Mar 30

Overview of the Workshop

We provide foundational knowledge about understanding block chain technology, history and related concepts. You will understand the practical implications of scientific research studies on block chain use cases.

Facts & Figures About The Event

1 Speaker
2 Days Workshop
15 Tickets

Workshop Schedule

Enterprise Blockchain for Technologists, Bangkok

Workshop Agenda

Morning session

Module 1:understanding block chain technology, history and related concepts

• Demystifying terminology and core concepts underpinning block chain
• Cryptocurrencies, hyper ledgers and enterprise block chains
• Reviewing Satoshi Nakamoto's seminal paper

Module 2: block chain use cases

• Moving beyond cryptocurrencies
• API trivialisations and clusters
• Public registries

Before lunch session

Module 3: building a baseline simple first block chain program

• Understanding the baseline block chain logic for keys
• Coding and running your first block chain program
• General discussion on block chain algorithms

Module 4: building a baseline simple block chain eco-system

• Understanding a multi-node eco-system context
• Discussion on data propagation algorithms
• Proof of Work: why, when and how?

After lunch session

Module 5: a crash-course on modern cryptography

• Clarifying terminology and core cryptographic technics
• Block chain cryptography overview
• Coding crypto algorithms

Module 6: building a complex permission-based hyper-ledger

• Use cases and architecture for permission-based hyper-ledgers
• Discussion on permission-based algorithms
• Coding permission mechanics

Late afternoon session

Module 7: eco-system scale, performance and integrity

• Technics to ensure block chain integrity
• Pitfalls to avoid in block chain scaling
• The Proof of Work conundrum

Module 8: "unchained" hyper-ledgers

• How to circumvent the heterogeneous block chain meta-system challenge
• Basics in quantum computing and post-quantum cryptography
• "unchained" immutable quantum hyper-ledgers

Trainer Details

Giovanni Di Noto

Chief Technology Officer |cloudyBoss Pty Ltd, Head Consultant | Technology Management |GDN consulting


French-born, Euro-grown, Australian-adopted, with a blend of Mediterranean ancestry and Asian lifestyle, Giovanni Di Noto is a global leader in the cloud economy arena with a cross-disciplinary tertiary background in business, IT and applied sciences and over 3 decades of experience in new technology.

Recipient of prominent industry recognitions (including an Asia-Pacific Innovation Award, Best e-Commerce Award, Best IT implementation Award, Best International Contact Centre Award, Excellence in Talent Management Award and a broader list of nominations and commendations) Giovanni has led brilliant teams of inspiring professionals thriving across many sectors of the hyper-connected world.

In his CTO capacity at cloudyBoss Pty Ltd, Giovanni directly led and oversaw the engineering team who released SKYE, the first commercial mainstream enterprise block chain hyper-ledger engine in 2017.

Giovanni regularly addresses audiences at global summits, national or state conferences, special lectures and briefings on strategic technology management topics at leading universities, professional institutes, executive teams and boards from a wide range of industries.

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