Sep 19 - 21

7+ Speakers and 100 Tickets

Overview of the event

Nowadays cost of delay either in new feature delivery or in recovery of downtime of applications is very high. And so, adoption of DevOps is one of the most powerful, overarching trends we saw in the recent year in IT industry.

For organizations who are making a change toward DevOps, microservices are a uniquely aligned architectural strategy to help achieve success. Simple reason for this is, microservices enable organizations to architect their solutions around a set of decoupled services — that can each be developed and released independently. Each service focuses on doing just one thing well and enabling more rapid time to market, with less interdependencies to reduce risk.

Another revolution along with DevOps and microservices is Containers. Going hand-in-hand with microservices, containers serve as an ideal deployment vehicle. That’s because containers are designed to run one isolated process, with minimal deployment and runtime overhead. Also, Gartner expects that by the end of 2018, 50 percent of enterprises will be running containers in Production.

To cater to these growing needs of the software development community, we are bringing this DevOps, Microservices and Container Summit to your city where you will hear industry experts and understand the latest trends on DevOps, Microservices and Container.

Advanced DevOps Workshop (20 - 21 September,2017)

Nitesh Naveen

Day 1

1. Introduction to DevOps(< 1 hr)

- Background
- Ingredients of DevOps
- DevOps principles
- Who has adopted? - Click Here for More Info

Facts & Figures About The Event

7 Speakers
7 Topics
100 Tickets

Conference Schedule

DevOps, Microservices & Containers Summit , Denver (19 September)

Workshop Schedule

Advanced DevOps Workshop, Denver (20 - 21 September)
Workshop Agenda

Day 1

1. Introduction to DevOps(< 1 hr)

- Background
- Ingredients of DevOps
- DevOps principles
- Who has adopted?
- Mirage or Reality?
- Challenges
- Domain specific
- Technology specific
- DevOps Tool chain (Practices and Tools)

2. Collaboration

- Agile Values and Principles
- UX Design
- Behavior Driven Development
- Enable DevOps culture through BDD - By including 4th amigo Ops

At the end, take epics, slice user stories, write scenarios, do estimation, sprint planning etc.

3. Automate Testing

- Testing Strategy / Testing Pyramid
- Unit Testing
- Test Driven Development
- Mocks and Stubs
- Role of BDD in Test Pyramid
- Usage of Source control

At the end develop one user story by applying above practices push code to source control

4. Continuous Integration

- Introduction
- CI Tools
- Setting up CI Server
- Build automation strategy
- Creating build pipeline
- Trunk based development
- Various strategies

Day 2

5. Static code analysis

6. 12 factors app

7. Automated deployment

- Introduction
- Flexible architecture and feature toggle
- Deployment Strategy
- Binary and Package management (Nexus)
- Build automation vs Automated deployment
- Tools
- Importance of version control
- Versioning application code
- Versioning testing code
- Versioning infrastructure code
- Versioning databases

8. Automated Provisioning (IAC)

- Introduction
- Principles and Strategy
- Introduction to Tools
- Use tool to automate provision

9. Monitoring

- Monitor application and server performance
- Strategy
- Introduction to Tools
- Configure and use tool to monitor

Trainer Details

Nitesh Naveen

DevOps Coach & Consultant


Nitesh Naveen has over 15 years of Industry experience and has been involved with DevOps movement since 2013. He has worked in organisations like IBM, ANZ, Tesco, etc and helped the projects to imbibe DevOps philosophy.

Nitesh takes workshops and provides consulting services in DevOps.

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Nitesh Naveen

DevOps Consultant

Mark Pro Consulting

Vinay Krishna



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Who can attend DevOps, Microservices & Containers Summit in Denver?

- Software developers, Tech lead, QA Testers, Automation engineer
- IT support engineer, IT Operations person, Build and Release Engineer
- Architect, Engineering Managers
- DevOps engineer, DevOps professional

Why to attend DevOps, Microservices & Containers Summit in Denver?

- Access to Full-day event including tea, lunch
- Talks by industry experts on different aspects of DevOps, Microservices and Container
- Overview of frameworks and tools that you can adopt
- Access to slide decks of all speakers
- Networking opportunities with other passionate professionals from your city

What will you learn about?

Learn latest techniques and skills required for DevOps from industry stalwarts themselves. Latest trends, concepts, processes and tools to understand and acknowledge challenges in Devops, Microservices and Containers. Meet and network with fellow DevOps experts from leading companies. Learn how to adapt and adopt these changes quickly and swiftly within a team and also across the enterprise.

Are there any prerequisites to attend this program?


Do I need to register for the event?

Yes, all conference attendees must register in advance to attend the event.

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