mumbai

Blockchain Day

18 March, 2020, Mumbai

Blockchain Day

Briefly Know About This Event

Blockchain technology is starting to encourage a direct value exchange over the internet. It is slowly moving towards mainstream adoption, and removing the friction in the exchange of value over the internet. It is fast approaching an inflection point where enterprise and greater mainstream adoption will ensue. As a result of the considerable structural advantages blockchain technology is expected to have significant impact on industries including payments, finance, insurance, energy, IoT, exchanges, music and many more. This track analyses just these impacts looking at various industries and the challenges and opportunities that blockchain will present to them.

The conference sessions and the leading experts from the blockchain space will put a spotlight on what needs to be understood and how you can make profits in future.

Blockchain Day will explore the industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology. It connects global blockchain gurus and technology players in this space including emerging startups with regional businesses, governments, and IT leaders from across key industry verticals. Come learn from the best in the space at Blockchain Day!


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Our Brilliant Speakers


Thavash Govender

Solution Architect
Microsoft Johannesburg, South Africa

Prasanna Lohar

Head Technology - Digital | Innovation | Architecture

Kumar Gaurav

Founder & CEO

Sachin Mittal

Trellis Labs

Kamlesh Nagware

VP Technology-Blockchain
Snapper Future Tech

Blockchain Day (18th March Wednesday, 2020)

X Topic Abstract

Azure Blockchain Services, including Azure Blockchain Workbench allows for a rapid deployment of Blockchain Dapps. A structured framework is created allowing you to focus on what really adds value and differentiates your products and services from your competitors. Build with trust, build rapidly, maxmise value

Speaker Profile

Thavash Govender has been involved in the IT industry for the last 19 years. After studying Electronic Engineering at the Durban Institute of Technology (DIT), he moved to Johannesburg soon afterwards to take up a role as a Systems Engineer with the German company Siemens.

Thavash then moved into pure Software Development , mostly on Microsoft platforms ( .NET , SQL and BI ) before joining Microsoft in 2010 as a Solution Specialist. He currently runs the Data and AI Specialist team at Microsoft South Africa.

Thavash is an active public speaker on the local IT circuit and is also a blogger. His interests includes broader technology , futurism, artificial intelligence, and of course, Blockchain.

X Topic Abstract

I will talk about Usecases and Need of Blockchain for Better Governance.

Speaker Profile

Chief Innovation Officer at DCB Bank , TOP 50 CIOs, Top 100 Innovative CIOs, Digital Leader of the Year,
Top 20 BFSI Leaders, Most 50 Payment Influential, Leading Indian Blockchain & Fintech Forum
Co-Chairing at FICCI Sub-Committee on Blockchain , Big Data and Analytics
Co-Chairing at IAMAICommittee on Blockchain
Member – FICCI Artificial Intelligence Committee
Member – FICCI Digital Transformation Committee

Innovation is my passion. Collabaoration is my attitude. Execution is my action. Architecture is my Forte.

Currently I am working as Innovation Head & Technical Architect at DCB Bank. I am practicing Innovation Implementation & Architecture Orchestration at DCB Bank.

I have launched Global Innovation program – “DCB Bank Innovation Carnival”. It will bring on Unique Experience of Innovation generation thru Hackathons & Accelerator programs in India. I have mentored more than 250 Startups during this program.
Iam associated with Many Accelerators, Partners, Education institutes to practice Open innovation thru Hackathons &Innovation Programs.

I am working with various FINTECH &BLOCKCHAIN Forums in India to create a Robust Innovation Ecosystem in India.

As part of DCB’s Digital& Architecture Transformation, I am closely associated with New & latest technology Assimilation, Experimentation, Innovative Customer Servicing & Engagement, Robust Architecture Implementation, Fintech & Startup Alignment, Open Innovation practices, Collaboration with other Banks on various initiatives.

At DCB I have worked as Digital Bank Head & I am Part of various deliveries like India’s first Aadhaar & Biometric enabled ATM, Paperless A/c Opening - Zippi, India’s first Omni-Channel Framework for Bank, Mobile banking & Mobile Apps, Open Banking &Internet Banking Initiative, Unified Payment Interface (UPI), Bharat Bill Payment,API Management, Switch & Cards relevant initiatives.

I have Over 18 Years of Industry Experience in Engineering and Development, Product Development, Organization Strategy& Governance, Risk Audit Compliance Management, Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture, Mobile Apps, Digital Transformation, Fintech, E-Commerce, Payments, Platform and Product Innovation, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Open Stack, Cloud Computing, Analytics, Big Data, IOT, BlockChain, UI-UX, Product Roadmap Strategy, Business Development

In 2017-2019, I have bagged many Leadership awards Most Influential Payment Professionals, TOP50 CIOs, Top 100 Innovative CIOs, Digital Leader of the Year, Top 20 BFSI Leaders. I have appeared in many BFSI Conferences as Key-Note Speaker& contributed to ecosystem

X Topic Abstract

Blockchain implementation for inclusion of public in the open-chain network to log their income and spending pattern could help in preventing the evasion of Income Tax. As a part of this Blockchain implementation and adoption for Income Tax Monitoring. Blockchain could play a prime role in logging transactions as a global ledger which could be used by the income tax authorities for Tax reconciliation. The global transaction ledger could also help in easing the Income Tax return process for the individuals. It could be made generic for Corporate and Individuals because even Corporate or Shell Companies try to evade tax through un-recorded and un-monitored transactions and also try to evade tax with accounting loopholes. After Blockchain for Corporate transactions ledger is enabled by the Governing Authorities of any Country, tax evasion could be prevented and it could be beneficial for the Government to utilize and manage Taxation Funds-based revenue better.


X Topic Abstract

Its about the situation in India, how Cashaa solved the problem, our exchange in India, how it is different from local peer to peer alternatives, and then all the other things we are doing like we are a banking platform providing much-needed business accounts for crypto businesses and other high-risk industries, as well as card processing, turnkey solution, crypto payment gateway, and a multisig wallet with exchange function and how crypto businesses can benefit

X Topic Abstract

1. What are the Benefits of Blockchain in Finance? How will the Digitisation of Financial Instruments Impact Banking and Finance?

- Comparison between existing solutions, and Blockchain driven solutions. Describing it by giving the pain points.

2. How will Blockchain facilitate compliance?

- Use of smart contract technology.

3. Different Use cases:

4. Briefly explain Programmable Interest, Streamlined money, and their real life use cases.

5. How to introduce abstraction, so that users won’t feel that they are interacting with 1000 new things they don’t know about!!

Speaker Profile

Sachin is an entrepreneur and developer who became interested in Cryptocurrencies in 2017. After building an ICO review platform. He discovered Ethereum in 2018 and realized the advantages of using DLTs and smart contract technology. Beginning of 2018 he co-founded Trellis Labs with the goal to provide Blockchain solutions on Ethereum, and Hyperledger. Since then Trellis Labs became a Blockchain solutions company working on decentralized exchanges, Identity Management and smart wallet solutions. Recently, He has been invested in Open Finance and have cofounded DeFiVerse, and has worked with almost every DeFi protocol in the Blockchain Space. He has recently launched, DeFiTransacts - A smart wallet which allows you to earn interest instantly from your savings.

“He believes DeFi will bring maturity to Ethereum and Fintech. “

X Topic Abstract

Hyperedger Blockchain Framework, Fabric, Sawtooth,Indy

Speaker Profile

Kamlesh has 10 years experience in Software Development & IT Consulting in Blockchain-Supply Chain management/Solutions and different blockchain solutions.IBM Certified Blockchain Developer and Passionate about learning new technologies.

Currently working as VP Technology, Blockchain Consulting and solutions architecting various blockchain projects - supply chain management, Identity management, government use cases. Exploring Blockchain technologies like Hyperledger Composer, Hyperledger Fabric,Permisioned Blockchain ,Smart Contract, Consensus Mechanisms like PoW,PoS,PoET,PBFT, and Bitcoin crypto-currencies. DevOps -continuous integration Continuous Delivery using IBM DevOps delivery pipeline for Developing Distributed applications in IBM Cloud.

schedule 08:45AM - 09:00AM Registration
schedule 09:00AM - 09:10AM Conference Overview
Nitesh Naveen, Founder, 1.21GWS
schedule 09:10AM - 09:50AM Azure Blockchain Service - Accelerating your Blockchain journey! - Click Here for More Info
Thavash Govender, Solution Architect, Microsoft Johannesburg, South Africa
schedule 09:50AM - 10:20AM Tea Break
schedule 10:20AM - 11:00AM Digital India Governance with Blockchain - Click Here for More Info
Prasanna Lohar, Head Technology - Digital | Innovation | Architecture, DCB BANK
schedule 11:00AM - 11:40AM Role of Block chain in prevention of Income Tax Evasion - Click Here for More Info
Rahul Kundnani, Senior Solution Implementation Consultant, LTI (Larsen and Toubro Infotech Limited)
schedule 11:40AM - 12:20PM Blockchain with AI and IoT: the Power of Technological Convergence
schedule 12:20PM - 01:20PM Lunch Break
schedule 01:20PM - 01:50PM Making crypto accessible in India - Click Here for More Info
Kumar Gaurav, Founder & CEO, Cashaa
schedule 01:50PM - 02:30PM Transforming Utilities with Blockchain Technology
schedule 02:30PM - 03:10PM Discovery of the Potential of Smart Contracts
schedule 03:10PM - 03:40PM Tea Break
schedule 03:40PM - 04:20PM Open Finance - Click Here for More Info
Sachin Mittal, Cofounder, Trellis Labs
04:20PM - 05:00PM Enterprise Blockchain Framework - Click Here for More Info
Kamlesh Nagware, VP Technology-Blockchain, Snapper Future Tech

speaker 05:00PM - 5:10PM Closing Remarks
Nitesh Naveen, Founder, 1.21GWS

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