Feb 22 - 23

Overview of the Workshop

In this 2 day course, provides you with practical and proven techniques for assessing design usability and usefulness at every stage of development, ensuring that your interfaces are meeting the needs of your users, so that your organization's goals, as well as your customers' goals, can both be achieved.

Facts & Figures About The Event

1 Speaker
2 Days Workshop
15 Tickets

Workshop Schedule

Practical Usability Testing, Sydney

Workshop Agenda

This course focuses on the skills and knowledge also covered in the Certified Usability Analyst (CUA)TM examination.

Progressive testing of websites and software applications is a critical component of creating a user-centered design. It is important to check if they support the users' needs, limitations, mental models and cognitive styles.


Learn quick and practical usability testing techniques—ranging from simple paper prototype tests to cutting edge remote testing—for the entire interface design life cycle and accurately predict how users will experience your applications.

Who should attend

Usability practitioners, website/intranet developers, application developers, interface designers, project managers, quality control personnel, market researchers, and graphic artists.

What you'll learn

- Survey the scope of usability issues
- Know the four factors that drive your testing
- Know the appropriate test and when to use it
- Learn tests that uncover problems with content organization, task flow, and brand strategy
- Conduct performance-based tests using paper and functioning prototypes
- Review advanced prototype testing that adds precision to your performance measures
- Design and conduct a remote test
- Learn to analyze web traffic logs
- Review a 10-point checklist of the critical components of a successful usability test plan

What you get

- Real-world examples and practical tips from our instructors who are also active user experience (UX) consultants
- Hands-on individual and group exercises to ensure conceptual understanding

- Training package that includes:

A comprehensive student manual
A student exercise book
A summary study guide
Usability glossary
Usability resources
Quick reference guides
A ten-point usability test checklist
Quick reference guides


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Trainer Details

Mary M. Michaels, BFA, MBA, CUA, CXA

User Experience Strategist & Director of Training, Course Instructor


With over 15 years in the field of user-centered design, Mary's expertise includes all aspects of user- interface design: stakeholder and user interviews, personas and scenarios, task analysis, information architecture, wireframes, visual design, usability testing, and institutionalization of usability. Skilled in strategy development and design for websites, intranets, and applications. Industries include: e-commerce, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, nonprofits, and telecom.

Course instructor for:

User-Centered Analysis & Conceptual Design
The PET Architect (designing for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust)
How to Design for the Big: User-Centric Innovation & Strategy.

Taught over 60 courses, both public sessions and onsite at clients, across the U.S., U.K., Ireland, The Netherlands, and South Africa. Moderated over 500 usability sessions, both in-lab and remote, in the U.S. and across several countries around the globe.

David Bell, MSc, CUA

UX Strategist


David is an experienced user experience (UX) consultant with 20 years of experience. In his 10 years with HFI, he has worked on UX projects in South Africa and Europe, developing long-term relationships to build client capabilities in UX. Prior to HFI, David worked on content and services for mobile telecoms and user-driven technical innovations.

At HFI, he is frequently involved from the early stages of UX project planning; aligning technical content and workplans with client processes and lifecycle, then taking on project management. Typical projects involve international teams and address mission-critical applications. In such cases David will drive the user-centered design process from stakeholder interviews through to user-test and specification/development. In capability development engagements, David may be involved in assessment, training, standards and mentoring.

David has taught over 80 classes worldwide at HFI; mostly classes in Europe and South Africa, plus short assignments to New York, Malaysia and Kuwait. His teaching experience covers institutionalization of usability, user-research, Web and application design and user testing. David has also undertaken training of graduate intake at Standard Bank. Around 20% of these classes have been taught at client-premises, often as part of a larger project engagement.

Noah Schaffer, PhD, CUA, CXA

Executive User Experience Strategist, Course Instructor


Noah's main areas of expertise are persuasion engineering and UX Maturity strategy. Noah also specializes in mobile contexts, scoping, and Agile. He has experience with most of The HFI FrameworkTM 7.0 engagements, including cross channel strategy, user experience (UX) strategy, usability testing, expert review, i19 strategy, and building UX infrastructure such as methodologies and design standards. He is one of HFI's experts in identifying the correct scope for HFI's consulting services.

Noah also has expertise in applying UX to digital game design and has co-edited the first book on this subject.

Noah is a course instructor for six HFI courses:

- Web & Application Design
- Web & Application Design for Mobile
- Persuasion Emotion and Trust (PET) TM Design
- PET Architect (advanced PET course)
- PET Interview Technique Course (Noah is the Course Creator for this course)
- How to Support Institutionalization of a Mature UX Practice

Noah Schaffer, PhD, CUA, CXA

Executive User Experience Strategist, Course Instructor


Dr. Melanie D. Polkosky is a highly experienced human factors psychologist, strategy consultant and innovation catalyst. Her eclectic, 20-year career spans technology (including mobile, web, and speech UX design and research), education, healthcare and assistive technologies for individuals with severe disabilities.

At HFI, Dr. Polkosky teaches UX Fundamentals and Institutionalization of UX courses.

Dr. Polkosky has consulted and published research across the entire UX lifecycle, particularly focused in the area of interactive speech technologies. She has been a sought-after speaker and columnist for the speech technology industry. Dr. Polkosky was a founding board member of the Association for Voice Interaction Design (AVIxD). Through her career, Dr. Polkosky has published over 60 articles in industry magazines, academic journals and books about user experience research and design and holds 6 U.S. patents. She recently authored the book Uncovering Truffles: The Scarcity and Value of Women in STEM.

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Who can attend Practical Usability Testing in Sydney?

Usability practitioners, website/intranet developers, application developers, graphic / interface designers, project managers. Senior UX Designer. UXUI Designer Lead. Business Analyst. IT Manager. Customer Experience Manager. Product Manager. Lead, Design & UX.

Whats is the pre-requisite of this training?

This is an Practical Usability Testing which needs the trainees to be well equipped with the coding, testing and deployment practices within their companies. This is not advisable for a non technical person.

No prior knowledge of tools or devops techniques is needed. One should be aware of Software Development Life Cycle and basics of coding, testing and software deployment.

Do you organise onsite trainings at corporate's premises?

We run customised onsite trainings to meet corporate / startup's requirements. We also run this program in Universities and colleges around the world. However we cap the batch size to 20 to ensure the best results and use our own software and create a lab environment at your training premise.

Do you offer Discounts?

We offer 50% discounts to students (should have a valid students ID card" and Startups employees (should have a valid certificate of incorporation of the startup they represent).

We offer group discounts of upto 20% to corporates if they do group bookings of 5 and above.

Do I need to bring my laptop to this training?

For this workshop, all trainees have to bring their laptops, charging cables and pen drive to copy the notes that we provide. Users may also have an active AWS account (not mandatory).

I have more queries. Whom should i contact?

Please write to us at contact@1point21gws.com with your queries. Our counselor shall revert to you within two wroking days.

My companies doesn't do online payments. Can we do the payment via any other means?

We accept Bank transfers only. To avail this facility, you have to write to us and subsequently send us Purchase Order before the event. We require Bank transfer to be done before the training date. However we can also accept purchase order from companies with good credit history.

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