Aug 02 - 03

1 Speaker and 15 Tickets

Overview of the Workshop

Advanced DevOps workshop is the much needed technical Workshop for those who wants to learn hands on, the tool and techniques of the new age software engineering practice. The Workshop is a combination of theory (30%) mixed with lab based workshop(70%). The tools used during the workshop are easily replaced by your own favourite tool as long as you follow the principles.

Who should attend : Software Engineers, Systems Architects, Technical Project Managers, System Administrators, IT Operations managers or any team members involved in software development and are introducing continuous delivery to improve the time to market the IT changes while reducing cost and improving quality.

Tools Used : Multiple tools are used to illustrate the DevOps practices and principles including - Consul, Cucumber, Dashing, Docker, ELK-Stack, Git, Gradle, Grafana, Jenkins, Packer, Salt, XLD and XLR.

The principles covered in this Workshop easily translates to other similar tools like Ansible, Ant, Bamboo, Chef, Codeship, etcd, FitNesse, Graphite, Graylog2, Grunt, Maven, Maerurial, Puppet, Rocket, Runbook, Selenium, Splunk, Travis, or any other tools that folls the same principles.

The Workshop encourages you to chose the tool that best match for your specific situation.

Facts & Figures About The Event

1 Speaker
2 Day Workshop
15 Tickets

Workshop Schedule

Advanced DevOps Workshop, Johannesburg (02 - 03 August)

Workshop Agenda

Build an app by applying DevOps tools and practices: Theory along with hands-on session covering each aspects mentioned below(only for technical and hands-on people Java, .Net, Python, Node.js, etc.)

Day 1

1. Introduction to DevOps(< 1 hr)

- Background
- Ingredients of DevOps
- DevOps principles
- Who has adopted?
- Mirage or Reality?
- Challenges
- Domain specific
- Technology specific
- DevOps Tool chain (Practices and Tools)

2. Collaboration

- Agile Values and Principles
- Behavior Driven Development
- Enable DevOps culture through BDD - By including 4th amigo Ops

At the end, take epics, slice user stories, write scenarios, do estimation, sprint planning etc.

3. Automate Testing

- Testing Strategy / Testing Pyramid
- Unit Testing
- Test Driven Development
- Mocks and Stubs
- Role of BDD in Test Pyramid
- Usage of Source control

At the end develop one user story by applying above practices push code to source control

4. Continuous Integration

- Introduction
- CI Tools
- Setting up CI Server
- Build automation strategy
- Creating build pipeline
- Trunk based development
- Various strategies

5. Static code analysis

6. 12 factors app

At the end setup CI server and create job to build and execute test cases and perform static code analysis. Start creating CD build pipeline. Continue development

Day 2

7. Automated deployment

- Introduction
- Flexible architecture and feature toggle
- Deployment Strategy
- Binary and Package management (Nexus)
- Build automation vs Automated deployment
- Tools
- Importance of version control
- Versioning application code
- Versioning testing code
- Versioning infrastructure code
- Versioning databases

At the end use tool to automate deployment and update CD build pipeline. Continue development

8. Automated Provisioning (IAC)

- Introduction
- Principles and Strategy
- Introduction to Tools
- Deep dive into tool
- Use tool to automate provision

At the end use tool to automate provisioning and update CD build pipeline. Continue development

9. Monitoring

- Monitor application and server performance
- Strategy
- Introduction to Tools
- Deep dive into tool
- Configure and use tool to monitor

At the end use tool to automate monitoring. Continue development and deployment

Trainer Details

Vinay Krishna

Agile/DevOps Coach, Technocrat, Software Craftsman, Programmer and Consultant


Vinay Krishna is an Agile/DevOps Coach, Technocrat, Software Craftsman, Programmer and Consultant. He has 16 years of rigorous work experience on software product development. Past 9 years he has been practicing Scrum, XP, Lean, Agile, TDD, BDD, Refactoring, Clean Code, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, DevOps etc. He is doing research in the field of Software architecture and his 14 papers have been published in various international journals and conference proceedings. His two papers are translated in Chinese language by scrum network at China. Delivering talks at many prestigious conferences/meetups/organizations. In leisure time develop mobile and IoT apps and he also received Innovation Award in the year 2014 by Computer Society.

Nitesh Naveen

CTO and Founder


Nitesh Naveen has over 15 years of Industry experience and has been involved with DevOps movement since 2013. He has worked in organisations like IBM, ANZ, Tesco, etc and helped the projects to imbibe DevOps philosophy.

Nitesh takes workshops and provides consulting services in DevOps.

Conference Schedule

DevOps, Microservices & Containers Summit , Johannesburg (04 August)

X Topic Abstract

I will cover the next level, how to operationalize DevOps, the practices, metrics, tools, automation, monitoring and discuss what comes next leveraging the capabilities of containers (Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift) and in particular how the new micro services and API economy lends itself to really entrenching these practices into the organization to build true value

X Topic Abstract

Predictive analytics can be used to make predictions about future events, In software testing we can use data from previous projects to predict failure points in future testing activities. We then have the the ability to optimize project data and make proactive decisions. We can invest in and experiment with tools that enable us to analyse the root cause of defects, analyse coverage and efficiency of test sets, analyse utilisation of resources and environments, predict estimation based on requirements, predict risk areas and risk levels of projects, and plan the priority of test cases.

Speaker Profile

I am a senior quality assurance consultant at Thoughtworks and, since 1999, have specialised in software testing and quality assurance. I believe it offers more opportunities than straight development. As a result, I've had the good fortune to gain exposure to a wide range of remarkable opportunities in South Africa and the United States, being exposed to the concrete elements of best practices across a range of disciplines, assignments, projects, organisations and industries. I am fascinated by the constant change, which ensures there is always something new for me to learn. In my spare time I run 5km, 10km and half marathon races.

X Topic Abstract

The world of containerization has been around, so we are going to focus on where containerization comes from and how it gained it’s momentum. We are also going to explore different containerization offerings and see where and how are they being utilized in production.

Talk structure:
- Intro (What is containerization)
- Problems that existed before containerization
- Solution(what was the aim of implementing containerization)
- History( trend of container offerings)
- Docker
- How is containerization used in production
- Conclusion (Why you should adapt to containerization)

- Learn about other containerization offerings
- Why should use containerization
- History of containerization
- How you can use it in production

X Topic Abstract

Using the use case of developing and deploying services, we will demonstrate the 12 factor methodology, benefits and potential pitfalls, using docker, Golang and other fun ingredients.

Speaker Profile

Corneile Britz is a software engineer, solution architect and DevOps advocate. He has a broad spectrum of skills consisting of software development, mentoring, trading and fleet management, allowing him to provide extensive insight regarding technical and operational functions

Due to business analysis experience combined with strong technical foundation, he has the ability to facilitate fluent communication between business and IT, which greatly serves his current focus of Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer and SAFe Program Consultant.

He has proven to be passionate about simple, efficient, quality solutions which provides value to all stakeholders in a Lean-Agile manner.

X Topic Abstract

Congratulations! You have a fully automated Continuous Delivery Pipeline, and things are running smoothly. Code changes are submitted to your source code repo, your automated build server performs a compile and package, deploys the code to a test environment, and executes automated unit, integration and functional tests. Awesome.

So what is next? As per "The Phoenix Project", we now need to strive to shorten and amplify feedback loops.

- How do we identify problems as they occur and radiate the relevant information to everyone in the value stream?
- How do we integrate the knowledge acquired in an operations environment into our Development activities?
- How do we give individuals quick feedback on their contributions, and can we rapidly test new product features and gain insights into their effectiveness?

In this session the audience can expect a healthy dose of industry best practices, patterns and anti-patterns, accompanied by a fair amount of practical tips on maturing your organizations DevOps journey.

Speaker Profile

Jaco Marais holds a BSc Honours degree in Computer Science and over 13 years’ professional experience in IT.

Jaco follows a mature and pragmatic approach to problem identification and resolution, and is passionate about coaching and implementation of DevOps principles and practices.

He has a rich background in software development, quality assurance, process implementation, build and deployment, customer relations, scrum master, coaching, consulting, devops and public speaking.

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USD 900 Till July 30
USD 1,000 Till August 02

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Our Testimonial


Who can attend Advanced DevOps Workshop in Johannesburg?

Software Engineers, Systems Architects, Technical Project Managers, System Administrators, IT Operations managers or any team members involved in software development and are introducing continuous delivery to improve the time to market the IT changes while reducing cost and improving quality.

Whats is the pre-requisite of this training?

This is an advanced DevOps workshop which needs the trainees to be well equipped with the coding, testing and deployment practices within their companies. This is not advisable for a non technical person.

No prior knowledge of tools or devops techniques is needed. One should be aware of Software Development Life Cycle and basics of coding, testing and software deployment.

Do you organise onsite trainings at corporate's premises?

We run customised onsite trainings to meet corporate / startup's requirements. We also run this program in Universities and colleges around the world. However we cap the batch size to 20 to ensure the best results and use our own software and create a lab environment at your training premise.

Do you offer Discounts?

We offer 50% discounts to students (should have a valid students ID card" and Startups employees (should have a valid certificate of incorporation of the startup they represent).

We offer group discounts of upto 20% to corporates if they do group bookings of 5 and above.

Do I need to bring my laptop to this training?

For this workshop, all trainees have to bring their laptops, charging cables and pen drive to copy the notes that we provide. Users may also have an active AWS account (not mandatory).

I have more queries. Whom should i contact?

Please write to us at with your queries. Our counselor shall revert to you within two wroking days.

My companies doesn't do online payments. Can we do the payment via any other means?

We accept Bank transfers only. To avail this facility, you have to write to us and subsequently send us Purchase Order before the event. We require Bank transfer to be done before the training date. However we can also accept purchase order from companies with good credit history.

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INDEMNITY: Should for any reason outside the control of 1.21GWS / Markpro Consulting & Technology (hereafter called 1.21GWS), the venue or the speakers change, or the event be cancelled due to industrial action, adverse weather conditions, or an act of terrorism, 1.21GWS will endeavor to reschedule, but the client hereby indemnifies and holds 1.21GWS harmless from and against any and all costs, damages and expenses, including attorneys fees, which are incurred by the client."